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Art Viviane by Moira
Creator Balak Knightfang
Pronunciation Vi - vi - an
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Witch
Height 5'11"
Bust Size E
Family Unnamed mother
Unknown father
Location Old Forest
Version Added 0.2.23

"Well, I'm afraid I can't give you much in the way of assistance on your journey, but it's been a while since I've had guests, what with all that's been going on with the hornets and those plant girls since the snowstorm. I'd be happy to show you some hospitality, maybe even let you live out your dreams," she says with a wink.

Viviane is a witch or enchantress that the Champion will first meet in their dreams. She can be first encountered in the Old Forest during the night as her walking-house moves through the forest.


Exuding an easy confidence, the witch is leaned back in her worn, wooden chair, one leg over the other, and a smirk on her face. While it's difficult to tell because she's seated, you estimate Viviane to be around five foot eleven, and as far as you can tell, she's perfectly human. The red hair that rests gently on her shoulders complements her brilliant emerald eyes and accents the deep purple of her lips. The top of said hair is hidden beneath a large, black witch hat.

Lower, the woman's porcelain skin and large bosom are placed on full display by the low-cut black dress she wears. Just based on what's practically bursting out of her dress, you place Viviane's breasts to be E-cups, though from how they strain the fabric, they may well be larger.

The witch's body then transitions to an hourglass shape, her dress hugging her waist and going to her thick hips, at which point the skirt spreads out, covering her lower half. (if sexed Viviane: You know that hidden beneath that skirt is a well rounded derriere and a tight, human pussy.)


First Encounter

To encounter Viviane for the first time, the following conditions must be met while exploring the Old Forest:

If the above conditions are met, while traveling through the forest, the rustling leaves interrupts the Champion's thoughts as the sound volume and proximity grows, joined by the sound of creaking floorboards. The Champion will draw their weapons and face the crescendoing sounds, if the Champion has Slitted Eyes or has Cait in their party, they will be able to make out that something large is coming towards them. The sounds eventually come to a halt as the source of the noise reveals to be a house; "carried forth on what appear to be six massive tree roots that all connect back to the base of the house, as if part of the very foundations". The apparently-moving house eventually settles down on a spot nearby and the house is slowly lowered to the ground, and once it reaches the ground, its door swings open to reveal a feminine figure.

The witch will greet the Champion, and if currently wearing the Witch's Hat or Witch's Corset; she will comment that they found one of her old outfits, and ask what brings them to the woods. Depending on their current progression with In Her Footsteps, the Champion will answer what their current task is, to which she will comment that it sounds like quite the task, before introducing herself and asking for the Champion's name. After introductions are out of the way, Viviane will state that although she can't assist them on their journey, she can offer them some hospitality and maybe even let them live their dreams. With that, the following options will become available:

  • Enter - Take the witch up on her offer.
  • Leave - Decline her courteous invitation.

Accepting her offer will have the Champion follow her into her home, where she will guide them to a siting room. (see section below for options)

Declining her offer will have her comment that that's a shame and that'd have loved the company, before giving her goodbyes as her home shambles off into the night.

Subsequent Encounters

As of build 0.3.27, Viviane only appears during the night, however, only her first time scene should be at night while subsequent encounters are during anytime. This will be fixed in a future patch or two. Subsequent encounters with Viviane will have the Champion be met by the familiar sight of her walking house, which eventually settles down and from the house Viviane greets the Champion. With that, the following options will become available:

  • Enter - Take the witch up on her offer.
  • Leave - Decline her courteous invitation.

Deciding to accept the witch's invitation will result in the following options once they've settled down:

  • Appearance - Take a closer look at the witch.
  • Talk - Ask the witch some questions.
    • Herself - Ask Viviane about herself.
    • Witch's Corset - What's the deal with the witch outfit you found? (must have found the Witch's Corset)
    • Magic - You'd like to hear more about the magic she knows. (must have asked Viviane about Herself)
    • Enchanting - How exactly does one enchant an item? She told you a little, but you'd like to hear more. (must have asked Viviane about Magic and only available once)
    • Dreams - How was she able to enter your dreams? She didn't mention that in the list of things she can do with magic. (must have asked Viviane about Magic)
  • Sex - Take her up on that offer of a "trip upstairs".
  • Services (must have talked to Viviane about Enchanting and has been at least a day since that talk)
    • Shop
    • Reagents
    • Training - Train any Black Mage talent that you are high enough level to use. Costs 100 Electrum Coins per level of the talent, and will take up the rest of your day.
  • Cait Outfit - You think Cait would look really good in an outfit like (if found the Witch's Corset: the one you found in the forest |Viviane's). Does the witch have any spares? (requires Cait and only available once)



On the topic about herself, Viviane begins by stating that she's a witch, mage, or enchantress depending on who the Champion asks, but summarizes that they're basically all the same. She recounts that she was trained and taught in magic as a youth by her mother, and what her mother didn't teach her, she learned herself. If Silly Mode is active and Cait is present, she exclaim that her mother was the same way, taught her everything she knows about sucking dick, to which Viviane chuckles at. The Champion will ask what about her father, to which she explains that she never knew her dad because he or she was just someone her mother slept with once or twice. Moving on, the Champion will ask what she does nowadays, being a witch and all, and if they have the Arcanist background; they will add that they have some idea, considering their teacher was a hedge witch, but they'd like to hear more specifics, and if Berwyn is present; he will chime in that he'd like to hear how what she does is different from his mistress' work. Viviane admits that she spends most of her time researching new rituals for enchanting, and that she takes pride in her work, but her seclusion doesn't leave much room for anything else. She also makes potions and occasionally sells them to the rare travellers she comes across, however, she's fresh out of supplies, otherwise she'd extend her offer to them.

Witch's Corset

Asking about the corset will have Viviane explain that it was one of the first outfits she made when she was first learning to make and enchant her own outfits. She wasn't happy with her 'womanly assets' at the time and thought to kill two birds with one stone, and she didn't really have a use for it anymore, so she left it for someone to find. She elaborates with pride that she sewed it herself and its why the magic in it is so strong, that she's rather proud of some of the things she took into account when making it. If the Champion had worn the corset, they mention that they noticed the stretchy nature of the suit in addition to the general magic, else they'd note that it is magical but ask what else can it do. Viviane elaborates that she used slime for the enchantment since they're capable of changing their own shape at will, that the corset's elasticity comes from it, and that it can even repair itself so long as its still in one piece. A Black Mage, White Mage, or Charmer Champion will note the improved potency of their spells when wearing it, or that they've noticed the magic emanating from the full outfit, otherwise they note their inexperienced hand can tell that the outfit has magic coursing within it. Viviane clarifies that enchanting anything generally increases its potency of magic, its why so many mages, including herself, wear enchanted clothing and use enchanted foci.


When asked about the magic she knows, Viviane explains that she mostly specializes in enchanting, transmuting, and alchemy; basically anything to do with creating and maintaining magic items or potions. Elaborating further, she explains that as a concept; enchanting is the act of putting the echo of a spirit into an item to imbue it with some of the properties the creature had in life. The textbook example for that would be using a Flamewing drake to create a flaming sword or to proof armor or clothing against fire. She moves on to transmutation; that its largely dedicated to shaping things, moving them, and any number of other utilities. Although she's heard tales of powerful mages of Estelore that could change the very fundamental qualities of a material, that would have been before the fall, and she mostly uses it to make her daily life easier. If the Champion had talked to Ivris about Alchemy, they decide not to ask her about it and move on by asking what else she knows, else they ask her how alchemy works. On the topic of alchemy, she explains that its throwing ingredients into a metal pot, mixing them together and adding some electrum, although there's more to it than that, she lacks the materials to give them a demonstration. When asked what else she knows, she explains that she picked up a bit of healing, basic spirit summoning because of her enchanting, and standard fire starting spells. They will then ask her about the magic of her house, to which Viviane explains that the house has been part of her family tradition of magic that spans back all the way to before the fall, however, the know-how to create such a thing has been lost.


On the complicated topic of enchanting, Viviane will usher the Champion into an adjacent room to give them a demonstration. Upon entering the room, the Champion recognizes it as the laboratory that Viviane had them bound in during their dream encounter. Viviane proceeds to gather a book, a charred red scale, a dagger with yellow-gold etchings, and a piece of chalk, and proceeds to set the items on the floor at the center of the room as states that she will explain the steps as she does them. She then opens the book, explaining that it contains various common summoning rituals for enchanting, including the exact format and runes for the magic circle. She begins to draw out a magic circle with the chalk, all the while her hat remains perfectly situated atop her head. Once she's finished, she explains that she's drawn a simple summoning and binding circle, that the circle itself can't do magic, but it serves as a conduit for her magic and helps contain the magic of a summoned creature within. She then picks up the dagger and elaborates that the dagger has electrum engraves runes on it that will hold the spirit in it and allow the effect to take hold. Viviane proceeds to place the dagger in the center of the circle and picks up the scale, explaining that the key to summoning the spirit echo of a creature is to have a piece of its body. A link to the creature's former self is required in order to draw forth its power, which will be expended in the process. She adds that one can only call upon the echo of a creature only once, and multiple attempts beyond the first will fail. Once she sets the scale on top of the dagger, she proceeds with the incantation, a Black Mage class or Arcanist background Champion can recognize some of the words of power Viviane mutters. As she continues the incantation, the circle begins to shine with a spectral light and a sudden flash of roaring flames bursts from the circle. The flames are then sucked into the dagger, which ignites with the very same flame that appeared. Once the incantation is finished, the scale has turned into ash and the dagger's flame have diminished, now only visible in the runes as they flicker like a flame. Viviane will proceed to find a sheath for the dagger, pick it up, and give it to the Champion, stating that she hardly has a need for it and it might help them on their quest to save the world or what have them.


When asked how she was able to enter their dreams, she explains that she found a heavily damaged tome during an excursion into old ruins that taught her how to enter someone's dreams and shape it to her will. If the Champion had experienced Kasyrra appearing to them in their dreams (where she vaguely talks about what's more to come after, defeating the Alraune), they wonder if its the same magic that Kasyrra used to enter and manipulate their dreams, else they wonder if anyone else knows about that type of magic. Viviane responds that while she doesn't know of anyone else, its not impossible, although to her knowledge, its a relatively useless skill for the most part. When asked how it works, she lectures that she can't hop into just anyone's dream, there must be some kind of item that connects the two or a night where magic is especially strong. In the Champion's case, it was the outfit; both parties having been bearers of it proved an easy link. When asked why she entered their dreams, she feigns innocence by stating that it was curiosity, but reasons out that they're like a beacon of magical energy and she just had to know who or what had been exposed to so much raw magic, and once she was them, she couldn't resist the urge to give them a little present of a dream.


Viviane's services will become available once the Champion has talked to her about Enchanting and it has been a day since that talk.


Item Cost
Bottom Heavy Belt 500
Choker of the Pain Slut 500
Collar of Submission 500
Scaredy Cat Gloves 500

Item Cost
Flaming Dagger 200
Shield of Brawn 500
Transformative Items

Item Cost
Baad Clover 50
Carrot Cumpcake
Fox Berry 25
Frostleaf 50
Glitter Dust
Ring Peach
Spider Silk
Item Cost
Chestnut 10
Juicy Peach
Laurel Sprig
Lush Orchid
Mandrake Root
Musky Sap
Soft Mud
Sweet Cream
Tall Reed
Turgid Mushroom
Wild Melon
Yew Branch
Power Level Cost
Summon Wolf Spirit 1 100
Withering Bolt
Lightning Spike
Summon Flame Spirit
Shadow Magic 2 200
Blight Orb
Ray of Frost 4 400
Soul Arrow
Banishment 5 500
Primal Scar 6 600
Psychic Blast
Vitality Reap

Cait Outfit

Considering they haven't seen Viviane wear anything else besides her witch outfit, the Champion asks if she has any spare that she could give to Cait. With a twinkle in her eye, Viviane gives a positive reply and comments that with curves like Cait's, she'd look amazing in one of her own outfits, and states that if Cait's interested, she can find something that'll fit her. Cait ponders, stating that she doesn't usually wear black, but she exclaims that if the Champion thinks it'll look good, then she'll trust their fashion sense. Viviane will then lead the two upstairs to her wardrobe, where she practically dances through the room as she goes through racks of clothing. She settles with a midnight black corset and matching skirt, a pair of dark leather bracers, and a set of sable thigh-high boots, and she hands them to Cait. Viviane suggests that Cait should try the outfit on and opens a door that leads to a guestroom, commenting that as much as they don't mind seeing her strip, "there's something so special about getting the full reveal of an outfit instead of watching someone put it on piece by piece". After prodding a befuddled Cait into the guestroom and closing the door, Viviane begins looking for accessories. Viviane settles with a hat identical to her own, the difference being a pair of earholes perfectly shaped to accommodate a catfolk. She's elated on the find, commenting that she knew still had one from her stint with cat ears, which gets her a confused look as she reasons out that they're cute and that she felt like trying something new at the time. With hat in hand, she moves on to a display case and after few moments, pulls out a wooden staff from the case. She sets the hat on the tip of the staff and ponders what other accessories she can add, before her eyes spot a row of belts, which causes her to jump in excitement with a sudden realization. She dashes for one of the belts and scrambles to a different room in search of something. She returns, "grinning like an idiot", and holds up a tome as she states that with a new outfit, Cait will probably want to add a few new spells to her repertoire.

When Cait opens the door and steps out, clad in her new outfit, depending on Cait's bust size; Viviane may adjust the corset to accommodate Cait's strained assets. She first hands Cait the staff, followed by the belt and book, to which Cait thanks her as she comments she can now really keep others safe. Last but not least, Viviane steps up and places the witch hat on top Cait's head and remarks that no outfit is complete without a nice big hat, and turns Cait to face a mirror. Cait's tail immediately starts waggling as she examines herself, admitting that at first she wasn't sure how the black would look on her, but it turned out surprisingly lovely.

Cait will receive the Witch Gear companion set.


Regular sex options:

  • Blowjob - (if Silly Mode: Find out what that mouth do |Get the witch's lips around your cock). (requires a cock)
  • Face Ride - Let Viviane ride your face. (written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • Magic BDSM - See if she can't bring some magic into the bedroom. (written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • BendHerOver - Bend this witch over and fuck her. (written by SomeKindofWizard) (requires a cock)


Viviane has a repeatable dream: the Witch's Touch, where the Champion is bound and gagged to a chair for Viviane to have her way with them. The dream has two different variants depending on the Champion's gentiles, if they have both bits, the dream will be randomized. The conditions for the dream is:

Forced Dream
  • One of the following must be true:
    • Halloween Time (Oct 1 - Nov 31)
    • Holiday Events option set to On
  • It has been a year since the dream previously occurred
Added to Sexy Dreams pool
  • One of the following must be true about the Witch's Corset:
    • It is currently in the Champion's Inventory
    • It is currently equipped




Found in Blowjob sex option

Found in Blowjob sex option

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