Corrupted Garden

From Corruption of Champions II
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Corrupted Garden
Corrupted Garden Map.png
Region Frost Marches
Level range 1+
Accessible from Old Forest (south)
Frostwood (north)
Neutral Hub Yes (after state 4 of In Her Footsteps)

The Corrupted Garden is the home to the Alraune and her many many children. The southern section, which houses the garden is where the heart of the corrupted garden lies. Travelling north will lead to the Ruined Wayfort, which has been long since abandoned with crumbling walls and broken towers. To the north most point is the north gate that leads to Frostwood. Travelling through the garden and fort serves as the only safe path to travel from the Old Forest to Frostwood.


Current Inhabitants:

Special Encounters: During the events of In Her Footsteps

Points of Interest

  • A chest is located at the north-eastern most part of the old fort, acquiring the chest will increase maximum storage capacity at The Frost Hound by 10
  • A Waystone to the west which can be used as a fast travel point should the Champion have at least started Inheriter of the Idols