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Using alchemy, you can refine transformative consumable items, making sure that they affect only a certain body part or function.

In order to learn alchemy, you need to talk to Ivris in the Alchemist's Shop. Also, you can do alchemy only in certain locations: so far, in Ivris' shop and, if you've bought the portable Achemist Kit, when you are camping.

Refining a transformative requires three things - the transformative item itself, a dose of one of the standard reactive ingredients (see below) and a few Electrum Coins. A transformative is not necessarily compatible with all reactive ingredients, e.g. a Purple Egg can be refined only with Mandrake Root or Juicy Peach. The result of the reaction appears to be an item of the same type as the main component described as "refined with" the reactive ingredient, e.g. "Bovum Sherry refined with Sweet Cream", appearing as "Bov.Sherry (SC)" in the inventory.

The Alchemy screen shows the base transformatives currently in your inventory, and selecting one shows the compatible reagents even if you currently have none of a certain type.


These are the standard reactive ingredients. Each one determines which body part(s) or function will be affected by the new transformative:

  • Mandrake Root - body/chest
  • Yew Branch - limbs
  • Soft Mud - face (eyes, etc.)
  • Laurel Sprig - head (incl ears, horns, etc.)
  • Tall Reed - tail
  • Turgid Mushroom - cock
  • Sweet Cream - milk
  • Chestnut - balls
  • Wild Melon - breasts
  • Juicy Peach - butt
  • Lush Orchid - pussy
  • Musky Sap - cum
  • Motherwort - feracity (fertility)

Reagents are considered key items and don't take place in the inventory.