Centaur Village

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Centaur Village
Centaur Village map.png
Map of Centaur Village
Region Frost Marches
Level range 3+
Accessible from Harvest Valley
Neutral Hub Yes (post-Harboring a Fugitive)

Centaur Village is home to the Centaurs of Harvest Valley, and prior to Harboring a Fugitive the operating base for Master Tollus and his cult in the area. Depending on how the quest is resolved, you will have either the pure or corrupt version of the area.

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Points of Interest

Village Centre

The heart of the centaur village has recovered remarkably from the destruction and disuse it suffered during the village's corruption. Tents have been re-established for the centaur population to live in, and the hustle and bustle of daily life seems to have resumed as normal. Here can be found the traders, bakers, clothiers, and other storefronts the centaurs have set up in their village.

What obviously once housed the villages homes and businesses is now nothing more than the wide circle of a fighting arena. Centaurs still gather here, but most often its to watch others fight over who gets the first go at a mare in heat or a rutting stud. Nearly all of the tents that were once used for living are trashed, with the remaining homes reduced to private fucking stalls. A set of breeding stocks, with spaces for centaurs and marefolk alike, have been set up near one entrance to the ring.

The bustling heart of the village. If purified, Taldahs can be found here helping around with various tasks and can be asked to help return the Behemoth to your Wayfort.

Chieftain's Cabin

Carved into the side of the mountain itself is a spacious home with five impressively sized rooms. From the looks of things, there are three rooms with bedding (two of which have personal effects as well), one kitchen, and one room for storage. Each of these stem from a main area with homely rugs and a high table.

There is nothing but dust and stale air in the empty chieftains cabin. None of the centaurs seem interested in claiming it, whether out of some clinging sense of respect for the chief or just a desire to not be held down by the traditions that shackled their freedoms.

The chieftain's home, where Taldahs and Ahmri live. If pure, you can interact with Ahmri here. If not, you can find someone here to help you bring the Behemoth back to your Wayfort.

Eubicha's Den

Eubicha's tent is tucked out of the way on the outer edge of the village. With most dwellings cloistered along the inner side of the village ring, the placement of her house looks as out of place as one can get in the ravine. The outer path used to reach the mountain caves travels right by, however, so the place isn't completely private.

The bondage clad centaur you liberated from Tollus is here, tied to her post. You made a point to make sure some members of the warband fill a nearby trough with food and water regularly, and to only fuck her with your express permission.

Eubicha can be found here, ready and eager for whatever equine-themed bondage you have for her. If the village is pure it will be covertly performed inside her isolated tent, or in a corrupt village you will parade your prized mare for all to see.

Velun and Lumia Statues

Inside, shielded from sight by the trees, is a pair of statues depicting tauric figures, carved from the remains of a gargantuan tree. At a glance, you can tell the statues are of two of Savarra's pantheon of gods. Velun stands tall and proud, wielding a gnarled staff with a bright blue gemstone wrapped in a twisted cage at its head. The other figure appears to be none other than Lumia, but with the lower body of a centaur, and holding a similar gemstone. Hers is clasped between praying hands, shimmering like her own light.

Available after resolving the dungeon. Either you stumble across a clearing or Ahmri can show you the tauric statues of Velun and Lumia. The statues contain a Waystone which you can use to travel the Ways Between.

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

The Centaur Village serves as the dungeon for the quest Harboring a Fugitive, where you, Ahmri, and your companions infiltrate the camp in the hope of overcoming the corruption plaguing the centaurs.