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Full body art of Lumia by Moira
Creator Savin
Gender Female
Occupation Living Goddess
Title Golden Knight
Goddess of the Sun
Dawn Maiden
Religion The Seven

"You!" she bellows, raising her sword in challenge to the creature. "You have no place in this world, monster. Return whence you came, or suffer the wrath of the sun!"

Lumia is the Goddess of Sunlight and Fertility, and chief Goddess of The Seven. She is the chief deity of many races in Savarra, including Boreal Elves, Orcs, and Humans, and is strongly represented across other cultures. Lumia is represented by valkyries, warrior-women descended from elves who swore themselves to her service in the Godswar. While Lumia is known as being motherly and protective, her followers have a reputation for being zealous in their conversions. She appears if Winter City, a bastion of her worship, is threatened by an extraplanar force attracted by Kasyrra's meddling.

"Lumia, the Golden Knight, is the queen of the Seven. She is the goddess of the sun and granter of fertility. Hers is hearth and home, pregnant women, and farmers. Those seeking children, or protection for their families, pray to the queen of sunlight. Her servants are the valkyries, elven warrior-women with wings of light that descend from on-high to shield the innocent and helpless from evil."
Brother Sanders

"Like sunlight, Lumia's love radiates to the whole city. It's reflected in the architecture, with the internal light of the temple making the window designs more easily visible from the outside, and it's also reflected in the temple's activities. Sun priestesses come out to the rest of the city to minister to the people, whether by tending to the sick and needy or just using their magic to melt snow. But just like Lumia herself, the cathedral has two roles: its love shines out to the rest of the city, but it also enfolds all who come to worship in a motherly embrace. You'll see when we go inside."


She rises slowly, drawing a glistening silver blade from her side. An azure cape drapes behind her, billowing in the new breeze to reveal a large, voluptuous body clad in silvery mail and shining golden plates fringed with white wolf pelts. A braid of white-gold hair whips behind her, nearly down to the floor.


Palace of Ice

If you're on the romance path with Kasyrra, something will go wrong, as she attempts to bring her forces through the portal. A writhing black cloud enters the plane, consuming Kas's dragon army and the debased elven nobles alike, and spitting out Corrupt Spawn. You and Kas team up to try and repel the Abyssal Thing, but are unable to make headway, until a figure of a woman appears with a blinding flash of holy sunlight. Lumia starts hacking and slashing at her foe with a flaming blade, fighting far above the city to protect her people from collateral damage.

If you lose the ensuing fight against the remaining corrupted, you go into a Bad End where the Abyssal Thing corrupts you, and uses you to subdue your companions, Kasyrra, and Lumia with tentacles. Otherwise, once you're victorious, Kasyrra is quick to gather her remaining resources and escape before Lumia returns.

Specter of the Wyld

"The Belharan goddess Lumia appeared amidst the teeming masses of the Wraith-touched, cleaving them down with her sword of sunlight. She gave us a chance to counter-attack, to secure our first victory against the Wraiths in half a decade. And then... then the goddess turned to Athel and gave her a choice: serve her, and gain the power to defeat the Wraiths, or to be left helpless and alone. Really no choice at all. So of course, my beloved swore on Lumia's sword to give the goddess her body and soul, to cast off the faiths of our ancestors and accept the goddess's sunlight as her own."

You do not interact directly with Lumia during this event. Rather, it tells the story of how Lumia saved the Boreal Elves during the Godswar and established her god-servant race of Valkyries. She appeared as the elves were at their lowest, hemmed in their city and condemned to die. As she repelled the Wraith forces, she made the offer that they could forgo the Wyld and dedicate themselves to her service, and she would give them the power to save themselves.

Following the conversion of Queen Atheldred and the leadership of the Boreal Elves, those still loyal to the Wyld quickly found themselves ostracised. Even Queen-Consort Synneva, sire of the royal line and grandsire to Queen Alissa and Princess Etheryn, found herself a martyr for her faith with the many of the royal harem. The surviving druids were driven from the city and maintained their faith in exile. Lumia had saved the Boreal Elves, but at terrible cost.