Kurokawa Kitsune Den

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Kurokawa Kitsune Den

Kurokawa Kitsune Den ground floor.png

Kurokawa Kitsune Den Floor 1.png

Map of the ground floor
Region Frost Marches
Level range 5+
Accessible from
Neutral Hub Yes (post-Den of Foxes)

This massive tree stands tall above the rest of the Frostwood, towering far above the canopy with its branches stretching outwards in every direction. With roots that are as thick as you are tall, the growth of this thing has been very clearly influenced or directed in some fashion — even the elven druids' wyld trees of old didn't get to these obscenely gargantuan proportions. To be quite honest, it feels more like a living artifact than a mere plant, if you could put such a sensation into words. A circle of empty space rings the tree itself, as if it's holding back the rest of the forest by sheer dint of its presence, a foreign entity in this land.

This den in the Frostwood houses the bulk of the Kitsune in the Frost Marches, and serves as the staging area for much of their colonial activities. They are generally closed to outsiders, but you can find your way in after getting an ill-intentioned tip from Lady Evergreen.

Writer Credit

The Observer


Points of Interest

Ground Floor

Kitsune Shrine and Torii Gate

The path here ends at a small kitsune shrine, dedicated to their patron deity. Slightly raised above its surroundings on a foundation of worked stone, the shrine's approach is flanked by two stylised statues of foxes, each with what looks like a bib of red cloth tied about their necks; lengths of white cord are strung between the eaves of the gently sloping roof, with what looks like bound slips of paper hanging from them. The entire affair is no bigger than a small shed, but as with everything to do with the Trickster, appearances are deceiving.

The local shrine to Keros, where Miko and Mai provide religious services and oversee the function of the Torii Gate. You can use the Torii Gate as a Waystone, warp directly to Kiyoko's Home, as well as petition Keros directly for some divine intervention.

Shrine Gardens

The dirt path falls away to be replaced by one of smooth stone tiles, heavy and firm underfoot; stone lanterns rise in pairs along its length, standing like solemn guardians along your ingress. Shafts of sunlight pierce the high roots above you, starkly brilliant against the muted air. Beds of delicate pink and white flowers dot the surroundings amidst vibrant green grass, several low bushes that might be tea sporting hearty verdant leaves standing off to one side.

Rindo shapes the gardens for aesthetic and function, arranging them in such a way that provides a number of important functions for the den including magical wards and water purification.


The western edge of the fields sequestered within the tree's roots. Here, the kitsune grow rice in flooded paddies; flowing outwards from the pool to the north is a complex network of irrigation ditches and bunds, complete with pumps and sluices that look like they could've been designed by a bona fide artificer.

Inari Kinu can be found here later in the day, toiling in the fields and trying to gain Hitoshi's attention.


Goods of all manners are stacked and sorted in meticulous order by type; earthenware jars, cloth-wrapped bundles and Marches-style boxes and crates side by side in a pleasing, harmonious arrangement. Merely being able to find goods at a moment's notice is insufficient for the smooth running of this place; they must spark joy. Lining the walls are shelves and racks for smaller or miscellaneous wares as will invariably show up over time.

Kohaku is available during the day, managing the den's stores and offering a random selection of goods for trade with you. She can be convinced to find something new to trade for Broken Metal Parts, or will occasionally have a special sale for you.

Takahiro's Shed

Although it wasn't too glorious before, Takahiro's return has changed the shed quite a bit. A few caskets are now moved across the shed with a mat laid across the top to serve as an impromptu bed. The smell of booze is far richer now, with a few barrels open and being prepared with new batches of alcohol.

If you want to see the town drunk for whatever reason, Takahiro will be here squandering what precious little good will he has remaining..

Floor 1

Den Matron's Home

The den matron's residence is slightly bigger than most, a mark of her station both governmental and divine. Past the entryway, guests are ushered into a fine reception area, decorated with a number of fine calligraphy scrolls and flower arrangements by her own hand. Large windows let in plenty of natural sunlight, and comfortable seating and a low table form the centerpiece of the reception area.

Den Matron Komari can be found here, overseeing the management of the den. Hime Kinu visits later in the day, making herself useful and learning what she can to one day lead her own den.

Nakano's Office

The interior of this chamber is tastefully decorated in a mixture of reds and whites, but perhaps the most striking feature of it is that the walls are practically covered with scroll paintings of all kinds. Big and small, simple and detailed, each one usually depicting some scene from nature and all with a poem or the other written upon it in fine calligraphy.

This is the office of a man who is trying way too hard to be cultured, and it shows.

Nakano is available in his offices from 10:00 to 17:00. He offers tasks around the den that may attract Keros's attention if you're helpful enough, as well as chilly passive-aggression because he hates you.

Guest Quarters

These guest quarters are communal, a plain wooden room lit by foxfire lanterns and possessed of several raised platforms on which futons could be spread out upon. There doesn't seem to be any actual concern for privacy, and a communal firepit in the middle of the room offers some measure of warmth. This is clearly a place where people spend the night, get rested, and get back out on the road the next day with a minimum of fuss.

If you need to take a load off, you can stop in here and sleep for the night.

Quest Related

Den of Foxes

Lady Evergreen sends you here to retrieve one of her treasured possessions and generally mess with the foxes. But if you visited the Ruined Shrine earlier you may have your own reasons for visiting.

Meet and Greet

You introduced yourself to the den by beating up (or getting beat up by) several of the high ranking civil servants of the den, and Komari thinks it would be helpful for you to go around and smooth things over.

Artifice Testing

Rindo needs a northerner to test her and Kazuo's battle puppets against, and you fit the bill.

For Want Of A Nail

The den wants a special item being sold by a group of travelling merchants, and needs someone familiar with Gianna and her crew to act on their behalf.

Ninja Stylin'

See with Kohaku about getting some clothes like the ninja outfit sported by Kurako.