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Depending on his/her gender, a PC can be impregnated by and/or impregnate some NPCs:

  • Female PCs can be impregnated by some NPCs, monsters, and events.
  • Male PCs can impregnate some NPCs and be impregnated anally with eggs (and the like).
  • All PCs, even genderless ones, if they have an ovipositor can be impregnated by monsters with an ovipositor.
    • Ovipositor impregnations aren't pregnancies in the traditional sense; it means that the impregnator lays his/her eggs inside the impregnated character's vagina or anus, using him/her as a host mother for the children.

Pregnancies can be prevented by using contraceptives like Herbal Contraceptive.


A table of NPCs who can impregnate and/or be impregnated by the PC.

Name Type Offspring Stats Comments
  • Type- What kind of pregnancies are possible:
    • P: The NPC can impregnate a female PC.
    • M: The NPC can impregnate a male PC (not eggs).
    • I: The PC can impregnate the NPC.
    • H: The PC can host the eggs of the NPC (butt pregnancy).
    • D: Drider ovipositor host - A PC with a drider ovipositor can lay eggs in the NPC.
    • B: Bee ovipositor host - A PC with a bee ovipositor can lay eggs in the NPC.
  • Stats - The children produced by some NPCs are listed under the Stats button, others are not. The stats only states the number of offspring produced not whether the PC is the father or the mother.
    • Y: Children listed in the stats
    • N: Children not listed in the stats
    •  ?: Info not available yet (please add info if you can)
    • It's worth noting that, as of version 0.8.10, there is now a "Births" stat which tracks the total number of times the PC has given birth. So, many pregnancies are now technically tracked under the Stats button, though they are still listed as "N" on this table because they do not have an individual stat; the only thing listed is the total births with no way of discerning how many times each separate creature has been birthed.

PC Pregnancy

The PC's appearance (through both the Appearance button and in the Character Viewer) will reflect progress of the pregnancy as the child (or egg) is carried to term.

The chance of getting pregnant is determined by the PC's Fertility. The chance of impregnating an NPC is mainly determined by the PC's Cum Production but also by some other factors.

There are several perks that will increase pregnancy speed. The potion Oviposition Elixir(Disabled Link) will advance an existing pregnancy along but will also get a character pregnant with eggs if they aren't.

Player's Pregnancy Details

  • Name in italics means it is an ovipositor impregnation
  • Unless it is an ovipositor impregnation or stated otherwise, the character will need to be either a female or a hermaphrodite for these pregnancies
Sire Breeds Requirements Pregnancy Effects Misc. Notes

A completed pregnancy will increase the width of a Champion's hips slightly, his/her ass, and can also increase Fertility.

Enough completed pregnancies will add the perk Brood Mother to the Champion.