Burning Library

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The Burning Library is a one-off encounter that can be found when exploring the Desert. It only appears for a character with greater than 50 intelligence, and has a 1 in 4 chance of appearing. This encounter cannot be repeated.

While wandering the desert, the champion spots smoke in the distance and investigates, finding the burning remains of a library. A tall, purplish-blue skinned naga attempting to roast a potato speared on a stick. After the potato is set alight from the flames, the naga vanishes. The champion then salvages her discarded stick, finding that it is actually a Wizard's Staff.


  • The naga is modeled after the character Alice, from the erotic game series Monster Girl Quest. During the game series, Alice accidentally sets a library on fire when trying to roast a potato. In addition, the naga says "Hora hora", a verbal tick of Alice's.