Pupperidge Farm

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Pupperidge Farm
Pupperidge Farm.png
Region Frost Marches
Accessible from Harvest Valley
Neutral Hub Yes (after first visit)

"Hey hero, you sure came by at a perfect time. Wouldn’t want one of those brutes to go running off with my girls."

"Your girls? I can’t believe they’d hunt your daughters..."

She scoffs, waving her hand. "Daughters? No, no. Unless I squeeze out cow-girls from m’butt! No, this here’s a cow-girl farm. Y’know — big, tall, squishy girls with big boobs and a penchant to moo and wear togas?"

The Pupperidge farm is a cow-girl run by sisters Anna and Morwen that supplies a big chunk of The Frost Hound's food. Before the whole snowstorm thing, Garret would sometimes go down to the farm to see how Anna was doing.


Without the threat of imminent violence the farm actually looks like the calming, pastoral getaway it’s meant to be. There’s a large barn with a small house attached to it, and out in the front is a wooden pen full of sheep — not sheep-girls, as some might expect — beside a series of large tightly-bound preserve barrels. On the pathway leading up to these two buildings is a neatly-polished sign of waxed wood labelled ‘Pupperidge Farm' in big, bold letters.

Off to the side is a container for grains of various kinds, and a well-worn pathway leading back the way you’ve come. All in all, Pupperidge Farm looks like the perfect little enclosed farm for a couple of wolfy shemales and their duo of busty amoozons.


First Visit

Upon visiting the farm for the first time, the Champion will have to fight: 1x Cultist Archer 2x Cultists

It matters not if the Champion won the fight or now for the cultists will flee after. Anna, one of the two sisters that runs the place, will thank the Champion and will offer them to milk on of the resident amoozons/cow-girls that live at the farm.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits to the farm and Anna will give the following options:

  • Shop - Buy something tasty.
  • Anna Sex - It’s just you and the lone wolf. (see Anna Sex)
  • Milking - Moooo! (is not available at night) (see Moo sex)

Manticore Girl Visit

On subsequent visits, should the Champion approach the farm, there is a 12.5% for the Manticore Girl to visit the farm and have some fun with Lucia. Through observation, the two seem to exchange a few words with each other before Lucia is swept up in a bridal-carry by the Manticore Girl. Before the Champion can charge in Morwen stops the Champion, stating that the two aren't going anywhere, she states that Manticore Girl doesn't do much harm besides drinking her fill of milky tits. The two have sex on the open fields, Morwen stating that act one is where the Manticore likes to think she's hot stuff, its at act two where things get good as Lucia is a power bottom. Once the two have had their fun, the Manticore Girl will leaves and Morwen proceeds to head back to make some extra food for Lucia. However before things wrap up, the Champion may choose to Morwen Fuck, although they must have a cock to do so.



Item Cost
Bacon Strips 50 EC
Creamy Cheddar 50 EC
Fresh Milk 50 EC
Pupper Pale Ale 750


Item Cost
Double Pepper 25 EC
Knotted Pepper 25 EC
Wolfsboon 50 EC

Quest Related

Farmhand's Freeholds

Due to the turmoil of recent events, Garth wants you the check up on Anna and the farm