Lady Evergreen

From Corruption of Champions II
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Lady Oxana Evergreen
Evergreen's bust, by DCLzexon.
Creator Savin
Species Tanuki
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation Witch
Location Frostwood

"Please, while we're alone here... call me Oxana," the witch says with a smile, sauntering into her chambers. "Though I won't be offended if you accidentally call me 'mommy' once or twice."

Lady Evergreen is a hermaphrodite tanuki witch who dwells at the entrance to the Frostwood with her many daughters, both full and half-blooded. She has a particular fetish for pregnancy, both inflicting and receiving, and is more than happy to put her canine cock to good use in breeding a willing player.


The first thing you think of is that doorknocker -- the woman has a tail just like the brass adornment, and her whole body is covered in a thick layer of soft brown fur, creamy and light on her chest and ending in dark gloves and stockings on her limbs. Her fur darkens to a black mask just above her short little snout, making her rose-red eyes look all the more mischievous. She has one hand on the door frame and the other on her hip, drawing your eyes all the way down over a swelling bust that's threatening to rip its way free from the thin, silky black dress that hugs all her motherly curves like a second layer of skin from her cleavage to her thighs.


Evergreen is confident, mischievous and forward in her dealings with the champion; she will demand payment for services rendered to the player, but is upfront about the cost without mincing her words. She has a bit of a domineering streak, preferring that the champion call her "mommy" while being intimate with her, and prefers to be the dominant partner during scenes. Even while being fucked as opposed to using her dick, she's quite the powerbottom, urging the player on to greater heights of performance.

Evergreen's many daughters are absolutely enamoured of their mother and worship the ground she walks upon; their loyalty to their mother is complete and unquestioning.


Upon first arriving in the Frostwood, the champion will find their way into the forest blocked by a wall of thorns. Evergreen's responsible for this so she doesn't have to focus her energies on two fronts while the Alraune was occupying the bridge, and with the menace now gone she will open a gap in the wall for them to pass through. This encounter ensures that players will need to meet Evergreen before being allowed to progress further.

She will also note the blue gem Kasyrra gave the champion, and explain the basics of fast travel by giving them a quest.

If the player has Cait with them, they may progress the Cat Call quest; Evergreen knows where Cait's father is, but wants payment in exchange for the information. Money has little value to the witch; she wants to either impregnate or be impregnated by the champion. If neither is possible or the player would rather not help Cait, the witch will take the pink kitten into her room for a little while. What happens after is up to the player's imagination.

More interactions are planned for Lady Evergreen later down the line -- she will be able to impart or remove temporary sterility, sell sex aids and toys, affect the champion's sexual stats such as fertility and pregnancy speed, and offer transformations. The witch will want payment in the form of impregnation/impregnating, and will demand an extremely hefty sum of EC if the champion is unwilling to pay with sex.


Evergreen has a number of sex scenes the player can engage in:

  • Fuck Her Deep -- Slam your [pc.cock] so deep into Evergreen that not one drop of cum will escape her womb.
  • Get Fucked -- Spread those legs and let Evergreen take your [pc.vagOrAss].
  • Cait 3Some: Ride Nukicock -- Get yourself in Oxana's lap and ride her dick while Cait works the balls.
  • Cait 3Some: Nuki Sammich -- Bend Oxana over and drill her cunt. Cait can get underneath her and make sure not a drop of the witch's own cum goes to waste...

Evergreen's pregnancies, while otherwise identical to usual tanuki pregnancies, run for a duration for two weeks instead of six months.