Wayfort Upgrades

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Wayfort Upgrades
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn
Requirements Completed Wayfort Renovations
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward Upgraded Wayfort with new interactions
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

The bailiff purses her pretty painted lips for a few seconds, before kicking open a messenger bag full of files and pulling out a weighty book. "Logistics, all checked and double-checked."

Once you've completed repairing the decrepit Wayfort, you can start looking at upgrades. You can't do it alone, however. Over your adventures, you've met many people who could potentially help you out.

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn about WayfortUpgrade The Wayfort is looking habitable and passable, but in order to take things up to the next level you're going to need to find some professional craftsmen and get together a lot of resources and money. Not to mention the roads are going to need to be a lot safer.
  • Hornet Hive Conquered: [Yes / No]
  • Wood: X / 40
  • Stone: X / 60
  • Metal X / 20
  • Blacksmith Hired: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Ogrish / Ragnild / Zuzaan]
  • Tailor Hired: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Nelia / Telfir]
  • Enchanter Hired: [Yes / No] — [You have hired Viviane / Evergreen / Imora / Miko & Mai / Zuzaan]
  • Food Stocks Organized: [Yes / No] — [The girls of Pupperidge and Atani's marefolk are going to supply food. / The girls of Pupperidge are going to supply food, but you need to secure more. / Atani and the marefolk are going to supply food, but you need to secure more.]
1 Collect the resources Now that you've secured all of the supplies and specialists you need, it's time to return to Daliza / Farrah / Jael'yn
2 Return to Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn with the resources The great undertaking has begun, with hornets flying around doing the manual labor, and some enthusiastic craftsmen on your side, it shouldn't take more than two weeks. It's going to look like a brand new Wayfort by the time they're done!
3 (complete) Wait two weeks, or choose Stay & Help to pass the time Your Wayfort is looking both respectable and defendable, with solid walls, a beautiful courtyard, well-stocked armory, kitchen, and bar... It would appear that you've succeeded in quickly raising up some land to be proud of.


To acquire this quest, complete Wayfort Renovations and return to your steward. WayfortUpgrades will be available in their menu.


To upgrade the Wayfort, you'll need to secure building materials and the assistance of NPCs in various roles. Depending on the choices you make, this can cost between 6,625 EC - 14,440 EC.

Hornet Hive

For this step, you need to clear the Hornet Hive during the events of Land of Milky Honey, to keep the hornets from attacking travellers and soldiers.

Wood, Stone, and Metal

Building materials can be collected in the wild, or purchased from various sources in the world. New merchants for building supplies unlock for the purposes of this quest.

Pristine Wood (40x)
Collected 0 EC 0 EC
Hatsumomo 25 EC 1,000 EC
Ambra 37 EC 1,480 EC
Sturdy Stone (60x)
Collected 0 EC 0 EC
Captain Fenraus 25 EC 1,500 EC
Ambra 37 EC 2,220 EC
Broken Metal Parts (20x)
Collected 0 EC 0 EC
Svern 25 EC 500 EC
Ambra 37 EC 740 EC


Ogrish No conditions 2,500 EC
Ragnild Complete Right of Conquest with Arona as chieftain 1,250 EC
Zuzaan For Blacksmith duties 2,500 EC
For Blacksmith and Enchanter duties 3,750 EC


Nelia No conditions 2,500 EC
Telfir (Winter City) Complete Etheryn's Market date 2,500 EC
Above, with Daliza in the Wayfort 2,000 EC


Viviane Completed conditions to meet Viviane 2,500 EC
Lady Evergreen No conditions 2,500 EC
Have had children with Evergreen 1,250 EC
Miko and Mai No conditions 2,500 EC
Be a Kitsune 1,500 EC
Imora No conditions 2,500 EC
Zuzaan For Enchanter duties 2,500 EC
For both Blacksmith and Enchanter duties 3,750 EC

Food Stocks

To have enough food to stock your fortress, you need to secure the assistance of both Pupperidge Farm (2,000 EC) and Atani (500 EC, or 125 EC if you're married to her).

Turn In

Once you have all the materials, and have secured the assistance of the required NPCs, return to your steward to turn in your quest. You'll have more choices to customise your Wayfort — renovating the statue to look like a Dragon, Elf, or Demon, and choosing whether you want horniness in the Wayfort to be kept covert (Keep It Subtle) or loud and proud (Always).

Notable Loot & Reward

A renovated and upgraded Wayfort, with updated room descriptions and added interactions going forward.