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Species Modded Human (Wolf traits)
Gender Shemale
Occupation Farmer
Family Morwen (sister)
Location Pupperidge Farm

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Anna is one of two shemale wolf-girls who run Pupperidge Farm, which lies in Harvest Valley and specializes in producing dairy products made from Amoozon milk. Both sisters were apparently once human, but modded their race and possibly their gender with alchemy, as the player character observes after first meeting Anna.


She has long pointed wolf-like ears; brown and highlighted with orange fluff. They sprout from the top of neatly-braided brown hair tied up into a bun at the back. A human face smiles at you with bright blue eyes, and a cute button nose rests above soft kissable lips. The only evidence of a blemish on her is a smattering of freckles, and even they seem to be adding to the adorable facial-structure. There's little of her left to the imagination, thanks to the fact the girl's in nothing but a pair of overalls; the straps just barely manage to obscure the broad cherry-like nipples adorning the pale flesh of DD-cub breasts. A great big bushy tail of brown fur with yet more orange highlights wags from behind her hard enough to set her massive hips to swaying... and a large tent in her clothing reveals the pup's packing something a little extra. She was evidently some kind of human, judging by the way her legs are plantigrade and her bare feet are fleshy... perhaps the works of alchemy.


1st Interaction

The player first meets Anna after chasing off a Cultist raiding party threatening her farm. Once all three enemies (one Cultist Archer, two Cultists) are dispatched, Anna thanks the player for saving her daughters, before clarifying that she means the cow-girls who reside on the farm, not her biological offspring. She then takes them to the barn, and offers to introduce them to both some of the cowgirls and to her sister Morwen, currently busy fucking one of said cow-girls.

  • Hang Out - Look, this is what you're here for.
    • Fuck Vag - Lay into the milky amoozon and service her doggy style.
    • Moosionary - It might be a little messier than you're used to.
    • Sixty-Nine - You're probably going to need to be on top for this one.
    • Scissor - Get your tickets to the clam slam. With some fists for extra fun.
    • Back Out - You weren't expecting this kind of milking.
  • Not This Time - This however is not what you're here for.


When the player arrives at Pupperidge Farm on subsequent occasions, Anna will greet them with a warm hug, before offering to sell them products, let them help her with the milking, or simply have sex with her.

  • Shop - Buy something Tasty.
  • Anna - It's just you and the lone wolf.
    • Blow Her - Wrap your maw around that puppy pecker.
      • Fuck Her*
      • Get Fucked*
      • Leave
    • Get Blown - Give the dog a bone.
      • Swallow - Feed this puppy directly.
        • Fuck Her*
        • Get Fucked*
        • Leave
      • Paint Her - Those tits are the perfect target.
        • Fuck Her*
        • Get Fucked*
        • Leave
    • Get Rimmed - She loves big butts, and cannot deny it.
      • Fuck Her*
      • Get Fucked*
      • Leave
    • Fuck Her - Pound some puppy posterior.
    • Get Fucked- Bend over and get a puppy pounding.
  • Milking - Day: Moooo! - Night: It's night time, let sleeping cows rest...
    • Fuck Vag*
    • Moosionary*
    • Sixty-Nine*
    • Scissor*