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Character Creation

You grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds. Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm. Legend has it that in years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside. Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire. This year, you have been selected to be the champion.

What is your name?

You are prompted to enter the name of your character. Certain names will give you different preset character traits to your character. The ones known are listed below.

Names listed as having "no premade character" prompt you to go through the full character creation dialogue. The name may still have changes to the character's equipment, statistics, and appearance that take place after character creation.

Annetta You're a rather well-endowed hermaphrodite that sports a thick, dog-knotted cock, an unused pussy, and a nice, stretchy butt-hole. You've also got horns and demonic high-heels on your feet. It makes you wonder why you would ever get chosen to be champion! Starts with History: Fighter, Messy Orgasms, and a Spiked Gauntlet.
Aria It's really no surprise that you were sent through the portal to deal with the demons - you look enough like one as-is. Your numerous fetish-inducing piercings, magical fox-tails, and bimbo-licious personality were all the motivation the elders needed to keep you from corrupting the village youth. Starts with bimbo perks, Elven bounty, Enlightened Nine-Tails, One Track Mind, Pure and Loving, Sensual Lover, a succubi whip, and a skimpy nurse's outfit. No premade character.
Betram You're quite the foxy herm, and as different as you were compared to the rest of Ingnam, it's no surprise you were sent through first. Kitsune herm. No premade character.
Ceveo As a wandering mage you had found your way into no small amount of trouble in the search for knowledge. A strange tome here, a ritual there, most people found your pale form unsettling. They would be further troubled if they could see your feet! Lets[sic] not even begin on the blood magic. Yes, your interest in examining every aspect of magic has run you down a strange path, os when you wandered into Ingram[sic] and began to hear of the exile of the Champion, and the superstitions that surrounded it you were intrigued, as every little rumor and ritual often had a grain of truth. You snuck into the cave prior to the ritual, where the old man supposedly led every Champion, and there you found a strange portal that emanated a certain degree of spacial transparency - more than the portal's own. within it must have been a whole new world! Throwing caution to the wind, your curiosities engulfing you, you dove in with nary a thought for the consequences. Starts at level 5 with a number of spells, Channeling, History: Healer, Incorporeality, Mage, Regeneration, Smart, and Tank. Starts with a wizard's staff and inquisitor's corset.
Charaun As a gifted fox with a juixy, thick knot, a wet cunt, and magical powers, you have no problems with being chosen as champion. Nine-tailed fox herm with four rows of fuckable breasts. Starts with Enlightened Nine-Tails, an inscribed spellblade, and barely-decent bondage straps. No premade character.
Charlie You're strong, smart, fast, and tough. It also helps that you've got four dongs well beyond what others have lurking in their trousers. With your wings, bow, weapon, and tough armor, you're a natural for protecting the town. Starts with 100% bow skill. 10 perk points (no starting or history perks, though), beautiful sword, and spider silk armor. 25 Str/Tou/Spd, 50 Int.
Cody Your orange and black tiger stripes make you cut a more imposing visage than normal, and with your great strength, armor, and claymore, you're a natural pick for champion. Starts with 40 strength, large claymore, and full-body chainmail. No premade character.
Galatea You've got large breasts prone to lactation. You aren't sure WHY you got chosen as a champion, but with your considerable strength, you're sure you'll do a good job protecting Ingnam. Starts with ridiculous strength, high libido, high fertility, and some corruption. Starts with Feeder, History: Alchemist, Strong Back, Strong Back 2, a huge warhammer, and lusty maiden's armor. Inventory contains 5x Lactaid, 5x Gro+, Bimbo Liqueur, and a Bimbo Skirt. No premade character.
Gundam You're fabulously rich, thanks to a rather well-placed bet on who would be the champion. Hopefully you can buy yourself out of any trouble you might get in Starts with a ton of gems (randomly generated, consistently above 2000). No premade character.
Hikari As a herm with a super-thick cat-cock, D-cup breasts, and out-of-this-world armor, you're a natural pick for champion. Starts with gel armor. No premade character.
Isaac Born of a disgraced priestess, Isaac was raised alone until she was taken by illness. He worked a number of odd jobs until he was eventually chosen as champion. Three-tailed kitsune with a demon tongue, fertite-pierced dog cock, and tentacle cock. Starts with Fast, History: Fighter, History: Religious, History: Smith, a katana, and modest robes.
Katti You have big breasts with big, fuckable nipples on them, and no matter what, your vagina always seems to be there to keep you company. Always starts with a vagina and breasts with fuckable nipples. No premade character.
Leah No description. Starts with Wizard's Focus perk. Starts with one Black Book and two White Books. Starts with Leather Armor Segments and a Wizard's Staff equipped.
Lucina You're a blond, fair-skinned lass with a well-made bow and the skills to use it. You have D-cup breasts and a very moist cunt that's seen a little action. You're fit and trim, but not too thin, nor too well-muscled. All in all, you're a good fit for championing your village's cause. Starts with 100% bow skill. No premade character.
Lukaz No description. Dog/dragon-morph with a dog cock and normal human cock. Starts with History: Fighter and Messy Orgasms.
Mara You're a bunny-girl with bimbo-tier curves, jiggly and soft, a curvy, wet girl with a bit of a flirty past. Starts with Big Tits, History: Slut, and bimbo perks.
Mihari The portal is not something you fear, not with your imposing armor and inscribed spellblade. You're much faster and stronger than every champion that came before you, but will it be enough? Female catgirl. Extremely high speed and intelligence, high strength. Starts with Agility, Evade, Fast, Fertile, Flexibility, History: Scholar, Runner, an inscribed spellblade, and robed leather armor..
Mirvanna You're an equine dragon-herm with a rather well-proportioned body. Ingnam is certainly going to miss having you whoring yourself out around town. You don't think they'll miss cleaning up all the messy sex, though. Starts with History: Whore, Messy Orgasms, a beautiful sword, and wizard's robes.
Nami Your exotic appearance caused you some trouble growing up, but you buried your nose in your books until it came time to go through the portal. Female dog-morph. High int. Starts with Smart, History: Scholar, a wizard's staff, and wizard's robes. Has a white book and black book in inventory.
Navorn There's been something special about you since day one, whether it's your numerous sexual endowments or your supernatural abilities. You're a natural pick for champion. Nine-tailed dragon fox-morph with four rows of breasts, quad nipplecunts, and six chimeric cocks. Starts with Enlightened Ninetails, Dragonfire, a claymore, and platemail. No premade character.
Nixi As a German-Shepherd morph, the rest of the village never really knew what to do with you... until they sent you through the portal to face whatever's on the other side... Starts with Fertile, History: Fighter, Messy Orgasms, and three perk points. Hermaphrodite. Uses a claymore and chainmail. High strength.
Prismere You're more of a scout than a fighter, but you still feel confident you can handle your responsibilities as champion. After all, what's to worry about when you can outrun everything you encounter? You have olive skin, deep red hair, and a demonic tail and wings to blend in with the locals. Higher-than-normal speed. Starts with Fast and Runner.
Rann Rayla You're a young, fiery redhead who's utterly feminine. You've got C-cup breasts and long red hair. Being a champion can't be that bad, right? Does not start with anything, not even perks.
Rope Despite outward appearances, you're actually something of a neuter, with shark-like teeth, an androgynous face, and a complete lack of genetalia. No premade character. Breasts and testicles may appear based on character creation selections.
Sera You're something of a shemale - three rows of C-cup breasts matched with three, plump, juicy cocks. Some decent sized balls, bat wings, and cat-like ears round out the package. Starts with History: Scholar, Messy Orgasms, a katana, and leather armor segments.
Siveen You are a literal angel from beyond, and you take the place of a village's champion for your own reasons... Starts with an inscribed spellblade. Premade, but prompts a history perk on creation.
Sora As a Kitsune, you always got weird looks, but none could doubt your affinity for magic... Two-tailed kitsune with higher-than-average intelligence. No premade character.
Tyriana Your many, posh tits, incredible fertility, and well-used cunt made you more popular than the village bicycle. With your cat-like ears, paws, and tail, you certainly had a feline appeal. It's time to see how you fare in the next chapter of your life. Starts with Fertile and History: Slut.

If you use one of these names, you will be given a prompt:
This name, like you, is special. Do you live up to your name or continue on, assuming it to be coincidence?
Special Name / Continue On
Choosing to live up to your special name allows you to continue playing as the character in question.

Are you a man or a woman?

Male, Female.

You are a man. Your upbringing has provided you an advantage in strength and toughness.
You are a woman. Your upbringing has provided you an advantage in speed and intellect.

"What type of build do you have?"

Male options:

Build Femininity Musculature Thickness Strength Toughness Speed Intelligence Breast Size
Lean 32 60 30 17 17 16 15 -
Average 28 60 50 18 17 15 15 -
Thick 27 55 70 20 19 11 15 -
Girly 48 26 50 16 17 17 15 A

All males start at 5'11" tall with 1" testicles and a 5.5" long 1" wide penis.

Female options:

Build Femininity Musculature Thickness Strength Toughness Speed Intelligence Breast Size
Slender 71 35 30 14 15 19 17 B
Average 75 30 50 15 15 18 17 C
Curvy 76 30 70 16 16 16 17 D
Tomboyish 61 50 50 15 15 18 17 A

All females start at 5'7" tall with .25" nipples, and .5" clit.

All characters start with 15 libido and sensitivity.
Starting statistics and physical appearance may vary depending on other options chosen during character creation.

What is your complexion?

Light, Olive, Dark, Ebony.

You selected a [skin color] complexion.

What color is your hair?Black

Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, Gray, White, Auburn.

Every person is born with a gift. What's yours?

This option lets you choose from one of the following perks. Note that these are permanent and cannot be gained ingame via other methods besides save editing.

  • Strength - Are you stronger than normal? (+5 Strength) Strength increases your combat damage, and your ability to hold on to an enemy or pull yourself away.
  • Toughness - Are you unusually tough? (+5 Toughness) Toughness gives you more HP and increases the chances an attack against you will fail to wound you.
  • Speed - Are you very quick? (+5 Speed) Speed makes it easier to escape combat and grapples. It also boosts your chances of evading an enemy attack and successfully catching up to enemies who try to run.
  • Smarts - Are you a quick learner? (+5 Intellect) Intellect can help you avoid dangerous monsters or work with machinery. It will also boost the power of any spells you may learn in your travels.
  • Libido - Do you have an unusually high sex-drive? (+5 Libido) Libido affects how quickly your lust builds over time. You may find a high libido to be more trouble than it's worth...
  • Touch - Is your skin unusually sensitive? (+5 Sensitivity) Sensitivity affects how easily touches and certain magics will raise your lust. Very low sensitivity will make it difficult to orgasm.

Male options:

  • Big Cock - Do you have a big cock? (+2" Cock Length) A bigger cock will make it easier to get off any sexual partners, but only if they can take your size.
  • Lots of Jizz - Are your orgasms particularly messy? (+50% Cum Multiplier) A higher cum multiplier will cause your orgasms to be messier.

Female options:

  • Big Breasts - Are your breasts bigger than average? (DD cups) Larger breasts will allow you to lactate greater amounts, tit-fuck larger cocks, and generally be a sexy bitch.
  • Big Clit - Do you have a big clit? (1" long) A large enough clit may eventually become as large as a cock. It also makes you gain lust much faster during oral or manual stimulation.
  • Fertile - Is your family particularly fertile? (+15% Fertility) A high fertility will cause you to become pregnant much more easily. Preganancy may result in: Strange children, larger bust, larger hips, a bigger ass, and other weirdness.
  • Wet Vagina - Does your pussy get particularly wet? (+1 Vaginal Wetness) Vaginal wetness will make it easier to take larger cocks, in tern helping you bring the well-endowed to orgasm quicker.

Before you became a champion, you had other plans for your life. what were you doing before?

Like the previous option, you are able to choose from a single perk that has a permanent effect on your character. You can only choose one at creation, and any you don't choose are unobtainable without using a save editor.'

  • Alchemy - You spent some time as an alchemist's assistant, and alchemical items always seem to be more reactive in your hands. Is this your history?
  • Fighting - You spent much of your time fighting other children, and you had plans to find work as a guard when you grew up. You do 10% more damage with physical attacks. Is this your history?
  • Healing - You often spent your free time with the village healer, learning how to tend to wounds. Healing items and effects are 20% more effective. Is this your history?
  • Religion - You spent a lot of time at the village temple, and learned how to meditate. The 'masturbation' option is replaced with 'meditate' when corruption is at or below 66. Is this your history?
  • Schooling - You spent much of your time in school, and even begged the richest man in town, Mr. Savin, to let you read some of his books. You are much better at focusing, and spellcasting uses 20% less fatigue. Is this your history?
  • Slacking - You spent a lot of time slacking, avoiding work, and otherwise making a nuisance of yourself. Your efforts at slacking have made you quite adept at resting, and your fatigue comes back 20% faster. Is this your history?
  • Slutting - You managed to spend most of your time having sex. Quite simply, when it came to sex, you were the village bicycle - everyone got a ride. Because of this, your body is a bit more resistant to penetrative stretching, and has a higher upper limit on what exactly can be inserted. Is this your history?
  • Smithing - You managed to get an apprenticeship with the local blacksmith. Because of your time spent at the blacksmith's side, you've learned how to fit armor for maximum protection. Is this your history?
  • Whoring - You managed to find work as a whore. Because of your time spent trading seduction for profit, you're more effective at teasing (+15% tease damage). Is this your history?