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Bust of Ranna by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Taeleer
Gender Female
Occupation Shopkeeper
Spouse Captain Fenraus
Religion Velunite
Location Ranna's Emporium

The woman beams proudly. "That's my husband! This is all his fault!" She gives her gravid tummy an affectionate rub. "Really, the nerve, leaving me like this to go back to the Legion... but that's why I love him. Oh, sorry, I'm Ranna. This is my place! Me and my husband, and soon to be a whole mess of little ones. If you need medicine or healing salves or whatever alchemy goop we can scrounge up, just... well I'd say take a placard number but those have all wandered out the door. Just, please be patient with me!"

Ranna is a shopkeeper and pharmacist in Main Street. While energetic, she's having trouble keeping up with demand for medicine with the demons laying siege to Khor'minos, not to mention being very heavily pregnant to her minotaur husband Captain Fenraus. On top of everything, Fenraus has rejoined the legion and is stationed out at the Black Gate. Nonetheless, Ranna is facing everything with relentless chirpiness and optimism.


A young bunny-woman seems to be trying to manage the chaos. You immediately feel for the poor thing: she's very, very pregnant, almost absurdly so for her size, and clearly struggling to get around much less run the place.


As you enter Ranna's Emporium, you see Ranna struggling to get around and attend to everyone in the store. Her customers are doing what they can to help out, but it'll still be a little while before you can get service.

She primarily has shop interactions, though if you've blown Captain Fenraus out in the Foothills you can let Ranna know you've done your part to ease her husband's service. She's grateful, and gives you a kiss to give the big hunk the next time you're out there.

  • Shop: Ranna has the following items for sale. (see Ranna's Emporium)
  • Reagents: Check out Ranna's assortment of goodies.
  • Alchemy: Ask if you can borrow the bunny's alchemy workshop for a minute.
  • Sucked Fen: Tell Ranna you sucked her husband's dick. (one-time, leads to a bonus with Captain Fenraus)