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Gloria Bust DCL.png
Bust of Gloria by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Farmhand
Location Pupperidge Farm

"Greetings!" she smiles, "I am Gloria. You must be our ‘hero'?"

"Yeah, [he/she] kicked some bandit ass!" Anna barks, tail wagging again.

You’re suddenly not so sure they needed the help, but she sketches a deep bow all the same and thumps a fist to her squishy chest in salute. "Our deepest thanks! You are most welcome here at any time." Coming from her, the permission seems more... official, than your bouncy, fluffy friend’s own offer.

Gloria is one of the amoozons/cow-girls that reside at the Pupperidge Farm and supply some of the fresh produce sold by the farm.


You’re immediately reminded of the massive muscular minotaurs you’ve heard about. They must each be seven foot tall, with abdomens you could grind meat on... in more than one sense. The first has dark sun-kissed skin, and blonde hair in plaits all the way down one of her shoulders. She’s also completely naked, revealing tits that must be H-cups or some other questionably hard-to-measure size, capped with shining dusky nipples. Whatever isn’t rock-hard muscle is a broad fuckable curve that begs to be held onto, and her cunt is a tight-looking slit with a neatly-trimmed bush. A tiny golden ring adorns her hood, bouncing gently with each heavy, tit-quaking step. It’s also just about possible to make out a swinging tail from above a muscular rear, capped with an adorable blonde paintbrush-poof.


First Meeting

The Champion will first meet Gloria if they decided to Hang Out with Anna at the Pupperidge Farm after they had saved it from a trio of cultists. Anna will sit the Champion at a hollowed out grill table for some steaks in which Gloria, Lucia and Morwen will arrive to join the feast. Anna states that the special grill table came with Gloria and Lucia, they said that they got it from a gargoyle in a magic wagon. Once the feast has ended, Anna will recall offering the Champion the chance to help with the milking. The Champion is given the options for Gloria's sex options.

Subsequent Visits

Gloria can be called upon through the Milking option when the Champion returns to the Pupperidge Farm, however she will be unavailable for milking during the night (20:00 - 5:59).


  • Fuck Vag - Lay into this milky amoozon and service her doggy style. (requires a cock)
  • Moosionary - It might be a little messier than you’re used to. (requires a cock)
  • Sixty-Nine - You’re probably going to need to be on top for this one. (requires height of at least 6' or 72")
  • Scissor - Get your tickets to the clam slam. With some fists, for extra fun! (requires a vagina)
  • Back Out - You weren't expecting this kind of milking.

Having been spent from the sexing ordeal (any of the 5 options), the Champion will bolt upright in raw panic only for a giggling Gloria to say that its a shame that the Champion woke up because they could have cuddled oh-so-much longer. It turns out the Champion feel asleep for a few hours and with a winsome sight, Gloria lets the Champion go find their gear and depart for their adventure.