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Dreams are special scenes that will only appear while the player is asleep, be it at the Frost Hound or at camp. When the champion sleeps, there is a 20% chance of something happening that night; this includes dreams, which are drawn randomly from a pool, except for story-centric dreams, which will always happen when the PC first goes to sleep after the triggering event is complete. Many dreams have requirements that must be met before they are added to the pool.

Dreams do not block special events such as visiting Kiyoko, which is a separate check altogether.

Regular Dreams

These are dreams which fall into no particular category.


Requirements: None

Synopsis: The champion 'wakes' in what is presumably their home, thinking their adventure just a dream and ignoring several glaring inconsistencies before finally waking up for real.


Requirements: Have at least one companion.

Synopsis: The champion will be roused by whoever is in the first companion slot, claiming there is a monster nearby. When they go to investigate, they're confronted by the exact same companion, who states the same thing.

Trial by Cunnilingus

Requirements: None

Synopsis: The champion will find themselves in the court of the pale elf Queen, which will be Etheryn if they have met her. They perform cunnilingus on Etheryn/the Queen to judge their guilt, upon which they are found wanting and pronounced guilty.


Requirements: None

Synopsis: A creepy, sparkly man leaps out at the champion and claims to be a vampire, stating that they are an admirer of the champion's. He proceeds to make himself appear increasingly mentally disturbed until the champion wakes up.

Witchy Bitch

Requirements: Have the Witch Corset in your inventory or during halloween season

Synopsis: The champion dreams of a witch who proceeds to rape them.

Harpy King's Concubine

Requirements: Lost either anal or vaginal virginity.

Synopsis: The champion awakens into a dream where they are ferried to a "Harpy King"; they proceed to get ruined, genderchanged and finally knocked up into a new Harpy Matron.

Main Quest Dreams

These are dreams which are unlocked via progression in the main quest. They have priority and play only once.

Kasyrra's Greetings

Requirements: Defeat the Alraune.

Synopsis: After defeating the Alraune, the PC discovers that Kasyrra has invaded their dreams. They may chose to attempt to fight her, at which she will easily disarm and rape them, or choose to parley, after which they can either accept Kasyrra's offer of sex or turn her down. Either way, Kasyrra taunts the player and challenges them to come to the Winter City of the boreal elves, which will be the next main story location.

Companion Dreams

These are dreams which are related to companions and progression in their storylines.

Wife's Chastisement

Requirements: Fuck both Kiyoko and Cait, and have a dick.

Synopsis: The champion "wakes" to find themselves bound in fluffy tails by a very irate Kiyoko, who is deeply upset by what she perceives to be the champion's infidelity in fucking Cait. She proceeds to sexually torment the champion in a stereotypically yandere-lite fashion until the PC wakes up in a cold sweat.

Box of Kittens

Requirements: Talk to Cait about her fertility and sleep in the Frost Hound.

Synopsis: Cait wakes the champion up in the night, demanding they take responsibility for the box of kittens she has in her hands. As she argues with the champion, Cait steadily becomes more and more pregnant until she's looking fit to saddle the champion with a second litter.

Caityoko Threesome

Requirements: Meet Kiyoko.

Synopsis: The champion is asked to mediate a theological dispute between Cait and Kiyoko. This quickly devolves into a threesome with the two priestesses.

Etheryn Dedicking

Requirements: High corruption.

Synopsis: The champion ties up Etheryn against her will and uses a special alchemical concoction to feminise her to considerable extremes, robbing her of her dick in the process.

Foxy Slut-Wives

Requirements: Fuck Kiyoko at least once.

Synopsis: The champion enters the cabin in the cherry blossom tree to find not one, but ten copies of Kiyoko, all as ravenous for their dick as the original is.

Maximum Overmoo: Breeding Day

Requirements: Meet Brint.

Synopsis: The champion is the prize specimen of a very pastoral Brint's livestock, who proceeds to breed the champion's vagina or ass after declaring it calving season.

Maximum Overmoo: Dairy Queen

Requirements: Meet Brint, have C-cups or bigger.

Synopsis: The champion is the prize specimen of a very pastoral Brint's livestock. He proceeds to milk the champion by giving having them give him a boobjob.

Orc Cumslut

Requirements: Lose to Arona a lot so that she is dominant towards you.

Synopsis: Domme!Arona enslaves the champion and drags him back to her camp as a prize possession. Collared and leashed, they get to spend the rest of forever as her personal cumdump... and love every second of it.

Pet Cait

Requirements: Have sex with Cait.

Synopsis: The champion is enjoying a warm night in the Frost Hound with a very pet-like Cait, which can end in several sexy ways.

Wrestling Match

Requirements: Have a dick and must have met Arona.

Synopsis: Arona and the PC meet each other in a "wrestling" match in which they try to outdo each other in how many harpies they can fuck. The winner (decided by the champion's toughness) proceeds to take the loser's ass.

NPC Dreams

These are dreams which are related to NPCs and progression in their storylines.

Paladin's Prurience

Requirements: The champion has helped Eryka back to town.

Synopsis: The champion and Sanders perform a ritual to cleanse Eryka's corruption, causing the champion to steal cock length from Eryka until nothing's left, growing their own if they didn't already have one. The champion then proceeds to fuck Eryka's newly-restored cunt silly with her own dick.

Elf and Centaur

Requirements: The champion has lost either their anal or vaginal virginity, and must have met Ivris and Sugo.

Synopsis: The PC stirs and finds themselves in Ivris' shop, beneath her as Sugo mounts the counter. Ivris is nervous but the player remarks how easy it is once she gets used to it. The PC then gets to cradle, kiss and soften Ivris' momentum when Sugo fucks her, eventually leading to him blowing his load in her vagina. Sugo reveals that he won't mind being a father, telling Ivris to prepare a TF for the PC. Just as she hazily feeds a bottle to you, the dream ends.

Ghosts and Goblins

Requirements: Meet Ogrish.

Synopsis: The champion argues with Ogrish over the extreme frailty of the armour he sold them.

Hunting Party

Requirements: Fuck Garret.

Synopsis: Garret, now a monstrous demonic hellhound, hunts down the champion with his pack for sport. When he catches the champion, he proceeds to brutally rape them anally.

Meat Medley

Requirements: Meet Ivris, Leorah, Gwyn and Brint.

Synopsis: The champion is a butler/maid in a large palace inhabited by Kasyrra, Cait, Ivris, Leorah and Gwyn. They serve up dinner to these five mistresses of the palace, which when uncovered turns out to be a very alive-and-struggling Brint. The dream fades out as the mistresses prepare to partake of their meal.