Artifice Testing

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Artifice Testing
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Nakano
Requirements Completed Den of Foxes and Meet and Greet
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward Chrysanthemum Petal
Location Kurokawa Kitsune Den
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Rindo steps up alongside her fellow shaper. "Once more, please defeat as many of them as you are able to. The more of our creations you can overcome, the more information we will be able to collect in order to improve our next model of puppet. Do not worry about making us look bad; it is just us here."

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Nakano about Missions and Artifice Testing For some reason, Rindo's asked you to see her down in the shrine gardens while she's on duty, and very specifically asked for you, too. Perhaps you should go down and see what this is all about.
1 Talk to Rindo about Request Rindo's asked you to test the effectiveness of her creations by fighting and breaking as many of her puppets as you can. Once you're ready, let her know and she'll take you to a more suitable location for this.
2 Attempting the puppet gauntlet You finished the field testing Rindo requested of you. However, you can continue asking her to let you run the gauntlet until you've stretched the limits of your abilities.
3 (complete) Defeating all 25 puppets You finished the field testing Rindo requested of you, and she's satisfied with the complete destruction you wrought upon her creations. As far as you're concerned, your involvement in the development process is over


Talk to Nakano about Missions and select Artifice Testing. He informs you of Rindo's request in a way that makes very clear that he despises you and the ground you stand on, which Kiyoko if present (and if Nakano is not Kinu's fiance) will strongly rebuke him for. That's not important to the quest, it was just very cool.


Rindo will explain that she and Kazuo have been working on automated puppets for the defence of the den and the Kitsune colonials. As most of the threats they encounter come from the natives, they need native warriors to stress test their puppets.

You will face a gauntlet of 25 puppets, and receive different rewards depending on how many puppets you're able to defeat. Should you manage to defeat every puppet the quest will be complete.

Reward Table
Puppets Defeated Reward
0-4 You receive 3x Winterstem.
5-9 You receive 3x Winterstem and 1x Wyldsap.
10-14 You receive the Black Monkshood.
15-19 You receive the Black Monkshood and 1x Wyldsap.
20-24 You receive the Black Monkshood, 1x Wyldsap and 1x Winterstem.
25 You receive the Black Monkshood and the Chrysanthemum Petal.


Should you complete the quest, you will receive a powerful unique weapon and some crestfallen applause from Kazuo. Attempting the gauntlet will also trigger Keros's offer, see his page for more information.