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Zhara DCL V2 Preg Nude Bust.png

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Busts of Zhara by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Alias Harpy Wingleader
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Bust Size D
Family Harpy Matron (mother)
Harpy Thief (nieces)
Harpy Enforcer (nieces)
Shar (younger sister)
Location Foothills (all Regions)
Level 3
Health 100
Resolve 100

"Sooo, you're the one that's been giving my sisters so much trouble!" the harpy coos, whirling her spear in her hand with fluid grace. "Good. I've been itching for a real challenge. Pay your dues... or show me what you're made of!"

Zhara is the Harpy Wingleader that shows up with the Harpy Ambush once the Champion is at least level 3. Although she does not state her name to the Champion, her name is revealed through her sister Shar. When talking about Ovilixer, Shar will mention that Zhara is their mother's favourite, as she gets first dibs on it when everyone gathers around for "The big brew get-together.


A truly amazonian specimen of her kind; her body isn't so much sculpted as it is lean and wiry, muscles made for functionality instead of show, and she's quite a bit more stacked than her sisters, too. A pair of beefy D-cup tits are pushed up by a cuirass of banded mail that hugs her torso; armbands and golden anklets shield her limbs. Leather underclothing fills in the chinks in the protection while affording flexibility, smeared with streaks of green and blue dye. In one hand she wields her spear, while the other bears a round metal buckler. With so much bronze mail on, it's a wonder she can fly!

Most interesting of all is the feathered headdress that adorns the wingleader's brow — while the multihued feathers are far too large to have come from any common bird, you realize with a start that those aren't harpy feathers she's wearing.


When encountering the Harpy Wingleader for the first time, the Champion will note that the new harpy is different from what they're accustomed to.

Similar to the interactions with Harpy Thief and the Harpy Enforcer, when the Champion is ambushed by the harpies, the following options will become available:

  • Fight - Nobody's robbing you today!
  • Pay Them - Better to lose a few quick coins than tangle with these sultry thieves.

Should the Champion decide to pay them, the harpies will offer the Champion the chance to make an egg with them since they've been so cooperative. The following choices are available if the Champion has a cock (harpies will simply leave if does not have a cock):

  • Leave - No Thanks
  • Fuck Her - Well, you did pay her after all. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity.

Night Visits

There is a chance for the Harpy Wingleader make a nightly visit to the Champion if the following conditions are met:

  • The Harpy Wingleader is not currently pregnant
  • The Champion has encountered the harpies at least three times
  • The Champion must have a cock
  • The Champion is currently sleeping at The Frost Hound
  • The Champion does not have a bedmate

First Visit

The first time the Champion encounters the Wingleader at night, they will wake to a slight, very faint clicking coming from their window, followed by soft creaking on the floorboards. The Champion will roll out of the bed to find the Harpy Wingleader grasping at their coinpurse, although when the Champion pins her to the wall, she mentions that she snuck in the room to see the Champion's cock again. The Champion is given the following options on what to do with their late-night intruder:

  • Fuck Her - Oh, why not. (chance to impregnate)
  • Kick Her - Kick the harpy out. You are not interested in her or her quest for eggs and booty. (will disable future night visits from her)

Subsequent Visits

On subsequent nightly visits, the Champion will feel oddly warm as if snuggling against the softest and warmest blanket imaginable. The Champion's eyes pop open to find the golden gaze of the Harpy Wingleader. The following options will be available for the Champion to decide on what to their with their harpy thief:

  • Fuck Her - Oh, why not. (chance to impregnate)
  • LetHerTop - Have the would-be thief earn her cummy prize! (chance to impregnate)
  • Kick Her - Kick the harpy out. You are not interested in her or her quest for eggs and booty. (will disable future night visits from her)
  • Blowjob - Instead of something penetrative, you actually have an idea that you'd like to give the thief.

Written by BubbleLord

With the addition of the Blowjob option, choosing said option will not end the night visit, and will unlock a new option Turn Down. The Champion may choose the other sex options with Zhara, however, choosing to turn her down for the night will end it. If the Champion decides to turn her down two times in a row, she will accept the Champion's decision and leave for the night, stating that they better have sex the next time she visits as this mouth stuff isn't going to get her pregnant or get her off. However should the Champion decide to turn her down for the third time in a row, she will angrily demand that they either kick her out for good or fuck her. This counter will reset after the Champion has fucked her.

Kiddo Visit

If the Champion's and Wingleader's egg is nearing its hatching stage, on her next nightly visit, she will bring their daughter with her to visit their papa/mommy number two. "It's a pain to get all the way down here from our roost, but I figured you oughta see the fruit of our night-time labor. She's gorgeous... and she'll grow up big and strong, thanks to me! And you helped a little, I guess." The Champion will get a chance to bond with harpy daughter however near sunrise she will take their daughter with her and return to their roost.

Pregnancy Scene

While exploring the Foothills, if the Wingleader is about to give birth to their egg, there is a big chance to encounter their pregnant bandit as she's about to pop.


The Harpy Ambush normally consists of:

Note that if Zhara is currently pregnant, she will not appear as part of the Harpy Ambush


Attack Power: 30 Spellpower: 12
Sexiness: 28 Temptation: 10
Armor: 30 Physical Resist: 22
Warding: 31 Magic Resist: 11
Evasion: 29 Tease Resist: -50

  • Big Cocks
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts

  • Big Breasts
  • Small Cocks


Random Chance for any Harpy to gain
(only one of each per group):



Victory Sex Options:

  • Vaginal - Give the harpies just what they wanted: a twat full of your cum. (requires a cock)
  • Get Licked - Force the harpy ringleader to (vag:eat you out|ass:use her tongue on your ass). A fitting punishment for her failed assault!
  • Group Assjob - Toss the alpha down on her hands and knees and fuck that gorgeous butt of hers while her sisters worship your shaft. (requires a cock and total harpies must be > 2)

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat Ride (requires a cock) (Default scene for Fuck Her from Pay Them option)
    (default scene for Champions with both a cock and vagina)
  • Defeat Cunnilingus Faceride (requires a vagina)

On nightly visits:

  • Fuck Her - Oh, why not. (chance to impregnate)
  • LetHerTop - Have the would-be thief earn her cummy prize! (chance to impregnate)
  • Blowjob - Instead of something penetrative, you actually have an idea that you'd like to give the thief. (Written by BubbleLord)