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Heirs to the great Belharan Empire of ages past, humans have spread across the world in spite of their short lives. Theirs is a race that is ever expanding, ever growing and learning. It is no wonder some would come to the far reaches of the north, seeking new land and new adventures. Humanity's boundless ambitions lend to greater Presence.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Presence +1

Affinities: Presence, Toughness, Cunning

Physical Attributes

Sexes: Male and Female

Height Range: 4'10"(58in.) to 6'6"(78in.)

Hair Colors: Brown, Blonde, Red or Black

Eye Colors: Blue, Green, Hazel or Brown

Skin Colors: Pale, Bronze or Dark

Cock Size: 4"- 9"

Tit Size: B - DD



Root of Man


Anna - Berwyn - Brother Sanders - Cultist - Eryka - Evelyn - Lieutenant Jen - Master Tollus - Mistress Matiha - Morwen - Tainted Witch