Chrysanthemum Petal

From Corruption of Champions II
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Chrysanthemum Petal
C. Petal
Author The Observer
Type Weapons
Slot Primary
Base Price 400
Additional Information
Damage 10 (Penetrating)
20 (Holy)
Damage Type Physical
Armor Penetration 5
Evasion 5
Additional Flags Thrown
Version Added 0.3.22


A four-pronged throwing star, intricately etched and designed to look like a flower while being every bit as deadly as it is beautiful. While it would have only been good for harassing enemies were it completely mundane, the gleam upon its edges and the way it returns to the thrower after being set into motion implies that it's more than the gaudy bauble it purports to be.

Special Effect: When you land a critical hit with this weapon, you gain Blessed for one round.

Special Effect

Critical strikes with this weapon gives the wielder the Combat Effect Blessed for one round.


Given by Rindo for completing the test and defeating 25 puppets during the events of Artifice Testing.