Alchemist's Shop

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Alchemist's Shop
Maps Alchemist's Shop.png
Region Hawkethorne
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Neutral Hub Yes
Operation Hours 8:00 - 18:59

Written by Savin

Ivris runs the shop and will sell the Champion all sorts of items, reagents and an Alchemist Kit. She can also teach the Champion Black Mage and Charmer powers.



A small shop sits kitty-corner to the Frost Hound, its wooden walls adorned with living rose vines that have been carefully cultivated. The flowers are in full bloom despite the season, giving the store a radiant red color. A small sign hangs above the door, with a carefully drawn depiction of a glass vial and a bunch of herbs, possibly wolfsbane, beside it. The shop of an alchemist, you suspect. The door is wide open, inviting you to enter.


Ivris's shop is surprisingly bright and cheery, with bright red walls covered with flickering magic crystals that bathe the shop in a radiant crimson glow. Shelves and shelves of alchemical equipment, herbs, and half-finished potions line the walls, surrounding tables covered in vials, burners, scales, and other equipment you can't name.





Item Cost
Blank Powder 10 EC
Brown Leaf 10 EC
Blood Iris 80 EC
Conjurer's Concoction 80 EC
Leananstone 80 EC


Item Cost
Brute Beet 25 EC
Cat's Tongue Berry 25 EC
Root of Man 25 EC
Wolfsboon 50 EC
Wyld Wine 50 EC
Belharan Stew 500 EC



Item Cost
Apprentice Robes 100 EC


Item Cost
Wizard Ring 500 EC
Ward Amulet 1000 EC


These ingredients are mixed with transformatives in order to gain a specific transformation. See Alchemy for the details. A dose of each costs 10 EC.

Alchemist Kit

Unlocked through the Alchemy? dialogue option and purchased for 200 EC.