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Ectoplasm is a ghost transformative item. It can be obtained by having sex with Shouldra or by fighting with her (1/3 chance).

The green-tinted, hardly corporeal substance flows like a liquid inside its container. It makes you feel... uncomfortable, as you observe it.


Stat changes

  • (Intelligence<100) Intelligence increases
  • (Sensitivity>20) Sensitivity decreases
  • (Libido<100) Libido increases


  • (First penis is non-human) First penis becomes human
  • (Hair is not transparent) Hair becomes transparent (replaces "goo hair")
  • (Skin is not "milky white" or "ashen sable") Skin becomes "milky white" (50%) or "ashen sable" (50%)
    • Skin also becomes normal
    • The two skin colors also give the inverse color to the champion's vein structure, so milky white skin has black veins, and ashen sable skin has white ones. This distinctive feature is not mentioned again outside of the scene where the skin is transformed, as the skin descriptor doesn't include the veins.
  • (Skin is "milky white" or "ashen sable"; hair is transparent) Gives ghost legs; gives incorporeality perk

If no other effect occurred, heals the player


Short name: "EctoPls" Long name: A bottle of ectoplasm Value: 6

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