Right of Conquest

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Right of Conquest
Creator Savin
The Observer
Quest Giver Garth
Requirements None
Level Range 3+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Champion's Belt
Location Hawkethorne
Kervus Warcamp
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Having received the request from Garth Garth the Innkeeper informed you of an orcish warcamp in the eastern foothills, close enough to threaten Hawkethorne. You're not exactly an army, but if you could do something to dissuade them from raiding down into the lowlands, the town and its inhabitants could rest easier.
1 Having interrogated Arona You've interrogated Arona of the Kervus tribe about their presence in the Marches — and found out that she's the sister of their chieftain! Unfortunately, it's still a warcamp, which means you're not going to be going in through the gates. Perhaps if you keep sparring with Arona and cement your dominance (or submission), she'd be more willing to help...
2 Upon Arona asking/demanding that the Champion aid them when she challenges her brother Argoth Arona came to you with a strange request: she wants some extra muscle on her side when she confronts her brother, challenging his leadership over the Kervus tribe. She's agreed to help you get inside the camp, though she expects you to help her against her brother in return.
3 Having reached the warcamp and, with the aid of Arona, snuck into the warcamp Arona has snuck you into the orc camp, and now she's off in the chieftain's tent getting ready for her challenge. You need to make your way up there, too, if you're going to be any help.
4 If the Champion had left Arona to face Benny The Kervus Tribe of orcish warriors has been disbanded, their leadership called out as weak and cowardly and their warriors spread to the winds by a rampaging hill troll. All that's left to do is tell the townsfolks' representative, Garth, that there's no longer any serious threat from the Kervus tribe.
5 Having successfully defeated Argoth and Arona is now the new chieftain You've resolved things with the orcs and made Arona their chieftain. All that's left to do is tell the townsfolks' representative, Garth, that there's no longer any serious threat from the Kervus tribe.
6 Having ambushed and defeated Argoth You've resolved things with the orcs, resulting in Arona being exiled and Hretha's goals being fulfilled by their brother, who remains chieftain. All that's left to do is tell the townsfolks' representative, Garth, that there's no longer any serious threat from the Kervus tribe.
7 (completed) Having returned to Garth after the orc camp was destroyed by Benny Your meddling with orcish politics came to an end after witnessing Argoth and Arona's duel, and allowing a hill troll to wreak havoc on the camp. The Kervus tribe has been scattered to the winds by your hand, and its surviving members will likely limp back home quietly. You needn't worry about them anymore...
8 (completed) Having returned to Garth with Arona as the new chieftain You've successfully dealt with the Kervus tribe's infighting, resulting in Arona being made chieftain and her brother being exiled from the tribe for his weakness and indecision. The orcs won't be bothering Hawkethorne again, and with Arona at their helm, they may even prove useful in the fight against Kasyrra...
9 (completed) Having returned to Garth with or without the exiled Arona Your attempts to deal with the Kervus tribe have resulted in Arona's exile. The good news is that without her egging on her follow orcs, the tribe will likely be content to sit within their camp as Hretha desired, and won't be of any further danger.


This quest will be obtained automatically after the Champion wakes up from the events of the tutorial


To progress the quest further, the Champion must find and Interrogate Arona, who is located in the Foothills (the Champion must be at least level 3 to encounter the Orc Warband). Having successfully defeated and interrogated her, Arona will reveal the presence of her tribe and the existence of an Orc warcamp somewhere in the foothills. The Champion must now dominate or submit to Arona through repeated combat. A counter, (AronaSub) is set at 0 upon the Champion's first meeting, and will either climb to 100 or fall to -100, having it at 100 will result in Arona obtaining the submissive personality towards the Champion while the negative value results in her becoming dominant. For Submissive Arona, the Champion must defeat her in combat

  • Interrogating Arona will result in a +10
  • The Ride option will result in a +15
  • The BendHerOver option will result in a +15
  • The Breed Orcs option
    • The LetHerFinish option will result in a +10
    • The Help Her option will result in a +5
    • The Fuck Her option will result in a +15
  • If Brint is in the party, the BrintFuckHer option will result in a +15

For Dominant Arona, the Champion must be defeated in combat (includes losing some EC along the way)

  • Any scene in which the Champion loses and is fucked in any way will result in a -25

Once the counter has reached its max, the next encounter with Arona will result in her asking the Champion to be the extra muscle she needs when she challenges her brother, Argoth and he cheats. For Dominant Arona, the following options will become available:

  • Sure - That sounds... pretty great. What can you do?
  • Hell No - Wait she can't just sign you up for this, you're not her slave... yet.
    • Get Off!
      • This will result in a 1 versus 1 fight against Arona
      • Losing the fight will result in a Bad End
    • Sorry - When she puts it like that... you really don't have much room to maneuver here.

For Submissive Arona

  • She will ask the Champion for help and offer to move her tribe out of the Frost Marches if she wins
  • If has fucked her before: to let the Champion fuck her on her throne

Whatever the case may be, if the Champion had agreed to help Arona, the Orc warcamp can be accessed through the east passage in the Foothills. The Champion will encounter an orc tent which contains Hretha, Infrith and Gerik, which will result in a fight. Losing to the Orc Seers will result in a Bad End. If the Champion were to emerge victorious, the older blind shaman Hretha will offer herself in exchange for not touching her apprentice Infrith. The Champion may fuck Infrith but this will lock out future interactions with the Orc Seers.

Once cleared of the Orc Seers, the Champion will make their way inwards, however they cannot proceed through the main throughfare without some sort of assistance. Champions of the Orc race may proceed freely without needing the Orc Disguise. They will find help from the reptilian blacksmith Pavo in which he can offer a Disguise in exchange for some Oral Service. The Champion may accept the trade but if not, however the Champion may obtain the disguise by force through fighting Pavo. Having obtained the disguise from Pavo through might or pleasure, they will be able to proceed through the camp.

Venturing south will lead towards the main gate which is guarded by the Orc Thane and several Orc Warriors. If the Champion were to open the gates, this will result into fighting the gate guards. If the Champion were to lose to the guards, their defeat will not result into a bad end, however their holes will be used by the victors and be dumped to where they initially entered the camp. If the Champion were to win however, they will be able to open the gates and come and leave as they wish.

Exploring westward, the Champion will find an orc slave pen. It is unguarded and the Champion may Release them, however freeing the slaves while the Orc Lodge has not been dealt with and the slaves are not armed will result in them being beat down and taken as prizes by the orcs. The slaves can be armed by talking to Pavo, but he will require that the Champion defeat the Orc guards that guard the front gates in exchange for the Basket of Javelins.

Just north of the slave pen is the Orc Lodge consisting of at least two dozen orc warriors, the Champion may:

  • Spike Mead - Spike the mead with something that'll take Argoth's cronies out of commission
    • This will require a Blood Iris or Wyvern Venom
    • Using the Blood Iris will put some Orcs to sleep
      • This will result in the captured slaves being freed and armed
    • Using the Wyvern Venom will result in an Orc Orgy
  • Incite Orgy - The lodge is rather steamy, and the orcs are clearly on edge. It probably won't take much to get them into the mood... a high risk, high reward effort, that's to be sure.
    • Champions with any of the following will be able to safely escape the orgy:
      • Champions with the Courtesan background
      • Champions with a Cunning range of at least 50%
    • Champions who do not have any of the above will be sucked into the orgy and will become Fatigued
  • Incite Brawl - Attempt to provoke a brawl with your musical talents. Do you have any to speak of?
    • Champions with any of the following will be able to successfully start a brawl:
      • Champions with the Minstrel background
      • Champions of the Orc race
      • Champions with a Physical range of at least 50%
    • Not having the any the above requirements will result in the being kicked out from the lodge
      • This will also result in Cait comforting the Champion and Berwyn mocking them if present
  • Fight - You're feeling particularly brave or reckless today. Try and take on the entire lodge at once.
    • This will put the Champion on a continuous against 20 Orcs
    • Losing to the Orcs will result in a Bad End
    • Emerging the victor will result in the captured slaves being armed and freed
  • Leave - After assessing the situation, you're not sure you want to take any risks here. Take the opportunity you were given and slip out at the first opportunity.

Advancing north will lead to the warchief's pavillion, where Arona is set to fight her brother. The Champion may enter when they feel that they are ready. Entering the pavillion will bear witness to the prelude to the duel between brother and sister, in which the Champion may:

  • Hide&Watch - This is what Arona brought you here for, right: to watch just in case her brother does something fishy?
    • This will result in Argoth bringing out Benny, a hill troll to aid Argoth. In which the Champion can:
    • Fight
      • Joining the fight will put the Champion with Arona against Argoth and Benny
        • Being defeated in this fight will result in a Bad End
    • Leave
      • Leaving will result in the destruction of the Orc Camp
  • Ambush Argoth - Well, this is what Arona brought you here for, right: to jump her brother and make sure she wins?
    • Deciding to go against Arona's wishes shall put the Champion with Arona against Argoth, the Orc Thane and an endless wave of Orcs similar to the Orc Lodge
    • The Champion must defeat Argoth to win
    • Losing to the orc camp will result in a Bad End
    • Emerging victorious from this battle will result in the exile of Arona from the Kervus Tribe
      • The now exiled Arona will ask if there is a tavern at Hawkethorn, the Champion can reply:
        • Nope - There's no tavern in Hawkethorne. She'll have to go somewhere else... and hopefully not come back.
        • Yes - There's a great little drinking hole waiting for her. Arona will no doubt be amenable to recruitment after this.

If the Champion had waited for Argoth to cheat and bring out Benny and defeated him, Arona will be able to become the new chieftain and exile her brother.

For Dominant Arona:

  • The Champion will ThroneBlow her

For Submissive Arona:

  • The Champion will be able to humiliate Argoth before he is exiled:
    • Ride Cock - He's already sat down against his throne; there's nothing stopping you from riding him.
    • Assfuck - Flip the arrogant orc over and teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.
    • Suck Him - Take some time to suck down a load of orc spunk.
    • Just Exile - The supposed chieftain of the Kervus looks humiliated enough as it is.
  • Once the dealing with Argoth is out of the way, the Champion may reap their reward from Arona
    • Throne Blow - Give Arona a regal blowjob.
    • Ride Cock - She shouldn't be the only one riding that throne...
    • Pound Pussy - Take Arona's throne from her and make her sit on your dick.
    • Nothing - You don't want to spoil the moment; don't fuck Arona now.

If Arona is the new chieftain, they are able to freely return to the orc warcamp.


The Champion must face the Orc Warband to learn more on the warcamp, it consists of:

Sneaking into the Orc Tent, the Champion will have to fight:

Orc Gate Guards:

Orc Lodge - Random assortment of 20:

Orc Pavillion:

Orc Pavillion Ambush:


Having dealt with the Orc Camp, regardless of its resultant state, Garth will award the Champion the Champion's Belt