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Monsters and other enemies that the Champion encounters in his or her adventures will generally fall into one of several groups, I.E, monster taxonomies. These can provide a useful shorthand as to what tactics should be taken against them.

Enemies that fall within a certain taxonomy will all share the same base elemental damage resistances and weaknesses, which may then be individually modified as innate abilities or granted by equipment.


Humanoid enemies have no innate resistances or weaknesses. The champion is always considered a humanoid, as are members of the starting races and beyond.


Beasts include both animals and peoples with animalistic traits and behaviours such as minotaurs, centaurs and marefolk.

Blight Resist: -75 Pheromone Resist: -75


Demons may be Marethian demons created or brought over by Kasyrra, or wraith-touched creatures.

Blight Resist: 75 Fire Resist: 33
Holy Resist: -100


Plant-kin both include actual plants and sapient beings who share traits with plants such as the Alraune and her children.

Fire Resist: -100 Frost Resist: -50
Drug Resist: 33 Pheromone Resist: 33


Ethereal creatures are ghosts, specters, will-o-wisps and other energy or undead beings that have no physical body. They are impervious to crushing or penetrating attacks and require weapons that deal elemental damage or spells to harm.

Crushing Resist: 100 Penetrating Resist 100


Undead are those who linger on to this world after their passing. Often mindless, they cannot be teased or cowed into submission.

Holy Resist: -100 Fire Resist: -50
Blight Resist: 50 Pheromone Resist: 100
Drug Resist: 100 Tease Resist: 100
Mental Resist: 100


Constructs include golems fashioned by sorcerers and elementals of various forms. They are usually impervious to mental attacks by virtue of having no sapience, but the materials they tend to be fashioned from leave them weak to storm and acid attacks.

Acid Resist: -100 Storm Resist: -100
Crushing Resist: -50 Penetrating Resist: 33
Drug Resist: 100 Tease Resist: 100
Mental Resist: 100 Pheromone Resist: 100


Fey creatures include pixies, dryads, and other similar creatures.

Drug Resist: -50 Tease Resist: -50
Blight Resist: -100 Pheromone Resist: -50