Master Tollus

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Master Tollus
CoC2 MasterTollus.png
Master Tollus's Bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Cult Leader
Title Master
Religion The Demon Cult
Location Hawkethorne
Level 3
Health 240
Resolve 100
Strengths Low Armor, but very high Health


Master Tollus is the head of the Demon Cult.


He's a tall human man, slender as a skeleton beneath a heavy black robe that flows around him. His hood rests on spidery shoulders, revealing taut, ghostly-pale flesh covered with swirling tattoos writ in the spidery tongue of magic. His eyes are shadowed coal black, and arcane pendants hang pendulously from his neck.



  • Basic Attack: Tollus uses his Bladed Staff, with a chance to inflict Bleeding based on the target's Physical Resistance.
  • Lustful Images: Deals heavy Resolve damage, and the target may become Aroused for 1-2 turns based on Mental Resistance.
  • Tainted Bulwark: Tollus deals Resolve damage to himself in order to increase his Armor, Ward, Evasion, and Magic Resistance for 2-4 turns.
  • Blight Orb: Tollus throws a projectile that deals heavy Blight damage, and may stagger the target for a turn based on Magic Resistance.



Tollus can't currently be sexed.