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Pavo DCL Bust.png

Pavo DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Pavo by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Alias Camp weapon-monger
Orc Boot-Licker
Species Pexighast
Gender Male
Occupation Armorer (pre-during Right of Conquest)
Title The Strong
Faction Unnamed Tribe (warrior)
Kervus Tribe (slave)
Location Kervus Warcamp
Level 2
Health 190
Resolve 100

"Name's Pavo. Camp weapon-monger. You don't look like an orc... smell like an orc. Sweet relief. Don't see any thrall tattoos though. Strange. You need something from me, or can I get back to work?"

Pavo used to be a great warrior of his tribe before he was enslaved to the orcs of the Kervus Tribe. He was forced to work as an armorer for the orcs, and it is mentioned by Ragnild that Argoth sought to replace her with Pavo.

"Argoth thought to replace me with Pavo. Given time, he might've succeeded — not by raising Pavo up, but dragging everyone's expectations down. The lizard would've been good enough for a troublemaker like me to be exiled, and the tradition of forge-masks would be lost, the care I put into my work would be lost, everything that my dad handed down to me would've been lost. And most worrying would be the fact that none of the spratlings drinking their heads off in the lodge would've cared in the slightest so long as he was good enough."
"Pavo... look at the mess he's made of things. The lizard had plenty of skill, but that's where it ends. Not that I could've expected a slave to care any more than what would save him a beating, but even so, I'd have expected some pride in what he did. Now I'm the one left holding the bag, and Arona probably expects me to fix everything."


Said smith is a tall, brawny man covered in moss-green scales from tail to rounded reptilian muzzle. He eyes you warily with a pair of golden eyes, but goes about his work tending the forge. You note a heavy leather collar around his neck, half-hidden under a head of thick black dreadlocks hanging from his scalp.


The Champion will encounter Pavo during Right of Conquest while sneaking their way to the Orc Pavilion. Unlike the other residents of the camp, Pavo will not attack the Champion upon meeting them. He will note upon meeting the Champion that

If the Champion is an orc: they don't smell like a Kervus but he doesn't care since its not his problem.
If the Champion is not an Orc: they don't look or smell like an orc, which he states that it's a sweet relief but he will note that they don't have any thrall tattoos.

After this brief introduction, the following options will become available;

  • Shop - See Pavo's wares.
  • Disguise - You aren't going to be able to cross the main thoroughfare without something to disguise yourself. Maybe the camp armorer can help you out? (if not an Orc)

The Champion will mention that they need to get through the camp without arousing suspicion to which Pavo replies that he some winter cloaks that nobody came by to claim yet, however he will want to fack fuck the Champion in exchange. Should Cait be present, she will volunteer to take their place if they're both willing, to which Pavo states that its the Champion's choice.

The Champion can refuse to service Pavo and TakeDisguises by force through combat. Defeating Pavo will force him to fork over the disguises, stating that "Maybe I'm not so big and strong warrior after all... too long being orc boot-licker, or worse, can't practice. You fight Pavo the Strong in his prime, you get a whole 'nother kind of pain." If the Champion were to lose to Pavo, he will throw them out of his tent and the Champion will not be able fight him again for the disguises (requiring the face fuck option instead).

If the Champion had seen the Slave Pen by the Orc Lodge, a new option for Pavo will appear:

  • Get Weapons - See if Pavo can provide some weapons for the slaves...

When asking Pavo about weapons to arm the slaves in the slave pen, he will contemplate that he's got a batch meant for the next scouting party but will ask that the Champion first rough up the scouting party; the orc Gate Guards, so they won't show their face till he can make new ones. When the Champion returns to Pavo after dealing with the guards, he will have the Basket of Javelins ready for the Champion.

If the Champion has completed Right of Conquest with Arona as the new warchief, when they meet Ragnild and a new batch of Kervus Orcs at the camp's gates, Arona will inform Ragnild that Pavo had been sent back to the slave pens considering how

If Pavo was sucked off: he betrayed the clan for the high, high price of a good cocksucking.
If Pavo wasn't sucked off: he failed the clan for the last time.


Name Price
Arm Guards 30
Leather Boots 30
Warhides 250
Name Price
Battleaxe 50
Javelin 70
Francisca 75
Hoplon Shield 120
Mastbreaker 250
Transformative Items
Name Price
Brute Beet 25



Attack Power: 27 Spellpower: 18
Sexiness: 3 Temptation: 9
Armor: 74 Physical Resist: 19
Warding: 28 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 6 Mental Resist: 6
Evasion: 33



  • 60 XP


Face fuck for Disguise Options:

  • Oral Service - Get down on your knees and let Pavo fuck your face.
  • Cait - Let Cait handle "negotiations" with Pavo (Written by Balak Knightfang)
    • Watch - Watch Cait get facefucked by Pavo.
    • Wait Outside - You'd rather just wait outside for Cait to finish getting her face fucked.
  • Refuse - You aren't going to be able to cross the main thoroughfare without something to disguise yourself.
    Maybe the camp armorer can help you out? (not a sex option)

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Pavo may have something the Champion can use to get around the orc camp without raising suspicion... for a price.