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Busts of Synneva by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Synne
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Half-sexed
Occupation Royal Harem member
Title Queen-Consort
The Sunbringer's stud
Family Queen Alissa (granddaughter)
Princess Etheryn (granddaughter)
Religion Old Wyld
Location Catacombs
Level 6
Health 405
Resolve 232
Strengths Synneva has 3 action points

Etheryn peers out from behind you, looking at her nearly-naked near-doppleganger with a mix of pity and confusion. "You look... you look just like me!" Ryn murmurs, kneeling beside the spirit and placing a hand on her shoulder. Living flesh sinks ever so slightly into the ethereal. "Who are you?"

"Who?" the spirit echoes, sitting back on her heels. "I am... was... Synneva, favored consort of my beloved Queen Atheldred — damn her soul to the depths! She's down here too, I'd know that aura of her disdain anywhere! But as for you, child, I do not know. I-"

Synneva was favoured consort to Queen Atheldred, who was alive during the Godswar. With the schism between Lumians and followers of the Wyld following the war, she and the rest of the Royal Harem was banished from the city. By the time of the story, Synneva is long passed, with her spirit revealed to be haunting the Catacombs underneath the Palace of Ice.

"My Synneva! Oh, gods, that I could have seen her face one more time. My love... why could she never see reason, never understand that the goddess was our only light in a world of darkness and despair? Ah, my love, how I crave her touch one last time..."
Queen Atheldred


Yet when she comes into view, you still find yourself doing a double take between her and Etheryn. Were it not for the spirit's spectral outline, misty and indistinct... and the fact that she's wearing little more than stockings and garters, leaving the spirit's modest cock and small balls bare to the eye... they'd look almost the same. It's an unmistakable family resemblance.


Specter of the Wyld

The spirit's fists tighten into balls, and you see the tears well in her eyes again. For a moment you brace for her to wail again, but she controls herself — perhaps for Etheryn's sake, putting her hands on the princess's shoulders. "I wanted our children to grow up as boreal elves, not to lose everything we fought and bled to save during the Godswar. For our insolence, I and all the queen's harem were thrown into a tower out on the Rift and left to rot until we converted... and so we rotted!"

Synneva's wails and screams are what destabilise the Palace of Ice and bring you, Etheryn, Elthara, and Hethia into the Catacombs in the first place. She's sobbing loudly when you meet her and she's quick to attack. If you lose the following battle, a Bad End is triggered. If you cast Banishment during the battle, you're victorious as her spirit is dismissed from the plane and doesn't return. If you win through any other method, Synneva calms down and you're able to talk with her.

She explains her backstory — when Queen Atheldred and the other Boreal Elves converted to Lumia and cast out those who held to the old ways, she and the rest of the Royal Harem dissented. Synneva and the the harem members vowed to withhold themselves from Queen Atheldred until she saw reason, but the queen responded by casting them out of Winter City and locking them in a tower until they converted. Neither side wavered, and at some point after their passing Synneva and the Harem Spirits found themselves in the catacombs somehow. Now she is unable to pass on without her love, not without your help.

  • Take2Queen: Take the consort to the royal tomb in the heart of the crypts. She can confront her lover, and perhaps find peace.
  • Romance Her: If it's love the consort craves, make her fall in love with your body. Don't look, Etheryn.
  • Hethia?: Ask Hethia what she can do here.

If you choose Romance Her or Hethia?, or if you sent her off with Banishment, you discover a Shard of Ice which can be used to reach the end of the dungeon. Otherwise, Synneva will personally accompany you to disperse the barrier and confront Queen Atheldred, though she warns you she is not able to raise her hand against her former lover. Synneva tries to talk Atheldred down but is unable to make any inroads, asking you to beat sense into her former paramour the same way you did to her. If you lose to Queen Atheldred, she vows to bind Synneva's spirit back in the tower in the Rift in the Bad End. If you use Banishment, both Queen Atheldred and Synneva's spirits are sent from this realm. If you defeat Queen Atheldred through another method with Synneva accompanying you, you're able to reunite the two.

  • Their Love: Remind these two elven spirits what it means to love. Things are gonna get lewd in this tomb, what with three other elves that would have to watch. Or join in...
  • Etheryn: Help the two spirits reconcile over their grand-daughter. (grants Etheryn a permanent +10 crit chance bonus)

If you choose Their Love, the two reunite carnally with you and your companions serving as their (temporary) new royal harem before departing from the realm together. If you choose Etheryn, Queen Atheldred and Synneva meet their granddaughter. With Synneva's love and Atheldred's light, they bless the princess before finally moving on.

Bad End

If you are defeated in her initial encounter, she incapacitates the four of you before introducing herself as Synneva, favoured consort of Atheldred Sunbringer. With a kiss, she transfers her soul into Etheryn's body and takes control. The new Princess-Regent 'Etheryn' declares she will take control of the Boreal Elves and have her revenge, and claims you and Hethia as the first members of her new harem.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 21.0 Spellpower: 21.0
Sexiness: 29.0 Temptation: 7.0
Armor: 7.0 Physical Resist: 20.0
Warding: 7.0 Magic Resist: 7.0
Mental Resist: 7.0 Evasion: 21.0
Crushing Resist: 75.0 Fire Resist: -25.0
Frost Resist: 50.0 Holy Resist: -100.0
Penetrating Resist: 75.0 Tease Resist: 100.0
Drug Resist: 100.0 Pheromone Resist: 100.0
  • All Cocks
  • No Cocks
  • Multi Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Vaginas
  • No Vaginas
  • Milk
  • No Milk
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses
N/A stealable - [+]
  • 1000 XP
  • 400 EC


The banshee interrupts you with a sigh, tossing back her hair. "How will you take me? Or would you have me take you? Athel oh so loved to play switch when it was just the two of us, I promise that I will not disappoint..."

Her eyes seem to glitter for a moment, through their soul-deep sadness. "I hope that you can promise the same."

If you choose to send Synneva's spirit on through Romance Her, you have the following options.

  • Fuck: Fuck this consort's brains out (requires penis, if virile causes Artificial Rut)
    • Tease: Start with some teasing to warm her up. (same options as Thumb)
    • Thumb: You know what gets a slutty elf ready? Thumb in the butt.
      • Flip Her: Flip her over and watch her cum on her chest.
      • Harder!: Get a leg over and rail her flat.
  • Get Fucked: It's a cute dick, how about letting her finish for good inside you? (if fertile causes Artificial Heat, otherwise, if virile causes Artificial Rut)
    • Bend Over: Try and get her to dom you.
    • Ride: Topple her and climb aboard, champion.

If you bring Synneva to Queen Atheldred and choose to have them reunite through Their Love, there are variations on the following orgy depending on whether you have a penis or not.