Harboring a Fugitive

From Corruption of Champions II
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Harboring a Fugitive
Creator Gardeford
Quest Giver Ahmri
Requirements None
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward ??
Location Harvest Valley
Marefolk Village
Timed? ??
Can Fail? ??

This quest is not yet completed

Quest Quests

State Aquisition Description
0 Investigating the noise but losing to the Centaur pair You were unable to fend off the corrupt marauders harrying a centaur mare named Ahmri. Perhaps it would be a good idea to try again at full strength, as she might be able to tell you something about what's going on with the centaurs.
1 Upon successfully defeating the Centaur pair You've rescued Ahmri, daughter of the centaur village's chief! She said she had somewhere to hide, but would rendezvous with you when you set up a camp in the valley.
2 Upon moving Ahmri to a camp Ahmri is staying in your camp in the Harvest Valley. She'll be able to make her way to new camps you set up, but it would be good to find out more about her situation.
3 After learning more about the centaur village from Ahmri You've talked with ahmri about her village. If only you can find somewhere safer for her to stay while you make plans for the centaur village.
4 Having asked Atani to harbor the centaur princess Chieftan Atani of the marefolk village has agreed to harbor Ahmri while you make plans to infiltrate her village. Only a matter of time now.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


Upon being defeated by or defeating the centaur pair chasing after Ahmri


When exploring the Harvest Valley the Champion may come across a commotion, involving thunderous hoofbeats and hints of an argument. The Champion may:

  • Investigate - Check out the commotion. Better to get the jump on a violent centaur than be caught unaware.
  • Leave - Better get out of here before the centaurs hear or see you.

If the Champion were to choose to leave or flee, this scenario can randomly be encountered again. Investigating the commotion will lead to a combat fight against two tired Centaur Marauders. Upon defeating the pair, one of the centaur's transforms into an amalgam of slippery tentacles and crazed equine body. The party is able to kill the crazed centaur while the other flees, Ahmri thanks the Champion and explains her situation; she needs help to save her village from the control of a "red bitch". The Champion offers Ahmri the chance to seek shelter in any of the camps build they their party in the Harvest Valley since she refuses to leave the valley. The Champion can:

  • Build Camp - You could build a camp right here! This spot seems safe enough. (while in suitable locations)
    • This does not use up the Champion's Camping Supplies for the gear of the transformed centaur will be used instead
  • Elsewhere - You'd prefer to use a different camp in the valley.
    • The Champion will have to create a camp themselves, which uses up Camping Supplies

Deciding to build a camp on the spot or at a specific location will not matter due to the fact that Ahmri can always be encountered at any camp the Champion enters. Upon settling down the Champion may talk to Ahmri and find more information on her plight, however at first she will offer the Champion a boobjob if they have a cock or to cuddle if not:

  • Accept - Accept the poor girl's offer, for the gods' sake.
  • Decline - You don't need that kind of reward right now.

The Champion may now interact with Ahmri normally but to advance the quest further they will have to talk to her about the CentaurVillage.

Once the Champion has learned more from Ahmri regarding the state of the centaur village, the Champion may approach Atani (having accepted her request to save her mother) with a request that the Marefolk Village harbor Ahmri while the Champion deals with the centaur village. Atani will be conflicted at first but when Ahrmi introduces herself, as she stumbles over her words. It doesn't take long for the taciturn Atani to come to a realization that Ahmri is just like Atani. The two will find a connection with book, specifically the tales of Baron Wellguard. Atani will agree to harbor Ahmri while the Champion saves Atani's mom and gets Ahmri's dad back to normal and will give Ahmri a comforting hug.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


The Champion will have to fight 2 tired Centaur Marauders.