Harpy Matron

From Corruption of Champions II
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Harpy Matron
Harpy Matron.png
Harpy Matron's bust, by DCL
Creator Savin
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Title Matron
Family Harpy Thieves (Daughters)
Location Foothills



You find her sitting atop a pillar of stone; a woman of tremendous, almost mountainous proportions whose dark, avian legs hang lazily from the side of her elevated perch, spread apart to utterly expose a gaping dark womanhood. The thighs and hips around it draw your eye even more urgently than her bare sex, however: her curves are immensely plump, curvaceous in ways only a fertility goddess could dream up. You couldn't get your arms around her waist if you tried, and if you did, you'd doubtless be going face-first into an overwhelming pair of breasts at the same time, each capped by a broad teat as black as night. The fact that her arms are covered in feathers, sprouting into a broad pair of wings, or that her ears are sweeping, long points of tapered flesh adorned with a dozen jeweled piercings are mere afterthoughts to the shocking, unnervingly arousing sight of her voluptuous, fertile body..



She can't currently be sexed.