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Author The Observer
Type Consumable
Base Price 120
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable Yes


These long green stalks are found most commonly in Harvest Valley, although they grow in clumps all along the Frost Marches. Their usefulness is only matched by how difficult they are to cultivate, resulting in most people gathering them in the wild. Although known as a powerful restorative, Winterstem is more popular smoked as a relaxant. Some nights, the Frost Hound is just full of the smell, even if it's not a bad one...

Recover 15 + W + X% Health and 15 + Y + Z% Resolve over three turns, or all at once if out of combat.

Additional Information

"Prime winterstem country," Etheryn muses as you pass along the trail. "Alissa would send servants out to this stand of the woods to gather as much as they could for her parties. It didn't occur to her the more they picked, the less there'd be the next time... it got so bad that they had to hunt right on the edge of the wetlands for it."
Etheryn commenting on the Frostwood

"Oh? I know full well that Rin don't like me smokin' none. Oh, she ain't ever gonna say so to my face, but I can see th' little ugly looks she done gives me when I light up." Mai blows a lazy smoke ring. "Ya know, I don't do this to look good or get high or nothin'... but if'n I'm gonna have to do it, I might as well do it in style."

That does raise the question, though. Does Mai have to chain-smoke winterstem in perpetuity? Could she live without it and keep herself together through sheer force of will, like Miko does?

"I coulda, I guess, but ain't no point in riskin' it. Rin's a nice gal an' all, but I ain't given' up winterstem f'r her sake. Not when I kinda need it to stay sane. Okay, maybe that was a little over th' top, but still. I need this stuff or my senses all go crazy."
Mai on her winterstem dependency and talking about Rindo


Recover 15 + (Cunning/2) + (Presence/2)% Health and 15 + Cunning + Presence% Resolve over three turns, or all at once if out of combat (Winterstem combat effect).


Quest Related

Blacksmith's New Clothes

In exchange for making Ragnild's sundress, Nelia wants 3 winterstems.


This item holds the same name as the Winterstem combat effect.