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Author BubbleLord
Type Transformative
Base Price 50
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Version Added 0.2.0

Grottato is a consumable transformative item. Consuming a dose produces a random transformation towards a Goblin.


A (if Silly Mode: dummy thicc| juicy, plump) tomato found near and around goblin settlements in the heartland of Belhar. Always harvested when it turns from red to green, its smell when cut acts as an aphrodisiac to goblins.

Every goblin's favorite meal — before starting the day and before starting sex — the grottato has been the staple of Belhar foods and dinners for many years. They can be grown anywhere and mutate slightly when planted among other plants; many believe they originally looked like another plant before mimicking tomatoes. Those who eat grottatoes are known to become more goblin-like with a steady enough diet!



This item will be consumed on use and in doing so, one or more of the effects listed below will randomly occur. The item can be alchemically refined with the listed reagents to limit its effects only to that target. The Raw effects will not occur when the item is alchemized, due to those effects not being the primary purpose of the item. Raw effects are typically a place for other minor changes that aren't essential to the race; for example, height and such for a race where that's not a major feature. If the Champion has all of the listed effects or does not meet the transformation condition, there will be no effect. Unless stated, these new effects will overwrite all existing types or tags of a certain body part.

Body Target Condition Change Reagent
  • If Height is > 54" or 4'5"
  • Reduce Height by 4" - 7" or until 4'5"
  • If Height is < 54" or 4'5"
  • If Height is > 50" or 4'2"
  • Reduce Height by 1" - 3" or until 4'2"
  • If race is Goblin
  • Must have a Vagina
  • Is not Infertile
  • Does not have the Goblin Broodmare perk
  • If Skin Color is not any:
    • Dark Green
    • Green
    • Green-Yellow
    • Light-Green
  • Skin Color becomes any:
    • Dark Green
    • Green
    • Green-Yellow
    • Light-Green
Mandrake Root
  • If Nipple Color is not any:
    • Black
    • Dark Green
  • Nipple Color becomes any:
    • Black
    • Dark Green
Wild Melon
Butt Juicy Peach
  • Eye Type becomes Human
  • Eye Tags are removed
Soft Mud
  • Face Type becomes Human
  • Face Tags are removed
  • If Lip Color is not Dark Green
  • Lip Color becomes Dark Green
  • Raise Fertility by 1 or until 10
  • Raise Virility by 1 or until 10
  • Raise Feracity by 1 or until 10
  • Ear Type becomes Elf
  • Ear Tags are Tapered
  • Ear Length is 4"
Laurel Sprig
  • Hair Type becomes Hair
  • Hair Tags are removed
  • Must have a Vagina
  • If Vagina Type is not Human
  • Vagina Type becomes Human
  • Vagina Tags are removed
Lush Orchid