Pupperidge Farm

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Pupperidge Farm
Pupperidge Farm.png
Remember when quality and care went into milking cows, Pupperidge Farm remembers.
Region Harvest Valley

"Pupperidge Farm looks like the perfect little enclosed farm for a couple of wolfy shemales and their duo of busty amoozons."


When you first descover the Farm it is under attack by some of Tollus' goons.

Upon fist discovery:

The smell of fresh cut grass, turned-over soil, and farm animals drifts up to your nose; a little expanse of peaceful nothingness out in the fields. You've wandered up to the edge of an idyllic little farmstead, just off the beaten path. It seems quiet and peaceful, a nice place to take a load off and enjoy a moment's peace in the fertile valley.

That moment looks like it’s going to be interrupted, though: you glance out of the corner of your eye as a group of thugs brandishing weapons encroach on it through the fields.

These guys' black robes and lurid tattoos are awfully familiar... more of Tollus' goons!

A wolf-eared girl with a pitchfork is standing at the farm's gates, ready to hold the vile minions of evil at bay. She sees you on the path and shouts. She's too far for her words to reach you, but the goons all spin around to see the new threat approaching, with readied bows and long knives drawn. It looks like this fight's been chosen for you. Sighing, you stand up straight and prepare your own Galon's Griefmaker.

"I’m giving you one chance to run!" You shout, but they seem intent on charging you.

When aprouchhing after fist discovery:

Without the threat of imminent violence the farm actually looks like the calming, pastoral getaway it’s meant to be. There’s a large barn with a small house attached to it, and out in the front is a wooden pen full of sheep — not sheep-girls, as some might expect — beside a series of large tightly-bound preserve barrels. On the pathway leading up to these two buildings is a neatly-polished sign of waxed wood labelled ‘Pupperidge Farm' in big, bold letters.

Off to the side is a container for grains of various kinds, and a well-worn pathway leading back the way you’ve come. All in all, Pupperidge Farm looks like the perfect little enclosed farm for a couple of wolfy shemales and their duo of busty amoozons.



The initial fight is between your party and three cultists:

After defeating the goons you can:

  • Hang Out - Look, this is what you're here for.
    • Fuck Vag - Lay into the milky amoozon and service her doggy style.
    • Moosionary - It might be a little messier than you're used to.
    • Sixty-Nine - You're probably going to need to be on top for this one.
    • Scissor - Get your tickets to the clam slam. With some fists for extra fun.
    • Back Out - You weren't expecting this kind of milking.
  • Not This Time - This however is not what you're here for.

When going back after the first time you entered you can:

  • Shop - Buy something Tasty.
  • Anna - It's just you and the lone wolf.
    • Blow Her - Wrap your maw around that puppy pecker.
      • Fuck Her*
      • Get Fucked*
      • Leave
    • Get Blown - Give the dog a bone.
      • Swallow - Feed this puppy directly.
        • Fuck Her*
        • Get Fucked*
        • Leave
      • Paint Her - Those tits are the perfect target.
        • Fuck Her*
        • Get Fucked*
        • Leave
    • Get Rimmed - She loves big butts, and cannot deny it.
      • Fuck Her*
      • Get Fucked*
      • Leave
    • Fuck Her - Pound some puppy posterior.
    • Get Fucked- Bend over and get a puppy pounding.
  • Milking - Day: Moooo! - Night: It's night time, let sleeping cows rest...
    • Fuck Vag*
    • Moosionary*
    • Sixty-Nine*
    • Scissor*
  • Morwen Fuck [Have not been able to determine the trigger for this though it seams to trigger randomly after any option as well as when waiting at/entering the farm.]

* Text is repeated


The following items are for sale: