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Incubi Draft is a transformative item. A corked-topped flash sloshing around with a slimy looking off-white fluid, purported to give Incubi-like powers. A stylized picture of a humanoid with a huge penis is etched into the glass. It can be obtained by defeating Gnolls (2/5), Imps (3/8), Akbal (1/2), Tamani (1/14), Oasis Demons (1/4), Corrupted Jojo (1/2). It can also be obtained from Edryn (1/2) if the character has penis with area less than 24 and already took two GroPlus from her.

Rathazul will offer to purify any Incubi Drafts the player has in their inventory for 20 gems. This removes any transformative properties as well as corruption from the item.


Stat Changes

  • Intelligence increase.
  • Libido increase.
  • Sensitivity increase.
  • Lust Increase.
  • Corruption increase.


  • Demonic tail, requires non-demonic tail, horns.
  • Demonic horns.
  • Demonic tongue, requires snake tongue.
  • Normal face, requires non-normal face.
  • Normal skin, requires non-normal skin.
  • Demonic claws, requires normal skin, male or genderless player.
  • Demonic high-heels, requires normal skin, female or herm player.
  • Small bat-like wings, requires no wings.
  • Bat-like wings, requires wings, Corruption at or above 50.
  • Large bat-like wings, requires wings, Corruption at or above 50.

Sexual Transformations

  • Increases penis length. (If multiple penises exist, smallest one is increased.)
  • Grows a demonic penis, requires no penis.
  • Grow another penis, occurred when first penis was 20+ inches and corruption at 36.
  • Grow a normal penis, requires purified Incubus Draft. (P.Draft in game)
  • Reduce breast size.


  • The text for penis growth describes the character's cock turning an inhuman purple and dribbling demonic cum. This is not a permanent transformation, and does not change the character's cock type to demonic.
  • History: Alchemist perk increases chances of getting a demonic penis when using this item.
  • Chances for demonic transformations increase with corruption.
  • If the character grows an additional cock they will orgasm, resetting their lust to its minimum.
  • Character with corruption at or above 90 will recognize draft as a distilled Incubi cum.
  • Purified Incubi Draft when consumed with high corruption (observed at 40) can result in the growth of more than one additional penis. (had 3 tentacle dicks and one fox dick, grew three new human dicks. Does it pick a dick type and double or is three coincidentally the max?)

Item code: IncubiD
Purified item code: P.Draft

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