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Atani Bust DCL.png
Bust of Atani by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Full name Atani Asani
Species Marefolk
Gender Female
Occupation Temporary Chieftain of Marefolk Village
Title Chieftain (temporary)
Family Asani (mother)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Faction Marefolk Village
Location Marefolk Village

"Greetings, traveller," she says. Her voice is rather weak, and — if you’re reading her body language correctly — rather tired. "My name is A— ahem, Chieftain Atani. I bid you welcome to our village..."


Additional scene variation if the Champion has a high relationship score with her.

You take the opportunity to get a really good look at Atani. She must be easily eight feet tall, with broad shoulders and hips. Her short fur is the color of honey gold and sunshine of a palomino steed, dappled with white from the elbows and knees down. The only clothing she wears are some fine woolen wrappings; a small cape that rests on her shoulders and covers only a portion of her titanic tits, and a short skirt that stops at her thighs. Golden-blonde hair flows from her head in luscious curls, while a thick equine tail of that same warm hue swishes gently from side-to-side above her ass.

When she breathes you can watch the way her massive H-cup tits rise and fall, and to your surprise her nipples are thick and pink just begging to be teased. You’re sure that if she bent over you’d be able to see a dewy black-lipped cunt, but for now it’s trapped between her thighs. Lastly your attention returns to her cute muzzle and bright blue eyes; everything about her body is squish and curve despite her towering stature and the muscles it must take to keep her upright.

Last of all is the scent, it’s not just in the room; the scent of a horny breeding mare is so strong in the room it’s amazing that you can’t see juices trickling down her thighs. It must be unbearable for the marefolk guards outside, considering they both seemed to be packing a foot of equine prick each. As it is there’s a definite flush in your depths when you look at her, unbidden or otherwise. She smiles politely at you and tries to avoid eye contact when she catches you looking..


The Champion will first find Atani upon entering the chieftain's tent in the Marefolk Village, where the tired looking chieftain will introduce herself and bid them welcome to the village. She will apologize if the Champion is overwhelmed or if the guards have treated them improperly for they have been very protective considering recent events. She will then ask the Champion for their name and explains that she is not the original chieftain of the village. The original chieftain, her mother, was taken away by the corrupted centaurs. She will plead if the Champion can bring her mother back. The Champion is given the following options:

  • Of Course - As if you could leave this poor daughter to her fate.
  • Not Now - There are plenty of dangers in the world; you can’t handle this one too.

Accepting the offer will make Atani tear up in relief, however she will ask the Champion to return in a few minutes as she gathers her wits together.

Declining the offer will make Atani burst into tears, and before the Champion can respond, one of the chieftain's guards will throw them out of the village for making Atani cry while the other one will comfort the crying Atani. (Note: although the Champion is thrown out of the village, they may still enter the village again)

If the Champion declined the task of Atani and were to attempt to visit her again, the guards will bar them access into the chieftain's tent and will ask if they had a change of heart. The following options will become available:

  • Yes - Okay, maybe you feel a bit bad.
  • No - This still? Fuck that.

Reconsidering and accepting the task will result in a long hard stare from both guards until a weary sigh from one as she enters the tent to tell Atani that the Champion had accepted the task. Upon the guard's return they step aside and allow the Champion to enter the tent but not before giving them a warning: "I'm gutting you if you make her cry again, fair warning." Once the Champion enters the tent, she will thank the Champion for accepting the task but will ask them to return in a few minutes as she gathers her wits together.

Declining to accept the task will result in the Champion being booted out of the village again.

If the Champion had accepted Atani's task, the following options will become available upon subsequent visits to her:

  • Appearance - You can’t get tired of drinking her in.
  • Centaurs - So what’s the deal with these jerks?
  • Her Mother - Ask about her mother.
  • Herself - How’s she holding up?
  • Private Time - Maybe she’d be interested in some comfy company? (requires at least 36 relationship)

If the Champion is currently harboring Ahmri at their camp, a new option under Centaurs will unlock. (written by Gardeford)

  • Help Princess - Speaking of princesses...

When talking about her mother, the real Chieftain Asani Naiyana, Atani tells a bit about how she spent so much time being everyone's mother that she got a bit jealous and felt like she never got the chance to tell her she loved her. Atani will also tell that her mother wields a great big studded quarterstaff.

Talking to Atani about herself will also reveal the names of her guards, Edessari and Wredi, whom she knew since she was a little thing.


Atani has a relationship counter, which will increase based on what things the Champion asks and does. A variety of interactions and scenes will change or become available based on the level of relationship the Champion has with Atani. The table below will list the options that change the relationship level of Atani and by how much.

Option Change
Talk - Centaurs +1
Talk - Her Mother +1
Talk - Herself +5
Talk - Help Princess +15
First Encounter - Of Course +15


Should the Champion have access to Private Time, the following options will become available:

  • Snuggle - Snuggle the innocent Mare.
  • Sixty-Nine - Honestly with those curves you should use a larger number.
  • Maressionary - Take her in the most feminine of fashions. (requires a cock)
  • Titfuck - They are magnificent. Fuck these tits.

Each of the options above will have a unique first time scene, subsequent encounters will play another scene.

If the Champion has at least 80 relationship with Atani, after a session of Maressionary, there will be an option to Rest which will allow the Champion to cuddle up with their marefolk lover until the next morning. Resting with Atani for the first time will also reduce Corruption by 5.

If the Champion had done either the Sixty-Nine or Titfuck scene, the Champion will notice the painful desire of the cheiftain's guards. The Champion may:

  • Leave - They can handle themselves.
  • Tease - Just a tiny smooch.
  • Fuck Guards - Get some big fat shemare horse cock in your holes. (requires at least 80 relationship)

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

The Champion may ask Atani if the Marefolk Village can harbor Ahmri while they go deal with the centaur village.