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Full Body of Argoth by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Orc
Gender Male
Occupation Chieftain
Ex-Chieftain (post OrcQuest not ambushed)
Title Chief
Height 8'
Cock Size 12"
Family Arona (youngest sister)
Hretha (younger sister)
Faction Kervus Tribe
Ex-Kervus Tribe (post OrcQuest not ambushed)
Level 5
Health 325
Resolve 100
Strengths Argoth has 2 action points

"We are raiders, Arona, descended from raiders as far back as the shaman's stories take us. But we can be more! There will be a battle here like there hasn't been since the Godswar, and you'd have us run from it... you're a coward, a shame upon my clan. If you cannot see that, then I have no choice but to remove you, sister."

Argoth is the orc chieftain of the Kervus Tribe and is responsible for bringing the tribe to the Frost Marches. He brought the tribe to the Marches with the aim of taking part in a great battle against an evil that his sister and oracle, Hretha, foretold, but many of the orcs are growing restless being idle, especially his sister Arona. It's mentioned that Argoth had a dislike for Ragnild due to her difference in attitude and opinion, however, he kept her around because she's good at what she does.

"But Chief Argoth... my brother... refuses to move. He won't explain himself, won't tell us why we've come and what we're doing. He just insists on the tribe sitting here with our collective thumbs up our asses. So I want to challenge his leadership!"
"He was a brave warrior. Strong. A fair and just leader, too. Before this, the tribe followed him without question — not because he was a god, or had some great destiny, but because he'd never given them even half a reason to question him. He won the battles he picked, defended our lands fiercely, and handed out gifts of gold and thralls with an even hand."


Chief Argoth is a hulking mountain of muscle, with green skin covered in curly black hair and a latticework of old battle scars. Like his sister, his hair is shorn into a short hawk over his thick beard, though he lacks Arona's long braid. He wears little more than a hide loincloth around his waist, letting all within the tent gaze upon his rippling musculature. The bronze axe in his hand sings through the air with every swing, creating a howling gale around him as he charges into the fray.


Argoth is encountered at the climax of Right of Conquest, when Arona challenges him to a duel for leadership of the tribe. The Champion has two options:

  • Hide&Watch - This is what Arona brought you here for, right: to watch just in case her brother does something fishy?
  • Ambush Argoth - Well, this is what Arona brought you here for, right: to jump her brother and make sure she wins?

Ambush Argoth

If the Champion decides to go against Arona's instruction and ambush him from the shadows, they will incur the wrath of the gathered orcs as Argoth declares that his sister plans to assassinate him. Arona will be forced to join the Champion in a battle against the Chief & Goons; consisting of Chief Argoth, the Orc Thane, and an endless wave of orcs. Doing so will also grant the Champion's party with the First Strike status effect for 5 turns. Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the Champion's interference, he will remain the warchief and Arona will be exiled for violating ancient tradition. However, by defeating Argoth, the rest of the orc warriors will submit to Argoth and stop their raiding. If the Champion loses the fight, it will result in a Bad End in which Argoth will exile his sister and enslave the Champion's party for the Kervus Tribe.


Choosing to hide and watch will allow the duel to proceed, in which Arona manages to split and snap his weapon, and send him staggering to his throne. Unwilling to accept his defeat, he will call upon the surrounding warriors to interfere, however, they don't make a move, which causes Argoth to yank a chain that brings Benny, a massive hill troll, into the Orc Pavilion. After being struck by Benny, Arona will call upon the Champion to aid her, to which they may choose to Fight! or Leave. Choosing to leave will result in Benny causing absolute chaos as the orc leadership is demolished, the fates of the orc siblings unknown but it doesn't matter. Deciding to fight and aid Arona will pit them against Benny and Argoth, who will suffer the Staggered status effect for 10 turns.

When the Bang Bros have been defeated, the warriors will howl in approval for Arona as their new warchief. Hretha will inform her sister that she must decide what to do with their brother after having been utterly shamed. If Arona is submissive, she'll offer the Champion a piece of her brother before she exiles him back to the southern islands. Regardless of their decision, a pair of Kervus warriors drag the fallen chieftain out of the pavilion, with Hretha and Gerik following to chase the fallen chieftain off.


If the Champion had Hid and Watched till they were called upon by Arona, Argoth will suffer a Staggered debuff for 10 turns. However, the same debuff will not apply should they Ambush him instead.


Attack Power: 30 Spellpower: 24
Sexiness: 31 Temptation: 15
Armor: 70 Physical Resist: 12
Warding: 43 Magic Resist: 8
Focus: 33 Mental Resist: 8
Evasion: 23 Frost Resist: -20
Tease Resist: -50

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses




Upon defeating Argoth when Arona had called upon them and she is Submissive, she'll offer the Champion a piece of her brother before she exiles him back to the southern isles:

  • Ride Cock - He's already sat down against his throne; there's nothing stopping you from riding him.
  • Assfuck - Flip the arrogant orc over and teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. (requires a cock)
  • Suck Him - Take some time to suck down a load of orc spunk.
  • Just Exile - The supposed chieftain of the Kervus looks humiliated enough as it is. (not a sex option)

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Argoth is responsible for the Kervus Tribe's presence in the Frost Marches and his sister, Arona has a plan to challenge him for the seat of warchief.