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Anna Bust DCL.png
Bust of Anna by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Lupine
Gender Shemale
Occupation Farmer
Family Morwen (sister)
Location Pupperidge Farm

The name’s Anna by the way. Thanks for the help. Do ya... want to come say hi to my sisters and see the farm? I’m sure everyone’d be stoked something fierce after hearing how you saved their soft little butts while they were busy."

Anna runs the Pupperidge Farm along with her sister Morwen in the Harvest Valley. She can also sell the Champion a good range of fresh products from the farm. It's mentioned by Garret that Anna and her sister have helped out Garth and Garret (when he was younger) and have been friends for a very long time.


She has long pointed wolf-like ears; brown and highlighted with orange fluff. They sprout from the top of neatly-braided brown hair tied up into a bun at the back. A human face smiles at you with bright blue eyes, and a cute button nose rests above soft kissable lips. The only evidence of a blemish on her is a smattering of freckles, and even they seem to be adding to the adorable facial-structure. There’s little of her left to the imagination, thanks to the fact that the girl’s in nothing but a pair of overalls; the straps just barely manage to obscure the broad cherry-like nipples adorning the pale flesh of DD-cup breasts. A great big bushy tail of brown fur with yet more orange highlights wags from behind her hard enough to set her massive hips to swaying... and a large tent in her clothing reveals the pup’s packing something a little extra. She was evidently some kind of human, judging by the way her legs are plantigrade and her bare feet are fleshy... perhaps the works of alchemy.


First Meeting

The Champion will first meet Anna by travelling to the Pupperidge Farm which is located near the river at the northern region of the Harvest Valley. Whether the Champion stumbles upon the farm while exploring the valley or is tasked by Garth to check up on the farmstead matters not for when the Champion visits the farm for the first time, they will spot a trio of cultists with weapons drawn making their way towards the farmstead. A wolf-eared girl with a pitchfork stands at the gates when she sees the Champion and calls out to them, the cultists divert their attention to the Champion and will charge them.

Once the fight is over (does not matter if the Champion won or lost), Anna will introduce herself and thank the Champion for their help. She will also offer the Champion an invitation to see the farm and where the magic happens. She will offer to call in a girl who hasn't been milked yet and for the Champion to assist in the milking as a reward for fighting off the invaders. The following options are given:

  • Hang Out - Look, this is what you’re here for.
  • Not This Time - This however is not what you’re here for.

Should the Champion decline the invitation to hang out, their next visit to the farm will lead to the same hang out option.

Accepting the offer will result in first hand experience on the magic that happens at the farm where they are introduced to Gloria and Lucia, two of the resident amoozons/cow-girls at the farm, as well as Morwen, Anna's sister. The Champion and company will enjoy some fresh grilled steaks from a table-grill and once the feast is over, Anna will recall offering the Champion a chance to help in which Gloria will be the first to approach the Champion. The Champion will be given the options for sexing Gloria:

  • Fuck Vag - Lay into this milky amoozon and service her doggy style. (requires a cock)
  • Moosionary - It might be a little messier than you’re used to. (requires a cock)
  • Sixty-Nine - You’re probably going to need to be on top for this one. (requires height of at least 6' or 72")
  • Scissor - Get your tickets to the clam slam. With some fists, for extra fun! (requires a vagina)
  • Back Out - You weren't expecting this kind of milking.

Whether the Champion decided to sex the moo cow or not will result in the first visit coming to a close.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits to the farm and Anna will give the following options:

  • Shop - Buy something tasty. (for shop options, see Shop)
  • Anna Sex - It’s just you and the lone wolf.
  • Milking - Moooo! (is not available at night) (see Moo sex)


  • Blow Her - Wrap your maw around that puppy pecker.
  • Get Blown - Give the dog a bone. (requires a cock)
    • Swallow - Feed this pup directly.
    • Paint Her - Those tits are the perfect target.
  • Get Rimmed - She loves big butts, and cannot deny it.
  • Fuck Her - Pound some pupper posterior. (requires a cock)
  • Get Fucked - Bend over and get a pupper pounding.

Once the foreplay (Blow Her, Get Blown or Get Rimmed) has ended, the Champion may go for a round two with some pupper pounding (Fuck Her or Get Fucked) or may leave after the foreplay.

Quest Related

Farmhand's Freeholds

Garth needs you check up on Anna and her farmstead considering recent events