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Fulls and busts of Aileh by various artists
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Full name Aileh Kasyrradottir
Aileh Wayfarer (conditional)
Species Modified Lizan|Dragoness
Gender Female
Occupation Part-time general
Family Kasyrra (adopted mother)
Other dragon generals and Kiha (sisters)
Freja (daughter) (conditional)
Location Wayfort (if accepted)

She trails a long tongue over her upper teeth, showing off some impressive incisors to go with the rest of her neat, white, humanoid set. "So, first of all; thank you. The name is Aileh... Aileh Kasyrradottir."

Her cheeks are dark enough to show off some freckles, and she clears her throat before continuing. "And since I owe you, I have decided to do you the great favor of not fu— ruining any of your plans, or getting in the way."

Aileh is the eldest of Kasyrra's daughters, and the very model of a modern dragon-general. Kasyrra used magic and alchemy to shape orphaned lizan/pexighast children into dragonesses of war, ultimately keeping them for herself rather than presenting them to her queen. Aileh was first through the portal at Winter City, either leading a vanguard of her sisters or fleeing the Abyssal Thing. Despite her clear loyalty to her mother, Aileh is also trying to find her place in this new world.

"The eldest of the bunch, and the one I'm proudest of. Just don't let her hear that. Hmm, she's got an ego, that one. Can't imagine where she got it!... She was always the strongest and most commanding of the girls. Would have made an incredible general, if Lethice had ever followed through with her war plans. The most willful of them, too, after that rascal Kiha."


A woman reminiscent of the dragons of old sits atop the watchtower, resting on a broken crenellation and glistening, backlit by the sun. At some point she seems to have dumped her belongings into the top floor of the watchtower... including her clothing. Her body glistens with the sweat of recent exertion, and her thick red hair has become a tousled mess in the wind. Impressive muscle fights at odds with weighty tits and a beautifully feminine face.

It would be a crime not to notice the massive wings of red scale and pink webbing, the scale-patches on her face, the thick scales and claws from elbows-and-knees down to fingers-and-toes. She has long, pale ears reminiscent of an elf, and burning red eyes slit like a reptile.

Still yet your eyes roam over her, finding new details to pick out every time you track from bottom-to-top. Her wings flap a few times impatiently while she waits for you to speak, before realizing you're rather... distracted. Instead she smirks and runs a hand down her abdomen, parting her pussy-lips and showing off ebony pussy-lips. That also happens to be enough to make it clear that her dark black lips aren't even painted, instead they're a natural black to match her nipples and twat.

Lastly — but certainly not least — are the massive, draconic horns that crest from her brow. They look like they can be used to headbutt some large animal into submission.


Aileh has an approval system that goes between 0-100. You can see how Aileh feels about you by talking to her about Opinion. Once her approval is at least 50, you can begin A Dragon in the Roost to become Aileh's Friend or Lover.

Aileh Opinion
Event Effect
TalkJust Chat +5 (24 hour cooldown)
TalkKasyrra, Romance, Growing Up, Dreams +5 (first time only)
Gift — Book item +10
GiftGet Good Facial-Scrub +7
Gift — Food item +5
Flirt +5 (24 hour cooldown)


First Encounter

The stocking she's wearing tears as her skull-crushing thighs tense up, and juices begin to drip and dribble around questing digits. "Mmmn... now I get a look at you down there, my mother's champion." She calls you a champion in the same way one might slur, tilting her head to the side and spitting as though tasting something foul. "At least she has taste in a [handsome|beautiful] little creature."

The first time you meet Aileh is in Winter City, as Kasyrra opens her portal to Mareth and Aileh leads her sisters through. Something goes wrong, depending on your relationship status with Kasyrra, with either the portal malfunctioning before everyone can get through or an Abyssal Thing pursuing Aileh and her sisters through and attacking. No matter what happens, Aileh flies off with her mother at the conclusion of Act One.

Aileh can appear again if you complete the first round of Wayfort Renovations - your steward informs you they've seen strange shapes flying around the watchtower. When you go to investigate, Aileh makes herself known by shouting down to you and beginning to masturbate on your ramparts.

  • No Thanks: She might be a little embarrassed, but you're not interested.
  • Watch: Watch and enjoy the show.

Whether you interrupt her or let her finish marking her territory, Aileh announces that she's moving into your Wayfort. In return, she agrees to not interfere in your plans to stop her mother, and will even help defend the Wayfort from threats. Aileh won't fight her mother directly though. You can accept her presence at the Wayfort or drive her away with Fuck Off.

  • Shake: Reluctant or not, might as well shake on it.
  • Hug!: Make her feel welcome!/ :D (Silly mode)
  • Fuck Off: No, you don't care; go away. (dismisses Aileh)

Subsequent Encounters

If Aileh has taken up residence in your watchtower, you can approach her to ask about a variety of topics. She tells you about her life growing up in Kasyrra's home plane, as well as context on her mother's mindset, corruption, and Aileh asking you about your life. Aileh also accepts Gifts — items tagged Food or Books, as well as Get Good Facial-Scrub from Desire Stylists and Tattoos. This is a quick way to boost Aileh's Opinion of you.

Once you've become Aileh's Friend or Lover, more interactions unlock.

  • Talk: Spend some time chatting with Aileh.
    • Just Chat: Relax and talk about anything.
    • Kasyrra: The big question; what is Kasyrra's deal?
    • Romance: Aileh's romantic history.
    • Growing Up: What was it like growing up? (one-time)
      • Sad Story: Tell her how you were driven to these frozen lands.
      • Hopeful Story: Tell her about the promises you've made to carve out your own future.
      • Random Tale: Honestly you were driven north by an awful lot of drinking.
    • Dreams: What does Aileh want in the future?
    • Corruption: How does Aileh feel about corruption? Is she corrupt?
    • Opinion: How does Aileh feel about you?
  • Flirt: How about a little fun with the curvy dragoness?
  • Gift: Give her something nice.

Once you're a Friend or Lover of Aileh, you unlock more interactions. The Sleep interaction also varies depending on whether you have Freja, and what age she is.

  • Hug: Just pull her into a hug. (requires being Friend or Lover)
    • Get Up: Bah, fine, up you get.
    • Tail Peg: Well then; you'd better stay here for a few moments longer.
  • Challenge: Battle for top — This is going to end in sex one way or another. (requires being Friend or Lover, Aileh must not be pregnant)
    • Overpower: Put your back into it! (Strength check to determine victor)
    • Throw: Use Aileh's weight against her. (Cunning check to determine victor)
    • Grope: Take her off guard with a naughty grope. (Presence check to determine victor)
  • Sleep: Snuggle up for sleeptime. (requires being Lover)
  • Daughter: Spend some time with []! (requires having Child Freja)


Her face erupts into a crimson blush to match her hair. "Don't be dumb, I asked you simply enough, right? Are we friends — y'know, with benefits too if you want — or are we becoming something more? Because I am completely out of my element here."

Once Aileh's Opinion is high enough, you can progress A Dragon in the Roost. At the end of the quest, you and Aileh have a talk where she asks you to define the relationship.

  • Friends: You'd be glad to have a friend like Aileh. (sets Aileh to Friend)
  • Kiss Her: She has a new bed, show this doofus what she means to you. (sets Aileh to Lover)

Whichever you choose, Aileh is thankful for your support and for letting her stay at your place while she figures things out. New interactions unlock, and other interactions are updated to reflect Aileh's new feelings towards you. You can also trigger a Pampering scene once every 24 hours upon approaching Aileh's tile.


"Do you know who or what I've spent my life growing up around? Hun, I know when a [handsome|beautiful] little [boy|girl] wants me. The real question is, how do you want me to wreck you?"

Aileh's sex options are available from her Flirt menu. You also have top or bottom sex with Aileh following Challenge, depending on who was victorious.

  • Get Blown: Get a blowjob from the horny dragon. (requires penis)
  • Get Eaten Out: Find out what that telescopic tongue can do. (requires vagina)
  • Get Tailpegged: Get your [pussy plundered / ring rammed] by that lovely long tail.
  • Fuck Her: Lay the dragon. (requires penis, being Friend or Lover, Aileh must not be heavily pregnant)
    • No Thanks: This is all about Aileh.
    • Tail Peg: Get a little extra prostate-pressure.

Once you finish her quest and establish yourself as Aileh's Friend or Lover, more sex scenes become available).

  • Scissorfuck: Mash pussies together with this beauty. (requires vagina, being Friend or Lover)
  • Romantic Fuck: Use your cock or pussy to romance Kasyrra's eldest. (requires being Lover)
    • Blowjob: Get a blowjob before the main course. (requires penis, all options merge to the next menu)
    • Eaten Out: Get eaten out before you fuck. (requires vagina)
    • Get Rimmed: Enjoy the naughty dragon tonguing your ring.
      • Use Cock: Lay the dragon. (requires penis)
      • Ride Tail: Ride her tail. (requires vagina)
  • Cowgirl Anal: Enjoy Aileh on top, riding your dick. (requires penis, and unlocks either on being Friends with Aileh or Aileh becoming heavily pregnant)
  • Rim Her: Tease the dragon's sultry backdoor. (unlocks either on being Friends with Aileh or Aileh becoming heavily pregnant)
    • Anal Ride: Have Aileh climb atop your cock for round two. (requires penis, leads to modified Cowgirl Anal scene)
    • Finish Her: Get your fingers involved and finish Aileh off.
  • Milking: Milk your lover until she cums. (requires Aileh to be lactating)


Freja Wayfarer



Busts of Freja by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Full name [] Wayfarer
Species Modified Lizan|Dragoness
Gender Female
Occupation Rapscallion
Title Lady Wayfarer
Family Aileh (mother)
Champion (sire)
Kasyrra (grandmother)
Location Wayfort
Version Added 0.4.45

"Look, I made this for you!"

The egg actually steams, and the proud, tired young dragon hugs it protectively in her arms even while you pull her — and your soon-to-be-hatched daughter — into a hug of your own.

If you've completed Wayfort Upgrades, are Lovers with Aileh, it's been at least a week since completing A Dragon in the Roost, and you have a virile penis, the next time you visit Aileh she will proposition you for sex. However, she wants to do it with you while not wearing her magical piercings. This is not refusable, so use Blank Powder while visiting Aileh if you want to avoid this.

You have sex with Aileh and have a good time, and nothing seems amiss. However, upon visiting the Wayfort at least a week after the encounter, Aileh reveals that she's pregnant.

  • Excited: You're excited, of course; you love kids!
  • Nervous: You're unsure, but is Aileh going to be okay?
  • Kiss: Words are difficult, mouth want smooch.

From then on, Aileh is pregnant. See Aileh Pregnancy for more details. Aileh has missable pregnancy events that trigger roughly every 2-3 days upon visiting her, leading up to a chance encounter with Kasyrra. If you are Hostile with Kasyrra, she will make her apologies and leave. If you are Lustful with Kasyrra, you can choose whether you're comfortable with Kasyrra being around while you're present. If you're Romantic with Kasyrra then everything is friendly, albeit with some teasing about your unconventional romantic arrangement.

When it comes (near) time to deliver, the birth scene will either trigger upon you visiting Aileh in Wayfort. Should you be in wayfort but don't go to Aileh for some time after the scene is ready to fire, one of the maids will notify you that Aileh is laying (Dont know what happens if you dont have maids). If you are not in wayfort, Kasyrra will send a demon messenger. Once you arrive, you help Aileh deliver a shockingly large egg. If you're Romantic with Kasyrra, or you gave your approval for her to be involved, Kasyrra shows up with treats as the three of you wait for the egg to hatch. Otherwise, she keeps a respectful distance but leaves treats for Aileh to enjoy. After two full days (Which you will be locked in scene for), the baby hatches and you get to name her, though Aileh suggests Freja.


"Rapscallion?" You query, quirking a brow.

[] simply giggles and wiggles, flashing her biggest, most innocent heart-melting eyes in your direction. "Rapscaddon!"

Although the name is up to you, it will be listed as a Freja for readability. Your child with Aileh ages quickly due to her Marethian ancestry. She has four events in the Baby stage, which can be seen on approaching Aileh. There is a six-day cooldown between events in this stage.

By the fifth event, Freja has aged enough to reach her Child stage. Her events can be played closer together now (36 hours), and if Daliza is present in the Wayfort there are events where Freja can interact with her. There's also an interesting trend, where representatives of various deities will leave presents for the young dragoness.

Freja will also appear in other interactions with Aileh, such as Sleep. In that, you do significantly less of it if Freja is born.

One event can happen if you take Freja to Winter City to do something a parent and child do. This scene can be repeated by the 'Freja Time!' button on the same tile where Aileh resides.


A Dragon in the Roost

If you let Aileh stay in the Wayfort, you can become friends or more with the dragoness.




During the Pampering event with Aileh

Found in the closing events of A Dragon in the Roost


Found after Aileh delivers her egg during
her Pregnancy


Found after Investigate(ing) the mysterious shadows
at the Wayfort's watchtower

Found after Investigate(ing) the mysterious shadows at
the Wayfort's watchtower, and choosing Watch