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General Information

You start with 2 in each stat. Your race, class, and profession each increase one attribute by +1. Your stats increase when you level up, based on your race, class, and profession.

Starting Bonuses

Stat Race Class Profession
Strength Lupines Soldier
Agility Catfolk Thief
Willpower Wyld Elves
Toughness Orcs Warrior Barbarian
Cunning Scholar
Presence Humans Charmer

When you level up, you'll choose three attributes to raise by +3, and the rest will increase by +1. Which attributes you may choose are based on your current (not starting) race and class, as well as your background (which is immutable).


Stat Race Class Profession

Basic Statistics

Basic statistics are where your actual combat-ready statistics are derived from. They cannot come from any source other than level-ups and permanent transformations.


Strength Agility Willpower Toughness Cunning Presence
Each point of Strength increases Attack Power by 3%, Armor by +1, and Penetration by +1. Each point of Agility increases Accuracy by +1, Evasion by +1, and Initiative by +1. Each point of Willpower increases Spellpower by 3%, Focus by +1, and Mental Resistance by +1. Each point of Toughness increases Health by +5, and Physical Resistance by +1. Each point of Cunning increases Critical Chance by 1%, Ward by +1, and Magic Resistance by +1. Each point of Presence increases Sexiness by +1 and Leadership by 2%.

Derived Attributes


Note that all +% statistics, from Attributes, gear, or any other source are all additive -- eg. 10% + 10% = 20%.

Evasion Physical Resistance Magic Resistance Mental Resistance
Weapon Attacks, Area of Effects Physical Effects Spells, Magical Effects Tease Attacks, Psychic Attacks

Damage Reduction (Percentages)

Armour Ward Focus
Weapon / Physical Damage Spell Damage Lust, Psychic Damage


Stat Effect
Attack Power Increases the damage of weapon attacks and physical abilities by 1% per point.
Spellpower Increases the damage of spells by 1% per point.
Sexiness Tease attacks add Sexiness as bonus Accuracy.
Accuracy Increases chance to hit for all attacks (magic, weapon, tease, etc.) Can be further split into weapon, spell and sexiness. If 1d100+accuracy - evasion >= 100, a critical hit is landed, if it =< 15, the attack misses.
Penetration Each point of Penetration reduces an opponent's effective damage reduction by 1% for all attacks. Can be further split into weapon, spell and temptation.
Initiative Each round, Initiative is rerolled on a 1-20 + INIT scale. Heavy equipment imparts a -5 penalty to Initiative per item.
Critical Chance Any successful attack has a chance to be upgraded to a Critical Hit as per accuracy. Critical chance imparts a second, additional chance to land a critical if the accuracy roll fails to do so. Critical hits deal +50% damage. Tease criticals cause the target to become aroused.
Leadership Bonus All Companions add this in % to their Attack Power and Spellpower; summoned creatures use this to determine all of their stats.