Blood Iris

From Corruption of Champions II
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Blood Iris
Author The Observer
Type Consumable
Base Price 80
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable No
Combat Usable Yes


A corpulent rust-red berry. One of the deadliest plants in the Frost Marches, blood iris mimics the appearance and taste of many edible wild berries, luring the unsuspecting into picking and eating them. In ages past before the Godswar, pale elf monarchs who wished to show mercy to convicted criminals would order the execution to be carried out by imbibing blood iris juice, a relatively painless death.

Applying this to your weapon during combat will add 10 + X blight damage until the end of combat.

Additional Information

Ryn eyes you morosely as you lift the vial to the casks. "Oh. Blood Iris."

You eye her up and down. "You're familiar with it?"

"You could say that." Given Ryn's tone of voice, you're not inclined to press any further, but she continues of her own accord. "I never saw it for myself, but Grandmother was said to favour it as a method of execution. The remaining druids who held onto their faith after she declared the Seven as the pale elves' new religion, yet wouldn't exile themselves... according to the stories, they had one last night of devout merriment and then committed suicide by imbibing blood iris.

"My sister favoured my grandmother's methods, at least in that regard — and those I saw enough of. A merciful, painless death, Alissa called it, and much less messy than calling for the headsman."
Etheryn to the Champion when spiking the Orc Lodge mead


Applying this to your weapon during combat will add 10 + Cunning blight damage until the end of combat.


Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Can be used to Spike Mead of the Orc Lodge.