Abyssal Thing

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Abyssal Thing

Abyssal Thing Moira Headshot.png

Headshot of the Abyssal Thing by Moira
Creator Savin
Full name ???
Species ???
Gender ???
Nationality ???
Location ???
Level 10
Health 999
Resolve 999
Strengths The Abyssal Thing has 3 action points

"M-mother!" she cries, staggering away from the portal. "Something's coming!"

You and Kasyrra both turn your gaze towards the portal, in time to see something huge and black looming over the figures of Kasyrra's dragons. One by one the warriors vanish into the huge dark cloud, as if consumed by its writhing body. And it's getting closer.

Very little is known about the Abyssal Thing. It's a large, swirling cloud of black miasma and its appearance on the plane is significant enough for Lumia, the chief Goddess of The Seven, to personally appear. The Abyssal Thing has the capacity to engulf creatures within itself and spit them out as brainwashed foes. It seems to exist in the space between portals, though nothing is known for certain.


A mere moment later and whatever this thing is breaches the surface of the portal, erupting in a mass of ink-black miasma and shadow. It looks like a splotch on parchment, a vacuous void of color that spreads and writhes as it pulls through the copper edifice.

Lances of blackness shoot out from the nebulous thing, crashing into the gallery up top and sweeping through the ranks of corrupted elf-sluts. Several of them just explode, bodies erupting into a mist of black and red; others are grabbed by the monstrosity, dragged screaming back into its blighted body. More and more of the creature comes through the portal, bulbous and bloated, spilling like a liquid across the ballroom. It moves to surround you, enveloping the walls and crashing against the doors.


Palace of Ice

If you're on Kasyrra's romance path, the Abyssal Thing appears as Kasyrra is ushering her dragon daughters through the portal. Aileh erupts in a panic, shouting that something is chasing them and urging Kasyrra to close the portal. The Abyssal Thing erupts into the world shortly afterwards, absorbing or simply eviscerating everyone in the immediate vicinity and bearing down on you. You and Kasyrra battle against the Abyssal Thing and its Corrupt Spawn but are unable to damage it.

Whether you survive 5 rounds to 'win' the battle or are defeated, Lumia appears to battle the Abyssal Thing while you fight the remaining Corrupt Spawn. If you lose you go into a Bad End, or if you're victorious then the battle between Lumia and the Abyssal Thing is left inconclusive.

Bad End

If you are defeated by the Corrupt Spawn, you look up to see the Abyssal Thing overwhelming Lumia. It turns to you, engulfing you and transforming you into a corrupted husk. You are then used to break Kasyrra, Etheryn, your companions, and Lumia.


Regardless of the Abyssal Thing's combat information, you are not able to damage it in this battle. The only victory condition is to survive 5 rounds.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 144.0 Spellpower: 144.0
Sexiness: 66.0 Temptation: 48.0
Armor: 123.0 Physical Resist: 48.0
Warding: 48.0 Magic Resist: 48.0
Focus: 69.0 Mental Resist: 48.0
Evasion: 48.0 Blight Resist: 75.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Fire Resist: 33.0
Holy Resist: -100.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
Tease Resist: 100.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0
  • 7000 XP