Queen Atheldred

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Queen Atheldred




Bust of Queen Atheldred by Moira
Creator Savin
Full name Atheldred var Ridell
Nickname(s) Athel
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Queen
Title Sunbringer
Family Queen Alissa (granddaughter)
Princess Etheryn (granddaughter)
Religion Lumian
Location Catacombs
Level 6
Health 465
Resolve 206
Strengths Queen Atheldred has 3 action points

"'Don't do this'?" the queen snarls, drawing an arrow from her quiver. "You speak of peace even as you bring a party of warriors to force my hand. No! I am your queen, the Sunbringer, blessed of Lumia, the first of her valkyries! I will not be strong armed, no matter how it tears my heart apart. In the goddess's name, I will force you to yield, Synne!"

Queen Atheldred is the grandmother of Queen Alissa and Princess Etheryn, and was ruler of the Boreal Elves when Lumia intervened to save what remained of her people. She was the first to swear herself to Lumia's service and became the first Valkyrie. In the years that followed Atheldred expelled anyone who refused to follow Lumia, including her Royal Harem and favoured consort Synneva. She died many years ago, but her spirit re-appeared in the Catacombs below the Palace of Ice.

"My love keeps me here. My beautiful, wicked queen... I cannot forgive her, and yet even after all these years I still crave her love. To be embraced again..."


A woman is kneeling at center of the royal burial chambers, shrouded in cold mist, and wearing a crown of sunlit ice upon her brow. A pair of ghostly wings sprout from her back, draped across the tombs to either side. She's gripping a whitewood bow, just like Etheryn's, at her side, while on her back sits a quiver of arrows that seem made of pure sunlight. As you draw near, you can hear her voice, strong and zealous, carrying from her lips in prayer.

The queenly spirit jerks upright, fingers white around her weapon as she turns to face you. She's beautiful, a warrior-woman unmistakably in Alissa's shape, though she's lost no muscle to the passage of years and pregnancy, as did the queen you faced before.


Specter of the Wyld

The mist surrounding the queen billows, flooding the room as the ancient elf sniffles, putting her hands on Ryn's cheeks. "Goddess, look at you... what a beauty. Oh, Etheryn... I wish you knew what I have done for your sake. What our people lost. But it was worth it, every sacrifice, even losing Synneva, just to meet you. My grandchild..."

Queen Atheldred is the final mandatory encounter in Specter of the Wyld, and is behind a barrier that can only be penetrated with Synneva's assistance or a relic from her person. She is praying to Lumia for the strength to resist Synneva when you approach her. Depending on whether you brought Synneva with you, she either gets into an argument with her former consort or confuses Etheryn for her, and either way you're forced to battle her. If you lose, a Bad End triggers.

If you're victorious, your options vary depending on how you won the battle. If you used Banishment, Queen Atheldred is banished from the plane and you're free to continue. If you won without banishing her but didn't bring Synneva, you can have the following options. Every resolution other than banishing Queen Atheldred gives Etheryn a +10 holy damage bonus to her Outrider's Gear.

  • Romance Her: Give Atheldred some physical loving to help her get over her estranged consort and move on from this world.
  • Elthara: Ask the priestess to give Atheldred her last rites, and send her on to the afterlife.

If Synneva is accompanying you, you have a choice in how to reunite the former lovers. Choosing Etheryn will give her a +10 Crit chance bonus regardless of set on top of the holy damage bonus.

  • Their Love: Remind these two elven spirits what it means to love. Things are gonna get lewd in this tomb, what with three other elves that would have to watch. Or join in...
  • Etheryn: Help the two spirits reconcile over their grand-daughter.

Whichever decision you make, Queen Atheldred passes on to the afterlife, leaving you to be able to complete the event.

Bad End

If you are defeated by Queen Atheldred, she incapacitates the four of you. With a kiss, she transfers her soul into Etheryn's body and takes control. The new Princess-Regent 'Etheryn' declares she will take control of the Boreal Elves and purge what remains of the heathen and the witch, starting with Hethia. But first she will need a harem, starting with you and Elthara.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 69.0 Spellpower: 63.0
Sexiness: 26.0 Temptation: 23.0
Armor: 108.0 Physical Resist: 23.0
Warding: 22.0 Magic Resist: 12.0
Focus: 42.0 Mental Resist: 21.0
Evasion: 21.0 Crushing Resist: 65.0
Frost Resist: 50.0 Penetrating Resist: 100.0
Tease Resist: 100.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0
  • Big Breasts
  • All Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses
N/A stealable - [+]
  • 1000 XP
  • 400 EC


"I do still have two and a half centuries of frustrations to work out. But," Athel pauses for a moment, jamming a finger into your chest. "You don't just fuck me."


"No! I fuck you."

If Synneva isn't present and you choose to Romance Her, you have the following sex options.

  • Cunt Fun: Try and keep up with the Queen, pleasure her untouched pussy. (requires vagina)
  • Get Crushed: Have this enormous muscle-babe crush your pelvis. (requires cock)

If you bring Synneva to Queen Atheldred and choose to have them reunite through Their Love, there are variations on the following orgy depending on whether you have a penis or not.