Master Tollus

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Master Tollus
CoC2 MasterTollus.png
Master Tollus's Bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Cult Leader
Title Master
Religion The Demon Cult
Location Hawkethorne
Level 3
Health 240
Resolve 100
Strengths Low Armor, but very high Health


Master Tollus is the head of the Demon Cult.

"A demon cultists who has been accepting dark magics from Mareth for several years, in exchange for human(-oid) sacrifice. Cait's sister is his latest victim, which brings the PC and Cait to his remote temple. Escapes after beating him, and continues to serve the demons afterwards. An utter hedonist and sadist. Bald, tall, lanky dude covered in magical tattoos, wearing black robes and carrying a long staff with a wicked-sharp blade at the end." – Corruption of Champions II: Public Design Document


He's a tall human man, slender as a skeleton beneath a heavy black robe that flows around him. His hood rests on spidery shoulders, revealing taut, ghostly-pale flesh covered with swirling tattoos writ in the spidery tongue of magic. His eyes are shadowed coal black, and arcane pendants hang pendulously from his neck.



  • Basic Attack: Tollus uses his Bladed Staff, with a chance to inflict Bleeding based on the target's Physical Resistance.
  • Lustful Images: Deals heavy Resolve damage, and the target may become Aroused for 1-2 turns based on Mental Resistance.
  • Tainted Bulwark: Tollus deals Resolve damage to himself in order to increase his Armor, Ward, Evasion, and Magic Resistance for 2-4 turns.
  • Blight Orb: Tollus throws a projectile that deals heavy Blight damage, and may stagger the target for a turn based on Magic Resistance.



Tollus can't currently be sexed.