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“I... I want to rebuild the Cathedral. I know there... there’s no one to return to it, but... I don’t know. It feels like repairing the damage that’s been done would be a victory. Just a little tiny one, but still a victory.”

The Gargoyle is found in the ruins of a Cathedral, which can be discovered through the Explore option, much like other places. She is the only occurring NPC in this area.

Most of the Gargoyle's scenes are lore, but there also are numerous sex scenes, rituals that give the opportunity to adjust your stats, as well as a scene where you help her restore the Cathedral.


Gargoyle is a gray marble statue that, through magics you can’t quite grasp, has been animated.

She stands roughly six feet tall, with a slender, girly frame. She wears no clothes, seemingly possessing no modesty at all, and uses her brutally spiked tail as a weapon. She has a cute, somewhat angular face that is very feminine. Her skin and hair are a light shade of gray, though she has solid, ruby-red eyes which glow timidly, reflecting a submissive and servile nature in the gargoyle. Her skin is cold and smooth to the touch, a consequence of her marble material, yet she is quite soft, almost squishy. Gargoyle has a pair of cute little horns upon her brow, and has bat-like wings sprouting from her back which give a gentle flap every few seconds, an unconscious gesture on her part as you stare at her. She has a long, spiked tail that curls timidly about her thighs. She has two normal human legs sculpted to end in normal human feet.

She has a pair of big, pleasingly soft D-cup breasts. They are without nipples.

She has a small yet easily stretched pussy between her legs, with a .2 inch clitoris.

She has a tight asshole between her soft butt cheeks, right where it belongs.

Encountering the Gargoyle

On the first encounter, after breaking her chains, you will be prompted to name her. After she has been given a name, you will have to choice to give her a funny order, a carnal order, or simply to talk to her. Choosing the first option results in your character commanding her to roll over, which she immediately follows to the player's amusement, while choosing the second option causes the player to demand the Gargoyle to finger herself, which she does, yet with a cold and stern demeanor, commenting on the player's lecherousness and how it reminds her of her previous master. Her eerie, stony attitude towards the instruction repulses the player, who commands her to stop.

Upon choosing the third option, the player asks the Gargoyle why she was chained up, and the statue explains that she was abandoned there by her last owner, who grew tired of her. The player continues, asking the sculpture what happened to the Cathedral, to which the Gargoyle responds that the residents of the town believed that Marae would protect them, but their faith was misplaced. The player has the option to either Berate or Reassure the Gargoyle. Either options result in the player making known their status as the Champion of Ingnam.

Choosing to berate the Gargoyle makes the PC call out the statue on her failure to protect the Cathedral, declaring that it is her fault that the town no longer stands because of her inability to protect them, and the player leaves, commanding her to stay so he/she can use her. The Gargoyle laments as her new master leaves her, commenting solemnly on how she couldn't leave even if she wanted to.

Meanwhile, choosing to reassure her instead inspires the player's sympathy, and he/she tells the Gargoyle to leave with him/her, but the statue pleads not to ask that of her, for she is bound to the Cathedral and cannot escape. The PC understands, asking if she will be safe remaining in this place, to which she says she'll be fine as long as her Master returns, vowing she'll make the experience pleasurable for them. The PC promises to come back, heading back to camp.


First Ritual interaction

You note that the sanctuary’s altar has been cleared of rubble, and a number of candles have been lit upon it. Resting atop the flat stone surface is a simple iron bowl filled with what appears to be water. Curious, you ask Gargoyle what she’s been up to.

“Long before Master came, I watched over the parishioners and their faith. They performed strange sacraments and rituals to purify the body and dispel evils. I thought perhaps Master might someday have need of these rites, and prepared them for you. I know a ritual to purify the body, another to purify the mind, and a third that banishes evil creatures and spirits, though I warn you: cleansing the body can best be done through pain, and banishment may be as... invasive... as the possession itself. Does Master have need of these?”

Second Ritual interaction

You walk to the church’s alter, shortly followed by Gargoyle. You ask her if she’s still able to perform the church’s Rituals, to which she replies “Of course, Master. Do you have need of one?”

Reduces 0.5% Corruption, inflicts 50 Fatigue, and -10 Lust.

First Mind Ritual

You tell Gargoyle that you’ve been plagued with dirty thoughts, and would like to undo some of the corruption that’s spread to your mind. Gargoyle nods respectfully and tells you to kneel before the altar. You do so, assuming a low, supplicating stance before the tree-idol at the Cathedral’s head as the gargoyle picks up the bowl of water and raises it on high.

“Blessed is he who seeks purity,” she says, closing her eyes and bowing her head, “Blessed is he who seeks wisdom; and blessed is he who lusts after holiness and virtue before pleasures of the flesh.” Gargoyle brings the invocation to a quiet close, and rests the bowl back upon the altar. “Drink of this, Master,” she says, offering you the bowl, “and be healed of mind.”

You do so, taking a long draught of the holy water. By the time you’ve set the bowl down, you feel light-headed, as if a fog has receded from your mind. You gasp happily, able to think more clearly than you have in days. You thank Gargoyle, give her a pat on the head, and head back to camp with a skip in your step.


Libido decreases by 0.5 and sensitivity by 2 temporarily. Deals half of your max hp in damage. (Does not kill)

First Body Ritual

You tell Gargoyle that you could stand to reverse some of the corruption that has affected your body. With an solemn nod, she takes you to a side alcove near the altar and instructs you to spread your arms and legs. Hesitantly, you do so, and from the floor and ceiling Gargoyle produces leather straps with rough looped straps. Before you can react, she binds your arms and legs, spreading you eagle against the cold stone wall.

“With pain comes purity,” Gargoyle says, so quietly you can barely hear her. “Prepare yourself, Master,” she adds, and your heart nearly skips a beat when you hear the crack of a whip behind you. Oh, shit, this is going to hu-CRACK! You see stars as white-hot pain arcs through your body, making you scream into the wall. You can feel the burning streak left across your back by the bullwhip, throbbing mercilessly in the moments before CRACK! She hits you again, throwing you forward against your bonds with the force of the blow.

Over your ragged, pained breathing, you can just hear Gargoyle chanting: “With pain comes purity... CRACK! With agony comes enlightenment... CRACK! Through torment comes holiness... CRACK!” The last crack of the whip leaves you groaning, breathless, sagging in your bonds. Somehow, though, you do feel... cleaner? Like a weight was just lifted from your heart. And you know you’re going to be thicker-skinned after that! Quietly, reservedly, Gargoyle releases you from your bonds, and you stagger into her waiting arms. She helps you over to the altar and lays you down, letting you rest after your ordeal. She stands over you, watching you pant and gasp. You suppose you could get some vengeance for her brutality – or you could be kind. What do you do?


Banishes Exgartuan from the body if present.

Talking about Gargoyle's rituals, you explain that you seem to have picked up a hitchhiker in your travels and would like to rid yourself of them. She tells you to strip and brace yourself against the altar. “Unfortunately, as you have been invaded, so too is this a very... invasive ritual.” You nod your assent - you really want to get this bastard out of your system.

From beneath the altar, Gargoyle withdraws what looks like a perfectly cylindrical dildo, covered with dozens of dark, dimly-glowing blue runes. Slowly, she makes her way around you and kneels behind your giant rump. “Take a deep breath Master, and relax yourself. It will be better this way.”

You try your best to relax yourself, though as soon as you make any headway, you feel an intense, invasive pressure against your pucker. You take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and force yourself to relax. The smooth holy rod slips in, spread throughout your body, creeping outward from your asshole like little tendrils of fire.

“Do not worry, Master,” Gargoyle says. “The pain is necessary. Everything will be all right.”

Still, you can't help but hiss in agony as the holy burn spreads through you, seeping into your vulnerable genitals and sensitive chest. Booming from within you, you hear the demon's voice: “Hey! What the shit is this!? What're you doing? Fucking stop, you ingrate!”

Suddenly the holy rod jammed up your asshole makes a loud hissing sound, and withdraws. Panting, you collapse o the ground, gripping your gut, It's over, and you feel... alone. The creature within you has been absorbed and purged by the rod, which Gargoyle processed again.

Still panting and gasping from your ordeal, you notice Gargoyle looming over you, smiling. You could be a dick for all that pain she caused you, or thank her for helping you.


You simply lie still and try to recover from Gargoyle’s “gentle ministrations.” After a few minutes, you’ve caught your breath and, gathering your possessions, make your way out of the Cathedral without another word. Damn, you’re sore.


Despite the pain she’s caused you, you know Gargoyle did it at your command – and hell, it could only have helped you. Before she can react, you reach up and pull the gray gargoyle down into a kiss, pressing firmly against her soft, cold lips. She makes a cute little gasp, but soon relaxes into your hold, allowing you to shift her weight so that she’s nearly lying atop you. You sigh contentedly and wrap your gargoyle in a tight hug, holding her close for the few minutes it takes you to recover. When you’re feeling up to it, you rustle her hair and thank her for her... gentle ministrations. If she could blush, you’re sure she would be as she looks upon you with gleaming fiery eyes. You gather your belongings and exit the Cathedral.


Seeing Gargoyle just standing over you, gloating, causes you to sneer and lash out. You strike her dead-center in the chest, throwing her back against the tree-idol at the church’s head. She slumps to the floor, looking meekly away from you. While she’s stunned, you gather your clothes and stagger out of the Cathedral.

Kinky Rituals


Reduces 0.5% Corruption, inflicts 50 Fatigue, and -10 Lust. Increases intelligence by 0.5


Libido decreases by 0.5 and sensitivity by 2 temporarily. Increases toughness by 0.5. Deals half of your max hp in damage. (Does not kill)


Banishes Exgartuan from the body if present.