Golden Carrot

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Golden Carrot
Creators SomeKindofWizard
Other Name SarielQuest
Quest Details
Quest Type Side Quest
Requirements Completion of:
Quest Giver(s) Sariel
Level Range 4+
Location(s) Harvest Valley
Conditions and Outcomes
Can Fail? No
Has Combat? Yes (one fight)
Is Timed? No
Unique Loot Yes
Multiple Outcomes? Yes
Completion Result
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.14
"Have you ever heard of the 'Yearling Fairy?' [...] A pretty young man called himself the Yearling Fairy, and he was like... a foot tall? Gossamer wings?"

Still doesn't ring a bell.

The ranger bites a cute, pouting lip, and continues. "He told me that this was a lucky, lucky year for bunnums. He created something called 'The Golden Carrot,' somewhere here in the vale, and that I would have to find it." Her eyes begin to grow glazed, and she wiggles her hips. "A giant golden carrot, made of pure gold, with deep ridges, and the most perfect shape."


Sariel is looking for the Golden Carrot and needs your help finding it in the marefolk's carrot patches in Harvest Valley.

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Encounter Sariel in Harvest Valley Sariel the Taeleer Ranger is on a quest for 'The Golden Carrot.' After being introduced to the Marefolk, she's gone on a hunt for carrot patches. Perhaps you can come back later to see how she's doing?
1 A day passes Sariel's probably finished searching around the Mares' known carrot patches by now; perhaps you could see how she's doing?
2 Return to the Marefolk Village Sariel's given you the location to a promising patch in Harvest Valley to find 'The Golden Carrot,' supposedly guarded by a titanic wild boar. Perhaps you could go help her? She might have a reward for you.
3 Join Sariel for her hunt Sariel's gotten the Golden Carrot — albeit damaged — and now she's moving into the Marefolk Village. You should come back later once Zuzaan's had a chance to craft your reward.
4 Eight hours pass It's been a few hours; Sariel and Zuzaan should be ready for you to come visit again.
Visit Sariel in her new tent Sometimes the golden carrot is the friends you've made along the way... and also a really sweet magical bracelet. The bunny's quest is complete, and now she's moved into Atani's Village.


Having completed Harboring a Fugitive and cured Sariel, the next time you encounter her(Explore button) in Harvest Valley, she'll ask for your help.

Characters Involved

Atani Edessari Sariel Wredi Zuzaan
Atani Edessari Sariel Wredi Zuzaan
Currently No Art/Placeholder
Giant Boar

Companion Interactions

Agnimitra Arona Atugia Azyrran Brint/Brienne
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Cait Etheryn Kiyoko Quintillus Viviane
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Quick Summary

  • 1. Encounter Sariel in Harvest Valley.
  • 2. Return to the Marefolk Village at least a day later.
  • 3. Visit the tile immediately north of the Marefolk Village, (marked with an !), and select Sariel in the menu.
  • 4. Defeat the boar.
  • 5. At least eight hours later, visit Sariel in her new tent in the village (a tile north and west of Atani's tent, marked with an !).

Detailed Summary


When the Champion encounters Sariel in Harvest Valley, she'll offer them a hug. Regardless of whether the Champion accepts or declines, Sariel will tell them about her encounter with the Yearling Fairy: a small fairy told her that somewhere in the carrot patches of Harvest Valley is a perfectly shaped Golden Carrot. It's clear what she wants it for... She offers the Champion 10 electrum and one winterstem to take her to meet the marefolk, and the Champion can't think of any reason not to.

The Champion brings Sariel to the Marefolk Village and introduces her to Atani, Edessari, and Wredi, who agree to help Sariel search through their carrot patches--and seem to already be fond of the socially awkward taleer. Sariel asks the Champion to return the next day, as she'll hopefully have a carrot to show off!

Helping Out

At the Village

When the Champion returns to the Marefolk Village after at least a day, they catch Sariel on the way out: she's checked all the carrot patches but one, but this one is menaced by a huge boar. Perhaps the Champion can come by and help her out on the hunt?

After Sariel pops off to set up her hunter's blind, Edessari and Wredi share that they think she's adorable, and that they might ask her out.

At the Carrot Patch

When the Champion joins Sariel at the carrot patch just outside of town, her enthusiastic greeting alerts the boar--and it's a fight! If Sariel and the Champion lose the fight, the Champion dies in battle. (See Bad End.) If they defeat the boar, Sariel apologizes for launching them into a perilous encounter and then looks for the carrot. She finds it, but it's been chewed on by the dead animal; it's mangled and even got a tooth stuck in it.

The poor bunny is distraught. The Champion, trying to console her, suggests that it's still a lot of solid gold, and Sariel explains she doesn't care about money--she lives roofless in Harvest Valley, out of boltholes, and doesn't get on with civilization. The Champion asks if living with the marefolk, who live out of tents, might be different? At Sariel's uncertainty, they suggest that at least, the two of them can go to Zuzaan, the village's blacksmith, and see if she can do something to fix the carrot.

Moving In

At the Blacksmith's

Zuzaan explains they can't remake the carrot as it was, as she doesn't have a carrot mold lying around--but she can do something! She can try! And there would probably be gold left over for trinkets, if that would suit. Sariel is grateful, and asks the mare to make the Champion something in thanks.

Atani, Edessari and Wredi drop in and offer Sariel a tent to call her own, should she want one. Atani mentions that it might be nice to have all her stuff in one place, and the two mareguards remark they could "exercise" together. Sariel accepts, and asks the Champion to come back in eight hours, once she's had time to gather her things, and Zuzaan has had time to reforge the carrot and the new trinkets.

After this conversation, Sariel's tent tile will appear on the west side of the Marefolk Village, one tile north and west of Atani's own. It is visitable, but Sariel will not be there until the eight hours have passed.

In Sariel's Tent

After at least eight hours, the Champion can find Sariel in her new tent, which she has kitted out with a hammock, rug, a cute sign, and various knickknacks. Edessari and Wredi helped her move in--and they also asked her out! She's not sure how dating works, but she seems pleased.

She hangs up the small golden carrot Zuzaan reforged for her, and gives you the Golden Carrot (bracelet). Sariel has now moved into the Marefolk Village, and you can have sex with her (and the mareguards, if you want) now--or later.

Result & Reward

The Champion receives 1000 EC and 2500 XP from fighting the boar, the Golden Carrot (bracelet), 10 EC and one winterstem from Sariel in thanks, and she becomes available for repeatable sex scenes in her new home at the Marefolk Village.

Bad End

The boar gores the Champion through the chest, and they scrabble at the beast's head until their strength leaves them. See Golden Carrot Bad End.