Combat Mechanics

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Combat Types

Category Physical Magic Lust/Mental
Target HP HP Resolve
Info Physical attacks are dependent on the type of damage the weapon does versus Armor and any corresponding resistances. These attacks include the weapon attacks, ranged attacks, weapon powers and physical powers. The main stats when these attacks are involved are Attack Power and Armor Penetration. Magic attacks are primarily attacks from Powers that use the Spell tag. These attacks are amplified by Catalysts and apply damage versus Ward and any corresponding resistances. Magic attacks are not limited to offensive abilities and do include defensive and supportive spells. The main stats when using magic abilities are Spellpower and Spell Penetration. Mental and Lust attacks primarily involve invoking fear and panic into the heart and minds of the targeted opponent, or just makes them really horny. These types of attacks typically use the Tease tag or do resolve damage and damage of this type is reduced by the Focus stat. The primary stats these abilities use are Sexiness and Temptation. There are some Mental spells that use Spellpower versus Magic Resistance.


Weapon Buff


Threat controls the ebb and flow of battle — the higher Threat you pose to the enemy, the more likely you are to be singled out from your party to be attacked. Threat is represented by the colored gemstone near your name. A green threat indicates a low chance of being targeted, while a more red hue represents a more threatening combatant. All creatures have Threat, and any character not directly controlled by the player is beholden to its whims. Typically, Warriors and characters who deliver high-damage hits or high-healing abilities will generate Threat most quickly. Some Powers may additionally amplify or reduce the Threat of the user or a target. See Stats for a sample of how threat looks like.