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In Corruption of Champions II, there exists the ability to refine Transformative Items such that only a targeted region of effects will occur.

In order for the Champion to understand alchemy, they must talk to Ivris at the Alchemist's Shop about Alchemy?. There she will give the Champion the basics of alchemy; it simply requires an Alchemist Kit or lab, like Ivris', a reagent of their choosing and 3 Electrum Coins.

The Champion will be able to use Ivris' lab to mix and make their own alchemical infusions, or they may purchase an Alchemist Kit from Ivris, that will allow them to make their own infusions while at camp. When infusing transformative items with reagents, it is noted that not all reagents are compatible with a specific item. After a successful infusion, the item will receive a new name with the reagent used placed in a parenthesis next to the transformative item's name.


Reagents are items that, when infused with a transformative item, will target a specific area/set of transformations. Reagents can only be found by purchasing them from Ivris for 10 EC each. These items do not take up a slot and can be seen in the Key Items section of the inventory.

As she's talking, Ivris reaches up on her tip-toes and hooks one of her antlers' points through a bag on the ceiling, craning it down into her grasp. "The next thing you need is a reagent: that's the core ingredient, and determines what you're going to have the potion do in the end. Most of the reactive ingredients like puppy pepper or minotaur's blood... you could eat them raw and they might still make you mutate in weird ways. Well, you could, anyway — most people would just get a stomach ache. But a reagent focuses the ingredients, targets them to a specific part of your body."

Name Target
Chestnut Balls
Mandrake Root Body
Wild Melon Breasts
Juicy Peach Butt
Turgid Mushroom Cock
Musky Sap Cum
Soft Mud Face
Motherwort Feracity
Laurel Sprig Head
Yew Branch Limbs
Sweet Cream Milk
Lush Orchid Pussy
Tall Reed Tail
Downy Feather Wings