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Bust of Aurera by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Anubian
Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Stylist
Spouse Claire
Nationality Jassiran
Location Hawkethorne



Bust of Claire by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Lupine
Gender Female
Occupation Stylist
Spouse Aurera
Location Hawkethorne

A soft perfume-y smell tickles its way into your nostrils, and the sound of softly-jingling jewelry. The culprit is immediately obvious; a tan-skinned beauty of six feet, with sleek black hair and long peaking wolf-ears. A number of golden bangles and tassels sway on her person, and she holds out a slow hand of greeting while the other toys with a pair of long, thin scissors. "Welcome!" She announces with a soft and alluring voice, "My name is Aurera, and I run this salon with my wife."

As though to answer the unspoken summons, a curvy, pale-skinned and red-headed half-lupine peeks up from behind the counter giving you a wave.

Aurera and Claire are a couple who run Desire Stylists and Tattoos. Aurera is private and doesn't share much of her history, but at some point she had to leave her home of Jassira and travel as far away as possible. Either in Jassira or at some point along the way she encountered Claire, who used her healing magic to help Aurera out of what sounds like a serious situation. The two became thick as thieves, married the year before the events of the game, and started a stylist business in Hawkethorne.


Aurera would be an imposing woman if not for the fact that she's so slender, although she has full D-cup breasts barely bound inside of her white silk-cloth top. Her ears have a slightly taller peak than the average lupine or kitsune, and the fur seems softer and thinner. Her skin is a luscious dark tan that most would struggle to maintain in the cold lands, all but perfect for glistening with sweat or covering in oil. Her tail is shorter than a lupine's and the tip is dyed a radiant gold.

Her white skirt does nothing to hide her tattooed thighs, and the vague outline of a long dick and thick nuts. Watching those hips of hers is the Nubian's wife; Claire. Her figure is soft and squishable, with piercings adorning her ears, nose, tongue, and cunt... you know that much because she's wearing no underwear and there's no way her short-short skirt could hide a feature. There's also a heart tattooed on her ass with little ears and a tail on it; Aurera's own mark perhaps? Where the anubian is dark and tanned and perfect, Claire is pale and freckled, with deep red hair and dark blue eyes.

It's possible that she wears a lot of black because those pierced nipples seem to be constantly drooling milk... yummy.

The girls notice you're staring at them, before quickly striking an evocative pose that leads you to believe they've done this a few times. "I hope you're here to do more than gawk at my wife and me," Aurera huffs a moment later. "This is a business, you know."


You will be able to interact with Aurera and Claire upon entering their store.

  • Appearance: Oooogle them.
  • Talk
    • About: Ask about this lady
    • Her Wife: What's up with your hot wife?
    • FarFromHome?: She's come a long way then.
  • Services (see Desire Stylists and Tattoos)
  • Flirt: Maybe she's interested in a little fun? (will first trigger the quest Winterstem for Aurera, and then see Sex.)

If you purchase an item from Lipstick in the Services menu, you will get the choice to surprise Claire with a kiss.

  • Smooch Her: Muah! (is rude)
  • Do As Told: Hey, be cool. Her wife is right over there.


Aurera's eyes light up and she smiles, threading her fingers into the hair of the ginger pup beside her; "A roll around in the proverbial hay with you, and my dear wife? Sounds like the perfect way to kill half an hour or so."

When you complete Winterstem for Aurera and choose the Flirt scene again, Aurera will say that she will only participate in threesomes with you and her wife. You need to agree to continue, though the dialogue can be repeated if you select Nah.

  • Yeah: I think you mean bonus.
  • Nah: You're a one-at-a-time kind of guy/gal.

Once that is resolved, you can access the couple's sex menu.

  • DP Claire: You on one end, a sultry anubian on the other: how nice, she'll let you use Claire's asshole. (requires a penis)
  • Body Worship: Spend a little time with Claire getting properly acquainted with your anubian mistress… you'll probably catch a backdoor fingering at the same time.
  • Get FaceFucked: Just open wide and fucking take it.
  • MilkyAssFuck: Get fucked by Aurera while Claire introduces you properly to her milky tits.


Winterstem for Aurera

If you want to get intimate with the nice couple you'll need to fetch them a little something first.