Ranna's Emporium

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Ranna's Emporium

Ranna's Emporium map.png

Location of Ranna's Emporium
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

Ranna's Emporium is a pharmacy on Main Street that sells a variety of medical and alchemical goods. The owner is Ranna, who's working her tail off trying to keep up with demand during a siege.

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On the other side of the road there's a shop with tremendous arches protecting a veranda, on which several small tables have been set up. A handful of minotaur youths and young women are hanging around the porch, but most of the traffic seems to be content to come and go with small bags loaded down with glass and pouches. Must be the local pharmacist.


The inside of Ranna's Emporium has a distinctly earthy smell. Not the mineshaft staleness of the deeprealms but rather a richness that's so full of life it threatens to make your eyes water. Or maybe that's just allergies. Either way, the walls are resplendent with small growers and troughs filled with earth, in which grow all manner of medicinal herbs and alchemical reagents. You can't begin to imagine how expensive the sun-filled lanterns hanging over them must be, as they're clearly quite capable of stimulating at least small-scale crop growth.



Ranna's Emporium is a lot like Ivris's store in Hawkethorne, you can purchase Reagents and do Alchemy here.

  • Shop: Ranna has the following items for sale. (see Store)
  • Reagents: Check out Ranna's assortment of goodies.
  • Alchemy: Ask if you can borrow the bunny's alchemy workshop for a minute.


Consumables Ingredients Other
Item Cost
Blank Powder 10 EC
Brown Leaf 10 EC
Pink Draught 10 EC
Vulnerary 80 EC
Oil of Oliban 80 EC
Remedy 80 EC
Winterstem 120 EC
Trail Rations 200 EC
Naptha 80 EC
Blood Iris 80 EC
Item Cost
Minoblood Wine 50 EC
Bovum Sherry 50 EC
Item Cost
Camping Supplies 150 EC