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"To bring out the succubus in YOU!"

Succubi Milk, is a transformative item. A milk bottle filled to the brim with a creamy white milk of dubious origin. It can be obtained by defeating Gnolls (2/5), Imps (1/5), Imp Lords, Oasis Demons (1/2), or Corrupted Jojo (1/4) and on occasion can be bought from Benoit in the Bazaar.

Rathazul will offer to purify the Succubi Milk for 20 gems, negating corruption and any demonic transformations. Consuming the Purified Succubi Milk (P.S.Mlk In game.) will increase Femininity up to 90, and decreases Tone by up to 15.


Stat Changes

  • Speed increase.
  • Lust increase.
  • Corruption increase.
  • Femininity increase, up to 100.
  • Tone decrease, up to 20.


  • Demonic tail, requires horns.
  • Demonic horns(up to 12).
  • Demonic tongue, requires snake tongue.
  • Normal face.
  • Normal skin.
  • Demon foot-claws, requires normal skin, male or genderless player.
  • Demonic high-heels, requires female or herm player.
  • Small bat-like wing, requires no wings.
  • Bat-like wings, requires wings, Corruption at or above 50.
  • Large bat-like wings, requires wings, Corruption at or above 75.
  • Change player skin color into blue (4/10), purple (3/10), indigo (2/10) or shiny black (1/10).

Sexual Transformations

  • Increases breast size to DD-Cup, then incrementally. (If multiple rows of breasts exist, first row is increased.)
  • Grows a pair of B-Cup breasts, requires no breasts.
  • Reduces penis size. (If multiple penises exist, shrinks the smallest one.)
  • Grows a virgin vagina and 0.25" clitoris, requires no vagina. (Fertility is set at 6.)
  • Increases vaginal wetness, requires vaginal wetness below 5.
  • Increase clitoris size up to 3", requires female or herm player and blue, purple, indigo, or shiny black skin. (Clitoris size increase up to 5" with Big Clit perk.)
  • Increase nipple size up to 2"

Other Uses

Succubi Milk can be given to many NPCs, including:


  • If the player has small or large bee-like wings, drinking Succubi Milk with the appropriate level of Corruption will change them into small or large bat-like wings.
  • Succubi Milk is the female counterpart to the male Incubi Draft.
  • Shown through dialogue during "Urta's Fertility Quest". Succubi Milk is an illegal substance to have in the city of Tel'Adre, however you will find no problem carrying it around and selling it to Oswald at the pawn shop.

Item Code: SucMilk

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