Chapel of Velun

From Corruption of Champions II
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Chapel of Velun
Region Frost Marches
Level range 1+
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Neutral Hub Yes



West of the town square stands a towering stone church, its black spires reaching up far above anything else in the village. A pair of stone gargoyles peer over the terrace, staring down across the sweeping stone steps leading up to the temple's heavy wooden doors. A faint light shines from the windows: the cumulative effort of hundreds of candles, no doubt.


The inside of the chapel is the same bleak stone you imagine most churches to be made of, grey and weighing down on everyone inside. Vaulted arches support a roof high above you, decorated with beautiful bits of gilding and time-worn painting. The walls are draped with cloth and surrounded by candles, giving some measure of warmth to the otherwise stark place of worship.

Several semi-circular wooden pews are arranged facing a central altar in the middle of the temple, a large stone circle arrayed with statues of the seven gods and goddesses of Savarra. Each holds a colored candle, and stares beatifically across the pews. Brother Sanders is at his usual place beside the altar, white robes wrapped tight around himself and lost in contemplation of his tremendous prayer-book.

This is a chapel that worships the God of nature Velun in which Brother Sanders runs this chapel and will offer the Champion various services of healing and training.



If the Champion has completed Getting Into The Closet, the new Cloister is available to allow the seclusion of the mind and soul.

  • If the Champion has completed Ugly Duckling, they will find Shar acting as a helper for Brother Sanders.