The Baroness

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Full body art of The Baroness by Moira
Creator Savin
Full name Carmen Reverra
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Baroness
Bust Size B
Location Castle Hawkstone

"First, allow me to properly introduce myself; I doubt your people have seen a Belharan noble since the Godswar. I am Baroness Carmen Reverra. Unfortunately, Belhar is no more; a memory from a bygone age, and with it, much of my power. There are three people living in this castle, and one of them is a gargoyle. I could not offer you the hospitality and comfort befitting a princess, and I certainly have no resources to put at your disposal to retake a city many miles from here. The Marcher Barons' armies were destroyed utterly in the war, and I am already resorting to mercenaries to keep the roads clear... and many of them have simply become bandits or worse anyway."

Carmen Reverra is the current baroness of The Frost Marches and resides within Castle Hawkstone with her bodyguard Atugia. She hired the Marked Merk Mercenaries to keep the roads safe and clear, however due to their missing leadership, many of the mercenaries turned to banditry. When Gwyn had her litter of 8, the Baroness offered her a business proposition as the matron for the new nursery the Baroness had set up. Although she funds the nursery enough so it won't go under, upgrading the facility is left up to Gwyn. It is mentioned by Lady Evergreen that the Baroness, once had a keystone that allowed her to use the Waystones that allows the owner to move from place to place in the blink of an eye.

"She's what passes for local leadership about these parts, although she doesn't really do that much leading. She keeps mostly to herself, and rarely comes into town; frankly speaking, we like it that way. You can imagine my surprise when her coach comes in through the gates with that clanking bodyguard of hers at her side."
"If I were you, I'd seriously reconsider working for Oxana, she spends most of her energies feuding with Carmen — has been for the last couple of centuries, really — and thus has favoured hiring mercenaries to do her other dirty work. Expendables, to better illustrate the mindset she sees them with; the strongest and most effective pawn is one that you're willing to sacrifice."


A tall, stunning woman stands atop the stairway leading to the keep's front door. Her eyes are the first thing you gaze upon, twin oceans of deep blue that appraise you and your allies for a moment before fixating on the knight — Ah-two-yah? Is that her name? — with a stormy glare. She wears a simply-woven cloth dress, obsidian black with flares of opalescent red that accent her willowy curves. A sash of sanguine silk ties the dress around her waist, with a cut in the outfit's side revealing the pale flesh of her hip and a long, slender leg.


The Champion will meet the Baroness when they attempt to travel to Castle Hawkstone. Upon trying to visit the castle for the first time, the Champion will be met by a Runic Knight who will accuse them of being cultists and attack them. Win or lose, at the end of the fight Carmen's voice will boom though the courtyard, ordering Atugia to cease her foolishness at once. Atugia tries to explain that she caught a few stragglers from the cult however Carmen explains that they look nothing like the cult before sending Atugia back to her quarters while she tends to her new guests. She states that she hopes the Champion does not hold this less than warm welcome against her although she apologizes that she cannot offer them much in the way of hospitality because The Marches is currently beset by island orc marauders, crazed centaurs and strange new beasts in the old forest. She gives them permission to remain in the courtyard and guardhouse if they so wish before bidding them a farewell.


Written by Gardeford

Having been in the company of Atugia for some time now, they may ask her if she'd like to join them in their adventure. She thanks the Champion for their offer, but states that they need Carmen's permission. After having fucked Atugia when the Champion encountered the dullahan without her head, when the Champion visits the courtyard, they will be met by an embarrassed Atugia, and Carmen with a stern glare directed at them. She tells the Champion that she doesn't appreciate people going behind her back especially when it concerns her bodyguard. Her stern, hard glare dissipates a little as she states that she's not Atugia's mother so she's happy she's lasted this long. However, she adds that she has no use for a bodyguard that sleeps with the first trespasser that she sees, and adds with a sly grin that they may take Atugia if they wish. A confused Atugia exclaims that Carmen can't just go giving her away to people, and why would the Champion even take somebody who can't even win a fuckin' fight. Carmen states that she can, because it's in Atugia's contract, and tells her to watch her language. Carmen snaps her fingers and Atugia's contract appears in the Champion's hands, she also adds that the Champion doesn't need to cart her around everywhere, but they must have a place that they're staying at long-term, so they could keep Atugia there when they don't require her services, she's sure that the townfolk would be happy to have another pair of hands before gesturing dismissively with one hand as she turns to re-enter the castle.

Royal Amnesty

During Royal Amnesty, the Champion is tasked with accompanying Etheryn to seek the audience of the Baroness. Once the Runic Knight has been dealt with, when the Champion and Etheryn reach the gates to the castle, they will be met by the Baroness, who will ask what their business with her is. Depending on Etheryn's confidence, she may shuffle her feet awkwardly and stutter with her words, or she will steadily introduce herself and by ancient treaty she requests sanctuary at the castle. Carmen asks why Etheyrn's come to her to seek protection, and notes the lack of guards escorting her, even if she was exiled. Once again, depending on Etheryn's confidence, she may whine and slightly stutter on her words, or confidently explain that the Queen has turned evil, so she ran from her city, but her people are still in peril. Carmen will formally introduce herself, however, she will state that she does not have the power and cannot offer Etheryn the hospitality and comfort befitting of a princess, and she has no resources at her disposal to retake a city many miles away, since the Marcher Baron's armies were destroyed during the Godswar, and she had to resort to mercenaries to keep the roads clear, although many simply became bandits or worse. She will apologize to Etheryn and state that the four-century-old treaty no longer exists, and that she does not have the power to honor it, the only boon she can give is for Etheryn to stay within her barony as long as she needs. A teary-eyed Etheryn will turn to the Champion and the following options will become available:

  • Thank Carmen - At least the baroness was willing to hear Ryn out, right?
  • Get Mad - Wow, what the fuck. How dare Carmen just turn Ryn away!
  • Comfort
  • Leave - Thanks for nothing, bitch.

Regardless of their decision, the Champion and Etheryn will have to deal with Winter City and Queen Alissa on their own.

Quest Related

Royal Amnesty

Etheryn would like the Champion to accompany her to seek out the audience of the Baroness.

Right of Conquest

At the end of the quest, Garth will hand the Champion the Champion's Belt which they commissioned for them as an appreciation for their efforts.

Getting Into The Closet

Thanks to some very lovely donations, and the generosity of the Baroness, a cloister is built for the Chapel of Velun. With the help of the records kept by the Baroness' family, Brother Sanders has found an interesting relic; a spear bearing the regal name of Sorra's Succor, located at a Sorran altar on the western mountains of the Greyvale Ranges.