Harvest Valley

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Harvest Valley
Harvest Valley.png
Level range 1-4
Accessible from Hawkethorne

Harvest Valley is the breadbasket of the region, producing much of the food that many Marchers depend on. High mountains on three sides ensure that the climate is relatively mild compared to the rest of the Marches, and the flat, rolling ground within is excellent for farming and gathering. Water is plentiful; however, it rarely rains in the valley proper because of the mountains' rainshadow, and the only surface sources of water are the river and Lake Tarahaugan. Pumps drawn by wind or manual labour raise water to the surface where it is spread through an extensive network of irrigation ditches dug and maintained over generations.

The region is roughly divided into three sub-regions: farmer territory (north), centaur territory (southwest) and marefolk territory (southeast, by the lake's western shore). Land east of the lake is made largely inhospitable through the privations of savage, primitive gnolls, who have traditionally been kept in check by the marefolk and centaurs alike.

Much of the conflict that takes place in the region centers about the arrival of Master Tollus and his Demon Cult under Kasyrra's orders after the events of the tutorial.

Places of Interest

  • River Ford - a pair of special tiles; you can move from one to the other only with the Ford River command.
  • Drawbridge - located to the western most part of both regions that opens a path from the north to south region. (Current not intractable and cannot be crossed yet)
  • Pupperidge Farm - a farm that supplies most of The Frost Hound's food
  • Marefolk Village - on the lake shore, in the south-eastern corner of the map.
  • Harvest Valley Hollow - contains the glowing golden rune-inscribed armor that triggers the Mad Cow quest with Brint in the party.
  • Sorran Altar - the trail to the altar is accessible at the north-west region during the events of Getting Into The Closet




For characters that show up in the northern and southern regions, the southern and lake encounters will be significantly more difficult.

  • Lupine Scouts roam the north region of the valley
  • Centaur Pack raid north, south and lake regions
  • Crazy Horse found roaming the northern and southern regions
  • Marefolk Shaman located at the northern region
  • Gnoll Raiders stalk for prey at the south of the valley
  • Slime Siblings reside within the regions of the lake
  • Lusina residing around the southern and lake regions of the valley
  • Hashat found around the southern and lake regions looking for elves, centaurs and practice fights



Items under this category are encountered when exploring that don't lead to items or characters and can provide helpful or harmful effects.

  • Scenic Valley (written by Savin)
  • Lust Draft (written by Savin)
  • Bounty (written by Savin)

Quest Related

Mad Cow

There is a strange ceremonial armor that Brint can possibly wear

Harboring a Fugitive

The centaur princess, Ahmri is being chased by a pair of weakened Centaur Marauders

Farmhand's Freeholds

Garth has asked the Champion to check on the Pupperidge Farm

Getting Into The Closet

The trail towards the Sorran Altar is located at the north-west region of the vallery