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There are many factors that can influence the Champion's physical appearance, what different types of traits they have and what race they most specifically represent.


The Champion's appearance can be seen at the Journal section where it will list in detail the various bits and parts the Champion has. The Champion's appearance is widely customizable such that the Appearance section will first list the Champion's race, height and currently equipped gear followed by a thorough explanation of the Champion's physical details from top to bottom. These elements, listed in order, describe the different physical and notable traits that the Champion has.

Name Parsers Detail
1st Paragraph
  • Original Race
  • Current Race
The Champion's original race they started out as will be stated here.
If they have changed throughout their adventures the game will first note their
original race followed by the race they currently most resemble.
For the race information, see Racial Score.
  • Tallness
The Champion's height is listed in Imperial System
format (feet and inches).
Current Attire The Champion's currently equipped Armor,
Top and Bottom Undergarments or a lack thereof.
2nd Paragraph
  • Face Tags
  • Skin Type
  • Face Type
  • Skin/Fur/Scale Color
The Champion's basic facial structure and what other distinguishable
facial structure they have based on their
Face Type, Skin Type, Face Tags, Body Type, Skin/Fur/Scale Color.
The Primary Basis would be the Face Type followed by the appropriate
other tags and details the Champion has.
Face Description
  • Femininity
  • Lip Rating
  • Gender Preference
  • Nose
The overall facial description of the Champion
based on either being Androgynous or their Femininity
followed by their Lip Description and Lip Rating.
  • Eye Type
  • Eye Color
The Champion's Eye Type followed by
any special eye features they may have and Eye Color.
Hair & Ears
  • Hair Type
  • Ear Type
  • Skin Type
  • Ear Length
  • Antennae
The Primary influence for this set is if the Champion has Hair or Not
followed by their Ear Type and then other factors such as
their Ear Length, if they have Fur/Scales (to match the ears) and Antennae.
  • Tongue Type
  • Tongue Tags
Starting off with the Tongue Type followed by
other associated Tongue Tags.
  • Horn Type
  • Horn Length
Showcasing the Horns of the Champion with Horn Type
being the primary basis followed by Horn Length
if the Champion does have Horns.
3rd Paragraph
  • Skin Type
  • Skin Tags
Starting off with the Champion's basic bodily appearance
followed by Skin Type and other Furred/Scaled related skin tags.
  • Wing Type
  • Wing Count
  • Wing Color
  • Wing Tags
Shown here is the details of the Wings the Champion has
beginning with Wing Type followed by the Wing Count
and then other associated Wing Tags and details
if they have Wings.
  • Mane
  • Fur/Hair/Scale Color
Should the Champion have a Mane or Wooly or Fluffy Face Tags,
the details of such tags will be listed along with
Fur/Hair/Scale Color if applicable.
  • Fur/Scales
  • Fluffy/Wooly Tags
Should the Champion have certain Skin Tags such as
Fluffy, Wooly, Scaled, Furred and Feathered.
  • Arm Type
  • Arm Tags
Containing details on the Champion's Arm Type
followed by arm-related tags and details like Fur/Scale color.
  • Hip Rating
  • Thickness
  • Tone
  • Femininity
Description of the Champion's Hips and
associated levels of Thickness, Tone and
Femininity for the best fitting description.
  • Butt Rating
  • Tone
  • Soft Butt
  • Ass Visibility
Details on the Champion's Booty determined first by
Tone or having a Soft Butt followed by Butt Rating to determine
if the Butt is Chubby or Fit.
  • Tail Type
  • Tail Tags
  • Tail Number
  • Butt Description
  • Fur/Scale Color
If the Champion has a Tail, detail on their posterior attachment will be
stated starting with Tail Type followed by
other corresponding Tail Tags and details.
  • Leg Type
  • Leg Tags
Showcasing the legs of the Champion with the main basis
being the Leg Type followed by other associated Leg Tags and details
like Thickness in the case of Sheep type legs.
Belly Size
  • Belly Rating
  • Tone
  • Skin Type
Belly Size is dependent on the pregnancy state and Tone
of the Champion such that it is a good
indicator of the their Pregnancy status
or their muscular appearance.
4th Paragraph
  • Cup Size
  • Gender Preference
  • Tone
  • Thickness
  • Breast Rows
On display is bountiful bosom or muscular chest of the Champion
starting off with the rows of breaststhe Champion may have
followed by their Gender Preference to
determine the style of chest the Champion
is going for (Masculine/Feminine/Androgynous) and
then further determined by Tone and Thickness.
  • Nipple Type
  • Nipples per Breast
  • Nipple Length
Next up, the perky assets of the Champion determined by Nipple Type
followed by the number of Nipples per Breast
alongside Nipple Length (in inches).
  • Lactation
  • Milk Fullness
Should the Champion be Lactating
their Milk Fullness will determine how full their assets are.
Cup Size Cup Size To finish it off with the current Cup Size of the Champion.
5th Paragraph
  • Cock Count
  • Cock Type
  • Cock Length
  • Cock Thickness
  • Cock Tags
Everything and anything Cock related starting off with
the number of Cocks the Champion has followed by
all other related details.
  • Ball Type
  • Ball Tags
  • Ball Size
Here lies the family jewels of the Champion, foretold in detail.
  • Vagina Type
  • Vagina Tags
  • Clit Length
  • Vaginal Virginity
  • Lust (missing resolve)
  • Libido
  • Wetness
  • Looseness
On display is the detail of the Champion's pussy starting with
the type of pussy they have followed by other detail like
hymen status and if their passage is dripping
with girlcum for whatever reason.
6th Paragraph
  • Anal Virginity
  • Libido
  • Looseness
  • Butt Tags
The doughnut of the Champion depicted in fine detail, starting with
their Anal Virginity.

Other Information

The following information are body part specific information that the Champion may acquire through their adventures.

Type refers to the primary physical structure and appearance of a specific body part while Tags are additional, sometimes minor, features that are added on. While there can only be 1 Type at a time, there can be multiple Tags existing at the same time.


Femininity refers to how Feminine or Masculine the Champion looks and affects multiple parts of the Champion such as how feminine their face is, lip and hip description. The lower the number, the more Masculine the Champion is and the higher the number is, the more Feminine the Champion is.

Name Use Value
Femininity Range Alternate text for Brute Beet
Femininity adjustment scene
75 for Femininity Up
25 for Femininity Down
Lip Rating Determines the adjectives used to
describe the Champion's lips
Lip Modifier + Femininity / 25
Gender Identification (Auto) Will determine the Champion's gender
if not manually set
Femininity >= Femininity Threshold
Femininity Threshold Should the Champion's gender be set to Auto
the system will determine their gender through
Femininity vs Femininity Threshold
55 if the Champion is an Elf
50 if not
Berwyn - Defeat Adds to chance for additional scene variation for
Berywn Defeat sex scene
Femininity >= 50
Gwyn Daddy Roleplay Unlocks chance for Daddy Roleplay scene when
Have Fun is chosen
  • Race: Lupine
  • Femininity <= 25
  • Gwyn Relationship >= 50
  • 20% chance
Garret - Sex Requirements for Garret to fuck the Champion
  • Must have a Vagina
  • Gender: Female
  • Femininity >= 50
Scene Requirements Gain/Loss Limit
Character Creation
  • Sex: Male
Set to 20
Set to 51
  • Sex: Female
Set to 80
Set to 80
N/A +5 50
  • Kasyrra - Tutorial
    • Better Offer
      • Offer Ass/Vag
        • Nod
  • Breast Cup Size <= B
  • Is Male
Set to 55
Witch Corset TF
  • Is Male
  • Must have a Cock
+50 100
  • Scene above did not pass
+10 100
Root of Man
  • Is Male
-10 20
  • Is Female
+10 20
Pink Egg N/A +10 100
Gold Egg
Blue Egg -10 0
Brute Beet
  • Is Female
+10 75
  • Is Male
-10 0
Minoblood Wine N/A +10 0
Bovum Sherry +10 85
Manticore Nip +10 80
  • Is Female
+10 80
Wyld Wine
  • Is Male
-10 50
  • Is Female
+10 50

Gender & Sexuality

There are a multiple of factors that will determine their gender and sexual identification. The Champion's gender is primarily determined by the player's choice under the Appearance option in game. By default, this option is set to Auto, in which the system will determine the Champion's gender (Male or Female) based on if their Femininity versus Femininity Threshold.

Name Specifics Note
Gender: Female
  • If any of the following are true:
    • Gender manually set to Female
    • The Champion is a Bimbo
    • Gender set to Auto
      • Femininity >= Femininity Threshold
Used for nicknames & adjectives when
referring to the Champion
Gender: Male
  • If any of the following are true:
    • Gender manually set to Male
    • Gender set to Auto
      • Femininity < Femininity Threshold
  • Femininity >= 50
Used for adjectives, nicknames & appropriate actions
when referring to or done by the Champion
  • Femininity < 50
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Sex: Trap
  • Not a Hermaphrodite
  • Must be Male
  • Femininity >= 40
  • Must have a Real Cock
Sex: Shemale
  • Not a Hermaphrodite
  • Not a Trap
  • Must be Female
  • Must have a Real Cock

Character Creation Appearance

The following items below are the specific body frame/type the Champion chose during the character creation. These stats are not permanent and can be increased or decrease through numerous different means.

Body Frame Tone Thickness Raw
Butt Rating
Hip Rating
Belly Rating
Bodybuilder 95 25 5 5 1
Amazonian 80 55 7 7 3
Well-built 75 25 5 5 2
Average 50 50 3 3 3
Thick 50 65 9 7 6
Plush 40 70 9 9 8
Overweight 30 85 10 10 12
Bear 65 75 8 8 8
Slender 30 20 3 2 1
Lean 50 10 3 3 2
Thin 20 5 1 1 0

Tone & Thickness

Tone refers to how muscular the Champion is and Thickness refers to how wide the Champion is. Both factors can be increased and decrease and range from 0 to 100. These stats are primarily used for the Champion's own Appearance section, however a few interactions with characters have alternate dialogue/text depending on the Champion's Tone and/or Thickness range.


Scene Gain/Loss Limit
+2 85
+3 75

Brienne Gym content
not yet implemented

+3 85
+5 100
+10 75

Minoblood Wine

+10 85
+10 100
-5 0
-8 to 11 0
-8 to 11 30
-10 10

Tone Usage

Outside of Appearance option.

Scene Range
  • Cait - Companions
    • Brint
  • A blush works its way across Cait's face. "You asked. Not my fault he's a hunk.
    • Height >= 72" or 6' & Tone >= 70
      • Almost as much as you are!"
  • Tone >= 10
    • "Ooh, my you're a well-sculpted one," she coos, leaning
      forward to rub her face and small breasts against you in a lazy
      cat stretch. "Such shapeliness, such tone... it sets a maiden's heart aflutter.
  • Tone >= 10
    • Slowly, she runs her palms across your toned
      form, paying extra attention to the shapeliness of your arms
      and legs, pressing her fine skin against your physique.
    • "Hmm... points to you, yes. Still, the
      evaluation's far from over."
  • Vari
    • Village Fuck - The Men

All you know is that when the man in your hand blows you tug him
closer so he can spurt it all over your sweaty body,

  • Tone >= 0
    • jets of it splattering across your tummy and dripping into
      the fur of the man huffing beneath you.
  • Tone >= 60
    • the etched definition of your abs disappearing as hot,
      creamy spunk pools in the gaps.

That's exactly what you want — tearing your
lover's attention away from the base delights of your

  • Thickness >= 0
    • lithe
    • Tone >= 66
      • , muscled
  • Thickness >= 30
    • erotic
  • Thickness >= 60
    • voluptuous

form and watching her lose herself in the spell of your dance is what you live for.

Nothing like the stuff you'd find in Khor'Minos
and the inside's probably covered in a three inch layer
of dust by now, but if you were looking to
put on a little muscle it might be helpful."

  • Tone >= 85
  • "Not that you need it," he adds, looking you over.

"Sure!" he says earnestly, turning to you. "Let's get in some wrestling, then.

  • Tone >= 75
    • Don't worry! I'll go easy.

"Cleaned it up a bit since I figure we'll be using it. At least, I will

  • Tone >= 85
    • I don't know how much more muscular you can get, you
    • Height >= 84" or 7'
      • slab of muscle!"
    • Height < 84"
      • little colossus!"

"Cleaned it up a bit since I figure we'll be using it. At least, I will

  • Tone >= 85
    • I don't know how much more muscular you can get, Champion! Ha!"

"It's nice to meet you.

  • Tone >= 65
    • You look pretty fit... are you a regular here?"
  • Tone < 65
    • Do you come to the gym much?"

Well, nothing for it. Time to put this bed to the task that Garth set it out for,
and make this night end in the best way possible. If Rags wants to
be swept off her feet in the most traditional manner,
who are you to deny a girl her happiness?

  • Strength >= 70%
    • With a heave of your mighty arms, you do just that — one arm on
      the small of her back, the other hooked under her knees,
      you sweep the mighty orcess,
      sundress and all, into a full bridal carry.
      Ragnild gasps at the suddenness of it all —
    • Tone >= 10
      • she certainly wasn't expecting so bold a move from you, was she?
    • Tone < 10
      • especially since you don't look the part of
        someone who'd be able to perform such a feat.

The button of her clit feels so hard and hot it’s a bead of molten metal against your

  • Tone >= 0
    • tummy
  • Tone >= 65
    • abs

, which you reach down to thumb until she’s driven utterly senseless.


Scene Gain/Loss Limit
+5 100
+10 50
+10 70
-5 30
-3 10
+5 100
+2 100
+5 100
-3 0
-3 0
+5 20
+2 100

20% chance
Raw Hip Rating < 20
Raw Butt Rating < 20

+5 100

Thickness < 100

+8 to 11 100
+5 100

Queen Nyzerrah must be a Bimbo
Champion must have
Honey Brain status effect

+2 to +3 100

Queen Nyzerrah must be a Bimbo

+2 to +3 100
+2 to +3 100
+10 60

Thickness Usage

Outside of Appearance option.

Scene Range

That's exactly what you want — tearing your
lover's attention away from the base delights of your

  • Thickness >= 0
    • lithe
    • Tone >= 66
      • , muscled
  • Thickness >= 30
    • erotic
  • Thickness >= 60
    • voluptuous

form and watching her lose herself in the
spell of your dance is what you live for.

She's a massive amazon of a woman, and
has to stop short with her tits

  • Thickness >= 6
    • settling into the squish of your tummy.
  • Thickness < 6
    • pooling into your abs
    • Silly Mode
      • like pancake on a grill.

Requires completion of

  • Thickness < 90
    • Quin rolls his eyes and that gaze turns more of a glare.
      "I don't necessarily have any problem with you, no.
      You'd need to be extremely
      obese to make me care that much.
      I've had sex with thin goblins no taller than my waist
      and some of those busty, thick-proportioned cowgirls that tower over me."
  • Thickness < 100
    • Quin hesitates, averting his gaze.
      "I... no, I don't have a problem with you, specifically.
      You're a bit thicker than my normal taste, but who am I to judge?"
  • Thickness 100
    • Quin stares at you for a long moment;
      it's obvious he does have some issue with you, but
      ultimately averts his gaze.




Name Acquisition
Scales Currently Unobtainable


Name Acquisition Removal Note
Arctic Your coat of fur is considerably
overgrown when
it finally stops, but at least the
light dusting of frost it
continually generates keeps out the
worst of the heat.

Requires Fur Skin Type
Scaled You’ve now got half skin, half
scales covering your body!
Smooth Velvety soft skin with just
the right cushion.
Wooly Thick wool wraps around your
chest and down your back.

Requires existing Wooly Tag
on any other body part

Scale Color

Applies for Scaled (Tag) and Scales (Type)

Color Acquisition

Fur Color

Color Acquisition
Black and Brown Striped
Black and Gray Spotted

Skin Color

Color Acquisition
Dark Green
Dark Red
Light Green



Name Acquisition Wing Count
Demonic 2
Draconic (Dragon) 2
Dove 2
Mothrine (Moth) 2
Remove Wings 0

Name Acquisition
Dark Green
Dark Red



Name Acquisition Note

Usually accompanied with:

  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Furred Face Tag
  • Muzzled Face Tag
Human Masked A raccoon-like burglar mask.

Usually accompanied with:

  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Furred Face Tag
  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Muzzled Face Tag

Usually accompanied with:

  • Furred Face Tag
  • Muzzled Face Tag


Name Acquisition Removal Note
Antennae A pair of antennae protruding from
the top of your head.
Fluffy A bug-styled mane of downy fuzz!

Requires Maned Face Tag
Wooly A wooly neck-wrap.

Requires Maned Face Tag
Maned A furry mane
Refined An angular, humanoid face and nose.
Tusked New, impressive orcish tusks.


Lip Rating is defined as how large and voluptuous or supple the lips are. This stat is calculate by Lip Mod + Femininity / 25. Lip Mod is the accumulation of outside factors that can increase or decrease the size of the Champion's lips by any means such as but not limited to, transformative items and special sex scenes. Note that Lip Mod is set to 0 when the Champion is first created.

Lip Mod

Scene Requirement Gain/Loss Limit
  • Must have blown Lady Evergreen
    at least 10 times
  • Lip Mod is < 4
+1 4
  • Must not have experienced a change
    from the scene above
  • Must have blown Lady Evergreen
    < 10 times
  • Must not be the 4th or 9th time the Champion
    has blown Lady Evergreen
  • Lip Mod is < 4
+1 4
  • Lip Mod is < 3
+1 3
  • Lip Mod is > 1
-1 1
  • Lip Mod is > 2
-1 2
Lip Color

Color Acquisition
Dark Green


Eye Type

Name Acquisition
Eye Color

Color Acquisition
Black and Gold


Tongue Type
Type Acquisition