A Dragon in the Roost

From Corruption of Champions II
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A Dragon in the Roost
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Aileh
Requirements Allow Aileh to stay at the Wayfort
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward Become Aileh's Friend or Lover
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"I want—" she cuts herself off and growls, struggling to muster up some humility. "I would like, a little assistance with some creature comforts." Aileh takes a deep breath and continues, tail uncoiling and instead flicking around. "Don't get me wrong, I prefer being here than surrounded by airheaded succubi who want my soul, or my kids... or both. But I do miss my bed, and my bath. Not to mention the fact that all of my belongings are just stored in random bags."

If you invite Aileh to stay at the Wayfort, you have the opportunity to get closer to the Dragon General. If the two of you hit it off, Aileh will open up enough to ask you for a favour, through which you can cement your friendship with the dragoness... or more.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Meet Aileh and let her stay at the Wayfort Aileh the Dragon General has moved into your watchtower, and apparently swears no allegiance to either yourself or Kasyrra. She could prove to be an ally in defeating the demon queen... or winning her over, perhaps?

Aileh's Opinion of you: [It looks like you've got a long way to go in order to win the dragon over, however. Spending some time with her might help. / Aileh likes you — or at least tolerates you — a lot more, maybe there's something else you can do that would make her feel at home?]

1 Reach 50 Opinion with Aileh and speak to her Aileh has confessed her home could use a more personal touch; she's used to living in the lap of luxury. She wants an enchanted bathtub, a big strong bed, and some storage space... not the most unreasonable of requests, if a little expensive. You'll need to find an enchanter, put an order in with Garth for some carpentry, and pay a tailor for the necessary goods.
  • Heating Runes: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Viviane / Evergreen / Zuzaan.]
  • Carpenter Hired: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Garth.]
  • Tailor Hired: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Nelia.]
2 Complete the State 1 conditins You've collected everything you need, it's time to surprise Aileh.
3 (complete) Return to Aileh Aileh is a happy-looking dragon, and thinks of you as her [friend / lover]. Who knows what this will mean for you in the future? For now she seems content to live here in the Wayfort, and play nice with its inhabitants.


After you complete Wayfort Renovations, you can meet Aileh. If you invite her to stay, this quest automatically unlocks.


The first step is to increase Aileh's Opinion of you. The details are available on her page, though bringing her gifts such as food, tomes, or Get Good Facial-Scrub will raise her opinion to 50 quickly. Once the description in the Quest Log changes, return to Aileh to update the quest.

You can purchase Heating Runes from Viviane, Lady Evergreen, and Zuzaan for 125 EC, or free if you're willing to have a baby with Evergreen. Garth charges 1,000 EC for the Carpenter, and Nelia can be your Tailor for 500 EC. When everything has been arranged, return to Aileh again to turn in the quest.

Notable Loot & Reward

Aileh is very happy with her new digs, and you can choose whether you're interested in her as a Friend or Lover. New interactions unlock regardless of your choice.